Dining Room Chandelier: All Dressed Up and No Place To Go

Spring’s arrival follows terrific anticipation on my part. I really can’t remember a year that I didn’t rush the season!

spring chandy

In my early years, I’d resurrect the short-sleeved shirts and culottes (I’m trying to embrace my age these days, so I’m not concerned at all that I just gave my general decade away with the word culottes) on the first 65 degree day of the year. My sweet great-grandmother, Nellie, would say, “Now, you know we’ve still got Blackberry,  Dogwood, and and Locust Winter coming.” I have harvested green beans, tomatoes and plucked a few ears of corn in my day, but I offer no claims to being anything close to an informed farmer!  I do, however, surmise a good agriculturalist could verify the validity of Nellie Gray’s weather forecasting. You might ask my high school buddy, Karlen Rose (a relative rookie in the field ((she’ll appreciate that bit of corn), although she confers often with a friendly and expreienced neighbor named Thurman)).


Fast forward a few decades, and at the first hint of  spring, you’ll find me lugging treasured tubs of spring decor up from the basement. I’m always thrilled to see the birds and birdhouses, bird nests,moss balls, bunnies, Easter eggs, and various other pastel pretties!  At first, I honestly believed I was doing this for the children. Thomas the Great, Jr. and Annalisa the Beautiful have long since lost interest in the spring decor, Easter or otherwise. But, I seem to have elevated my game, evidenced by exhibit one: the dining room chandelier. This maybe the decorating apex of all spring decor ever. Take a look at this beauty!


I’d say she’s ready for spring cotillon, wouldn’t you! Yes, maybe she has a flair for the dramatic, but I believe she pulls it off with surprising eleglance; and the real shocker is how easy it is to achieve this look!  Floral tape and wire cutters  and you’re fully equipped for this assignment.

It’s really that simple!

And that stunning!


This look will carry me through summer. When Easter gets a little closer I’ll hide Easter eggs and birds amid the florals.


Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

2 thoughts on “Dining Room Chandelier: All Dressed Up and No Place To Go

  1. It’s beautiful. I wish I had a home to decorate. I’m going to put you on my list of places to go I have never been and come see your beautiful house in person…love you aunt susie


    1. Thank you, Aunt Susie! You are always welcome at my home. I really appreciate your support of my blog. Love you, too!


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