Easter, in my life, has always been a day of celebration! The good news of an empty tomb and a risen Savior:

“Do not be afraid; for I know that you are looking for Jesus who has been crucified.  He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying. Go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead; and behold, He is going ahead of you into Galilee, there you will see Him; behold, I have told you.”

Hallelujah! He is Risen! I’m happy to share my journey with Jesus with anyone who’s seeking to know this life changing gospel!  I’m thankful I grew up in a home where this good news was central to life choices.

On most Easter mornings, Little Nell had new spring clothes to wear to worship services. Many years that included white lace gloves and a patent leather purse with matching shoes! I also recall a beautiful white beaded purse I received one year that remained white all of about seventeen minutes.

After worship the children would head to a freshly mown meadow with rolling hills, and a fast-paced Easter Egg Hunt ensued, followed by a much-anticipated Easter Meal shared with family! Y’all know my deficiencies in the kitchen, but these days I manage to prepare a pretty good meal on Easter, what with purchasing the center piece of the meal from Tom the Great, Jr.’s good buddy,  Brett, and his family owned Holiday Ham.  All I have to do is add  green beans with herb sauce, warm the sweet rolls, and stir up some home-made potato salad, which calls to mind a fabulous story!

One of our lifetime family friends, Sonya (who upon reading her name here likely knew what was about to be recorded for posterity, and hysterical laughter commenced), was my UNEQUAL in the kitchen (she has likely made terrific strides in the past 30 years).  Still, her unfortunate missteps early on, will forever remain my go to story when I’ve “laid an egg”, so to speak, in the room for the stove and refrigerator, and desperately need to feel a bit better about myself.

The newly wed , Sonya, was headed to a potluck “Family Reunion’ with her home-made potato salad.  I couldn’t exaggerate the significance of  this culinary debut if I tried! The event places immense pressure on a southern girl to say the least (possibly more than cotillion (of which I have no knowledge–but it sounds so altogether southern). You see now, she was not only representing her cooking skills, but the reputation and good standing of the entire Beard (name changed to protect …..) clan was at stake, not to mention a colossal opportunity to win the approval of the holder of multiple baking blue-ribbons from the county fair, Mother Beard (aka the MOTHER-IN-LAW)!

I  never had to withstand that level of intensity for two reasons. First,  Tom the Great was from here in the mid-west, I’m not even sure if they sanction family reunions in these parts. Second, I won over Mary the Majestic, on my first Thanksgiving with the Rowe Regime (I mentioned TtG is one of a brood of nine, right).  An hour or so into the cooking of the turkey, I noticed  and mentioned that the familiar and intoxicating aroma from the fowl was not wafting throughout the home like Mama’s always did.  She promptly checked on old tom, only to discover her failure to turn on the oven. This girl, this barely mediocre cook, single-handedly saved Thanksgiving! We were allies from that point forward, bonded in the most unlikely of trenches: the kitchen. We were forever partners in crime with our little Thanksgiving secret!

Poor Sonya’s experience was not so fortuitous! She stepped out of her automobile toting her  potato salad like a precious new-born child, all dressed up in the most charming Pyrex bowl you ever did see, and proudly placed it front and center on the picnic table.  Imagine the horror, when the aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and cousins who had spooned heaping helpings onto their plate, bit into what looked like a delectable potato salad, only to discover poor, poor Sonya didn’t know that you should actually cook the potatoes before stirring them in with the remaining ingredients.  Sonya was a very pretty girl, thank goodness. Otherwise, I’m not sure she would have ever recovered from that fiasco.

Spring Table - top down - blush

Perhaps, not unlike myself, her talents are found in creating a feast for the “eye” on the dining room table rather than on the stove top. It’s decidedly one of my favorite components in the world of decorating.  So, I’ve put together two Easter table settings for you, with hopes that you will feel inspired to try a few of the details on your table.

Spring Table - blush place setting up close

Table one I’ve titled “Nature Awakens”. For this place setting, I found various vintage silver serving trays to use as chargers. I then added a crisp white glass charger topped with layers of  vintage French Rosaline Swirl glass dishes.

Sitting atop the salad plate is a matching sherbet bowl, holding an inexpensive nest or moss bunny. I don’t recommend eating those, although there’s a chance they’d taste just as good as a few of my own cooking calamities.

 spring table - center piece close up

I’m always pilfering the antique malls and estate sales for linens! I found this hand embroidered runner for under $10 at one of my frequents.

 spring Table - blush and sunshine

I love the green fringe detail around the border. The candlesticks for this setting are simple coral colored mercury glass. I added a small amount of moss to tie them to the overall design.

The center piece is sweet and simple! Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of faux. I prefer the real deal to a look-alike in almost all design scenarios. However, when it comes to birds, nests, grass and the bugs they can include, I will emphatically opt for faux on the eating table! Here I’ve added a potted plant from the grocery store to a stone urn, topped it with spanish moss and tucked in a straw bird. I continued the nature theme at the base of the urn with a “real” nest from the yard (void of bugs), and a moss-covered inhabitant. Toss around a few moss-covered balls and you’re ready for the guests.


If table one is a nod to nature at springtime, then table two has us “Hopping Down the Bunny Trail”, fast on our way to the Easter Bunny’s rabbit hole.


I built a moss trail down the center of the table, and added bunnies, nests, moss balls, Easter eggs, and three small vintage-like bottles to hold a single rose each. Think of it as 101 Main Street in Bunny Park, USA.

Egg anyone? Sometimes it is okay to go big or go home! These large ceramic eggs add some drama to the table, don’t you think.


AND, parked safely in the chandelier from my last post is Mr. Blue! Quite the birdseye view, huh?


The place settings are alive with spring colors! From the robin’s egg colored charger to the oversised ceramic egg, and every layer between, you’re likely to find your favorite springtime color represented. I kept the color explosion going with the stemware, using a different color water glass at each setting. With the exception of the beautiful pink and clear crystal goblets,  I used those at each place setting as they are my favorite! My beautiful, spunky, fun-loving friend, Lisa, gifted me with that set of antique stemware, and I love them!


I hope you’ve found some inspiration for your tabletop this Easter. Do what brings you joy! Whether it’s in the kitchen or in the dining room, and do it with family and loved ones. Here’s a walk down memory lane, on King Lane, when the ones I love most were making their own memories on Easter.

Easter - 2000

Easter - 2001


Easter - 2002


Easter 2004



Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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  1. Susie


    Love you lori and all your talent in making things so pretty. And for being the story teller that you are

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