Welcome back for the finale of Christmas On King Lane 2016 ~ where together we will tour our family room!  Undoubtedly, celebrating the hope that Christmas continues to bring to our world is the top answer to “why we love Christmas”; and with that, another resounding sentiment expressed is time with family. Where better to invest time creating  precious memories, than fireside in the family room.

Speaking of fireside, it’s quite likely you noticed my “fire”.  As much as I love a fireplace, Tom the Great and I have never (unless you count lighting candles), built a fire in our fireplace.  In the words of a favored 1970s Eagle hit, I Can’t Tell You Why; it’s just never happened! Of course now, with this unexplained illogical yet gripping fear of carbon monoxide death (what are the odds 1:100000000), we may never build one!  If you’re one that just doesn’t want the mess, how about this cheat from Netflix “Fireside”, complete with the crackling sounds of burning hickory!


Most year’s I can’t wait to festoon the  mantel.  Here’s where I confess my susceptibility to follow along with the crowd: awhile back I jumped on board with the decorating powers that be  who proclaimed it time to rid ourselves of armoires and hang our televisions above the fireplace!  It does put a little hitch in the decorating giddy up; I have learned to adapt. For the mantel garland, I mixed in icy branches and platinum flowers. I did manage to squeeze a couple of sequined blush-colored cone trees and added large blush-colored mercury ornaments atop the rustic vases in spite of the OVERSIZED  eyesore.


Below the cracklin’ beauty, I created a forest of well-dressed candlesticks for the  hearth! Another plus for the faux fire, as I would not recommend this with a genuine blaze.


The candlesticks are from my custom line of home decor (with the exception of the white pair Tom the Great inherited). They will be available for purchase at the beginning of the new year (SNGL – etsy store opening soon)!   Candlesticks are one on the most versatile home decor items you can own. Of course, candles are the overt choice to crown the beauties. Still, there are so many other options that candlesticks will get a feature role in a future blog. For now, I’m enjoying the forest they create for the  alluring angel  with sparkly peach wings (Cue the bells, Clarence).


That same peachy glow can be seen on the tall, slim, platinum, vintage-like, trees that flank the sofa. They have made their way from the basement year one, to my master bedroom last year and finally  were reassigned to this high traffic location!


As per usual, and possibly more than any other of my rooms, the mix of transitional and vintage is alive and well. The trees give nod to the aluminum foil tree with the rotating color wheel of Christmas past! And speaking of Christmas past, take a look at  Little Nell’s 4th Christmas with her siblings. (Mama knew the joys of “ice skating” on the wood floors in sock feet, and thus kept the living room sparsely decorated. So kind of her don’t you think). The tree had center position on the picture window with the icicles draped ever so perfectly.


pictured left to right ~ Little Nell, Mary Melanie, Lisa Dawn, and Chip (chop of the old block)

Back to 2016~ We did forgo the silver icicles, settling instead to carry my favorite blush and peach color scheme throughout our main floor. We did manage to evoke that “days of old” feel with various vintage items. Whether the dainty ballerinas dancing under the trees,

image the vintage Santa commanding the sleigh from the coffee table,


the hobnail milk glass,wider-hobnailthe antique doll buggy,


or the nostalgia evoking bookcases,



imageyou can almost hear wistful whispers of a unhurried time throughout the family room. And here, right here, where the comfy leather chair resides and beckons you to drift away…..image

for even this heavenly cherub, couldn’t resist a little shut-eye….


 in this very spot, is where the first gift exchange took place 18 years ago! A precious moment that is, as of yet, unclouded in the aging mental filing cabinet. No doubt, this mom was involved in both selecting and procuring both gifts. Still, the look in the eyes  most assuredly depicts the ground work for the appreciation of both giving and receiving was laid.


First Christmas Gift Exchange ~ Tom the Great, Jr. and Annalisa the Beautiful

Merry Christmas my friends! Enjoy Today!

Love y’all ~ Lori Nell





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