Here is A Blue Christmas Tree You Will Love. This flocked Wedgewood Blue Christmas Tree with a vintage surprise will cozy up any space in your holiday home.

Updated: 9-29-2021

I’m so sure of it.

Truly, this maybe the prettiest tree I’ve ever decorated. The color is phenomenal and could wow anyone with just a handful of ornaments.

But, that’s not we do at Southern Nell’s Gracious Living.

Now, when I’m decorating a tree for clients, I will use whatever level of restraint that they request!

However, when I’m in my home, it’s “go big, or go home”. I mean stay home. Hmmm. Let’s try “go big, or don’t even start”.


Here’s a tree even Elvis and His famous shoes would have loved to adorn the great room in Graceland!

Again, I’m sure of it.

The Prettiest Blue Christmas Tree You Will Love

Blue and White Christmas
Exquiste Blue Flocked Christmas Tree

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You will find this amazing tree and so many more by tapping HERE.

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Elements of the Blue and White Christmas Tree

  • stand
  • filler
  • ornaments
  • ribbon
  • surprise vintage elements

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I dedicated an entire post to the assembling details of this tree. You’ll find all about how the tree is delivered to you, how many lights, and all those details HERE.

1. The Christmas Tree Stand

We have 9 ft ceilings in the family room, so the 7 1/2 foot tree was about a foot shorter than I wanted.

I found this small table at a thrift store and new it would elevate this tree to the deserving heights.

I will be writing a post on this vintage table that I converted into a tree stand soon, so check back often!

Chinoiseire Christmas Tree

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2. Christmas Picks and Filler

Large ornaments and picks help to create even more dimension on your Christmas tree, when you place them back toward the trunk of the tree. This post, elegant tree, and this YOUTUBE video walks you through that process.

For this tree I was careful to choose picks that had a white stem. Because this tree is blue, and not green, picks with white flocking on evergreens would not work.

Blue White and Gold Christmas Tree

Scroll through the photos below for sources. Just tap the item you want to find out more about!

3. The Ornaments

When I say this tree would be beautiful with a dozen perfectly placed white ornaments, I am serious.

However, it’s at least equally beautiful with an overwhelming number of white, blue, and a fair amount of soft gold and platinum bobbles.

When I say I’ve been collecting ornaments for 27 years, I’m serious. These brass basket weave ornaments were among the first ornaments I purchased in 1993, the year Tom the Great and I were married.

3 Ribbon Christmas Bow

Shop Similar Ornaments

4. The Ribbon

The purchase I made for this specific tree this year, was this Wedgewood blue infused netting I already owned the gold and the navy blue gingham check.

I made one new purchase for this tree. It’s the third ribbon used to tie the large bow, and undulate down the tree.

Ribbon Shopping Tip: This ribbon was not in the holiday aisle! You can find ribbon and picks in the everyday craft sections as well. Wedgewood blue is not the mainstream Christmas palette. (AT least not yet! But, wait a year or two.)

Vintage Brass Christmas

5. The Surprise Vintage Elements

Prepared to be shocked in a wonderful way.


Nobody is surprised that I added : 1) an unexpected element to the tree and 2) the element are vintage.

Here’s how this inspiration came to me. I love little brass vintage chotchke. I have an hour glass that I gifted my Mom 30+ years ago, and she gave back to me a few years back. I knew that brass would be gorgeous on the tree, as I have my very first Christmas ornaments ever, the basket weave brass ornaments, on the tree.

However, just one vintage brass knick knack doesn’t make the statement on the tree that I was going for. So, the hunt was on in the thrift stores!

I went to three thrift stores and found the bells, the baskets, and the little lantern! They were all quite dirty and about a dollar or so apiece!

I got them home, cleaned them up, and placed them on the tree.

Blue and White Gingham Christmas Ribbon

Elegant Blue Christmas

Found a Few Small Vintage Brass Pieces

As I complete this post, my mind is swirling with what’s to come on the blog this season. I have my ideas, but would love to address some of your Christmas shopping, or Christmas Decorating, or even Gluten Free Christmas snacks and meals. Leave me a comment below and let me know what would be helpful!

Enjoy Today!


Love y ‘all,
Lori Nell

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Blue and White Christmas Decorations

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    This is perfect. I was just thinking yesterday about how I would decorate my house this year using blue. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. elle


    Beautiful tree. I really like the vintage brass additions. It would be wonderful to have ideas for gluten free snacks!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you! Thanks for the GF snacks suggestion! Great idea for Christmas time post!

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