In this post, I share Five Elements to Create a Chinoiserie Style Christmas. Colorful holiday home decor that puts a smile on every face.

Updated: 10/25/2021

Aren’t we all thankful that we have so many options for Christmas decorating?

The traditional reds and greens of Christmas will always be a crowd favorite.

Elegant silver and golds have a secured place in the Christmas decorating space.

We all will forever dream of an ethereal White Christmas.

And now, NOW we have so many colorful options. Take a look at this Chinoiserie Christmas Tree loaded with Chinoiserie Christmas ornaments.

Flocked tree with Pink and Blue Ornaments on Turquoise Desk

This cute little tree greets guests just inside my front door. There are beautiful bright blue and white ornaments, along with colorful pink chinoiserie ornaments. Here are some sources for you:

Shop The Tree Decor:

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The Main Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

My main tree this year, in the living room picture window, is a little more in the traditional ethereal white Christmas category. However, I did manage to add a couple of splashes of Chinoiserie.

Here is the link to the tree, where you will also find a video tutorial: Elegant Chinoiserie Style Christmas Tree

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Five Elements to Create a Chinoiserie Style Christmas

  • Blue and White Christmas Ornaments
  • Ginger Jar – Tie a bow around yours or add Ornaments
  • Cheetah Ribbon/Ornaments
  • Vivid Colors
  • Pagodas/Monkeys/Foo Dogs /Staffordshire Dogs and Flamingos(more Palm Beach/Hollywood Regency which was birthed from Chinoiserie) add bows to your exsisting decor or purchase a few ornamnets in the motif

1. Blue and White Chinoiserie Ornaments

Beautiful blue and white ornaments hand painted with Chinoiserie motif is a subtle way (at least in the realm of Chinoiserie), to add a touch of the timeless style to your Christmas home. Whether you place them on your tree, or display them in a bowl, you will be off to a great start.

Flocked Christmas Tree with Elegant Blue and White Ornaments
Blue and White Chinoiserie Themed Flocked Christmas Tree

2. Ginger Jars – Beautiful Year-Round Chinoiserie Decor

Taking a look around my home, you’d realize fairly quickly that I love decorating with ginger jars. I have a post from this past summer: How to Spray Paint A Ginger Jar in Moments , where I showed you how to lacquer a ginger jar.

Here it is ready for Christmas!

Turquoise Ginger Jar and Chinoiserie Decor
Turquoise Ginger Jar and Rose Medallion Decor

Tying a big bow or attaching an ornament to your existing home decor is such an easy way to bring holiday cheer without little effort.

Chinoiserie Christmas Decor Ideas
Add Ornaments to Everyday Decor
Chinoiserie Decor Christmas Ideas
Simple Floral Picks and Large Ornaments create a Christmas Vignette in this large Ginger Jar

Here are links to some of my favorite Ginger Jars:

3. Cheetah Ribbon & Ornaments add a Touch of Chinoiserie Style at Christmas

Is anything hotter right now than cheetah print? It is everywhere. (I’m a little sad, because it is trendy, but I’ve had it in my closet and home for years. It will remain, long after the cheetah fire burns out. You can use it on packages, twirl it down your Christmas tree, or tie it around the decor pieces you display all year.

Tobacco Leaf Jars and Brass Candlestick
Vintage Brass Candlestick with cheetah ribbon and ornaments
Blue and White Chinoiserie Decor Items tied with Christmas bows
Brass Monkey with Christmas Bow

Here are links to my favorite cheetah ribbon and mischievous monkey:

4. Vivid Colors – A Great Chinoiserie Trademark

Chinoiserie prints are rich with bright colors of blue, greeen, turquoise, and pink. They can be intricate paintings of Asian emperors, or a outdoor scene with elaborately painted birds and cheery blossom blooms. The table top tree in my entryway embraced those colors.

Chinoiserie Christmas Tree wtih Vintage Brass
Colorful Chinoiserie Christmas Decor
Chinoiserie Christmas Tree wtith flamingo ornaments
Pink Flamingo Ornaments

Some of the ornaments, or similar ornaments on the Entry Way Chinoiserie Tree:

5. Pagodas/Monkeys/Foo Dogs/Stafordshire DOgs and Flamingos

Again, if you have these items in your everyday decor, just add a little Christmas cheer to them in the way of an ornamant or bow. Francesca loves carrying Christmas cheer.

Large Pink Flamingo Plant Stand with Christmas bow and ornaments
Flamingo Plant Stand with Christmas Ornaments
Pink Chinoiserie Staffordshire Dogs by Christmas Tree
Chinoiserie Staffordshire Dogs by Vintage Christmas Tree
Large Green Pagoda Lantern with Ribbon and Bottle Brush Tree
Large Green Pagoda with Christmas Scene

Pagoda’s are quintessential Chinoiserie, and not easy to find. Here are my favorites:

Flocked Chinoiserie Style Christmas Tree with Pink and Blue Ornaments and Ribbons
Chinoiserie Christmas Tree
White Ginger Jar and Red Christmas Stocking
Ginger Jars Decorated at Christmas
Chinoiserie Christmas Tree
Colorful Chinoiserie Christmas Decor Ideas

Now, go get your Christmas on, my friends!

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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Colorful Chinoiserie Holiday Items

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  1. acraftymix


    Ooooo I’m so happy to see that Chinoiserie is becoming a bit of a trend. We have the most beautiful vintage Chinese vases I inherited from my Gran and I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate them into our decor.

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    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      You are so sweet! I really appreciate your kind comments, and I’m so happy you found some inspiration.

  4. acraftymix


    It always amazes me how your decor style seems so effortless. I bet if I tried popping a big bauble in a Ginger Jar it would look like I forgot to hang the bauble or something like that 😀 Beautiful and stylish as always Lori

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Meegan. I did really enjoy the pink and blue together last year!

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  7. Diana Anderson


    What a beautiful home! I love all the colors. Thanks for sharing 😊

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      Thank you for checking out my blog! Please come back anytime!

      Lori Nell

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