Use 3 Items to Create a Simple Christmas Centerpiece with everyday decor items; learn how in this post.

We’ve all done it. We’ve fallen in love with a spectaular faux floral Christmas Centerpiece, only to regret it when it comes time to store it away in our limited storage areas. Today we are going to show you how you can easily create that stunning centerpiece with a vase or jar that you are using daily in your home decor, and then simply store away the pieces at the end of the season. I created this centerpiece, easily used on a dining table or any space in your home, with that goal in mind.

Bonus: you can easily take the centerpiece apart and store it away until next year with ease, leaving your everyday decor item in place.

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3 Items to Create a Simple Christmas Centerpiece

  • A Container : vase/jar/box that you have on display year round
  • 2 Large Faux Christmas Branches
  • 2 Spiky Christmas Sprays/Picks
  • 1 Large Ornament

Note: You should scale the size of the above items to match the size of the vessel you are using.

Your Everyday Container – Vase/Ginger Jar/Box

Here’s the main thing to consider as you peruse these type items around your home: the size of the opening. For reasons that may be apparent, you would have a difficult time making these three items work in a box with a huge opening. So choose a vessel that has an opening no larger than 5-6 inches tops. Smaller openings would need to have smaller picks, sprays, and ornaments; adjust accordingly.

Christmas Centerpiece with white ginger jar and icy branches

I used one of my favorite ginger jars to create this look. If you’re in the market, here are several that I own and love, along with similar ones.

Large Christmas/Winter Branches for Your Centerpiece

I love the icy/snowy/crunch branches that are out there this time of year. For this centerpiece they were a perfect choice to create this drapy look.

Here are a few of the large flowy branches that would work for a large, 10 inch or taller vessel. Be sure to look for color options and sale price in cart.

Spiky Christmas/Wintery Picks

Again with the scale and theme of your larger branch in mind, you will need two smaller picks to create this centerpiece. I like the spiky look of the ones I chose, and their abililty to fan out.

I’ve had my spiky picks for a few years, but was able to find similar ones that will work. Look at all color options and look for sale prices.

Large Christmas Ornament

Here’s where you can get so creative! Pick any color ornament that looks great with your Christmas decor. Whether you use beautiful reds and greens, or elegant golds and silvers, or are bold with turquoise, blue or even pink, the chose is yours. I will say if you change your color scheme every year (stop laughing–some of us have every color scheme imaginable that we’ve collected for 25 years), you may want to go with silver, white or even gold as they mix well with the other colors.

Be sure to choose a size that is at least the size of the opening of your vessel. It will nestle in with the branches and picks. I didn’t use anything to attach my ornament, and it has stayed in place for a few weeks with no issues.

Not sure how I narrowed this down, but here are a few of the large oraments that will work.

If you scaled down your centerpiece, I love these medium options.

I did not use anything to attach these items inside or outside the jar. The stems of the picks were long enough to fold and stuff inside, and that hold them in place. Have fun creating your version. Please leave a photo in the comment session, if you create your own.

Here’s a look at a couple other spaces that have a ginger jar or two.

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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      Thank you, Maureen! I try to decorate for Christmas incorporating the items I have in my everyday decor. At least when I can.

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