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This post discusses Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Mantel and Hearth.

“Stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”

Doesn’t that send chills!

Great! I was afraid it was just me.

That simple phrase from one of our all time favorite Christmas poems takes us right to the heart of decorating for Christmas, the fireplace. This post will provide Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Mantel and Hearth.

Of course, stockings will be included.

Red Christmas Stocking hung on Garland

You will want to check out the Christmas Tree this year with a step by step video tutorial: Easy Ideas for Decorating an Elegant Christmas Tree If you love vintage decor at Christmas check this post out: Simple Fun Vintage Christmas Ideas and don’t miss this post: 7 Simple Decorating Ideas for a Perfect Pastel Christmas Theme .

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Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Mantel and Hearth

Items Used for this Mantel:

  • Stockings
  • Garland
  • Leaf Picks
  • Crystal Drops
  • Large Ornaments
  • Large Bows – Ribbon
  • AND then on the Hearth the Candle Forest

Christmas Stockings

I admit to having several 3 sets of stockings, and put up the ones that go with my color scheme. Don’t shoot me. I have the one’s from my kiddos and on Christmas Eve they make there way to the hearth for Santa. They are felt with puppy dog heads! Here’s what I used this year: tried and true red.

Red Christmas Stocking and bow on garland

Whether you hang the stockings that were your’s as a kid, or the stockings that you purchased for your kiddos, we all love Christmas stockings. You need not have a fireplace to hang Christmas stockings. I’ve seen them on staircases as well as hanging from the edge of tables. Here are several options that I thought were beautiful this year. Of course, there are a lot of price points for any budget.

Here’s the link to similar stockings:


I’ve owned this garland for several years. The exact one is no longer available, but I found similar ones. I used two for this mantel; they meet in the middle.

Christmas Mantel with Red Stockings
Magical Christmas Mantel

Here are similar one’s I found for you:

Leaf Picks

Although the picks I used are ready silver, they are actually platinum. I can’t link them for you (they are from Hobby Lobby–they don’t allow linking).

Christmas Mantel and Red Stocking
Large Magnolia Leaves

However, I used these on my trees, and they are beautiful and will work as well. The crunch gold crystals is my very favorite.

Here are the Leaf Picks I used on the Tree:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shop-sources-pink-and-blue-8.jpg

Crystal Drops

This might be the favorite thing in my Christmas home. I adore how these crystals look on the mantel garland. They are like icicles, that have dripped to a beautiful shape. It’s almost magical at night with the lights turned on.

Christmas Mantel at Dusk
The Christmas Mantel

Here are the links to the crystals:

Large Ornaments

Right smack in the middle are some gorgeous mercury glass ornaments. The exact large one has sold out, but I’ve found a few that are equally beautiful.

Large Mercury Glass Ornament and Silver Magnolia Leaves on Christmas Mantel
Large Mercury Glass Ornament

Here are the links to the large ornaments:

My mom made these gorgeous red plaid bows for me several years ago. She is the true bow master! They are treasures.

Green Christmas Garland on Mantel
Large Traditional Red Christmas Bows

The ribbon we used for these bows is no longer available. I did find some that I think is equally beautiful, and similar.

Here are the links to the similar ribbon:

Do you love candlesticks? They are one of the most versatile home decor items around. I confess to having far to many, although I did donate several sets this summer. The ones used here are vintage brass, and yes they are a mix and match crew. If you can’t find any in your attic, or your mom’s attic, or at a local antique/thrift store. I found some on-line, along with the fancy candles, and the ornament (be fore-warned: the ornament set is nearing sell-out).

Here are items for a Candle Forest:

Vintage Brass Candlesticks with Christmas Candles
Vintage Christmas Candlestick Forest
Christmas Mantel with Red Stockings and Bows
Full Christmas Mantel View

I’m almost ready to set back, turn on the twinkles and relax for a couple of weeks.

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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  1. acraftymix


    How lovely Lori, it looks magical with all the sparkly bits and the greenery intertwined throughout. We don’t have a mantle, although I’ve always wanted one, even if it’s fake, but we do have a staircase so I’ll be using that for our stockings. It will be a first for us, since I always had this idea in my head that they have to be on a mantle 😀 Thanks so much for that idea

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