This post will show you 7 Simple Ideas for Creating a Perfect Pastel Christmas Theme

I can’t say it again this year, can I?

Oh, I have to!

This is the prettiest Christmas theme ever. There I said it.

And y’all…

No kidding.

You had me at Pink Christmas Tree. The rest is just icing on the perfect pastel Christmas theme cake.

We’ve decorated elegant, playful, colorful Christmas trees together. But, this one has to be one of the Prettiest Pink Christmas trees ever.

Pastel Pink Christmas Tree

I tried to warn you!

It is just spectacular. AND….. you should see the tree IRL. (Your best chance for that is to follow along on my Instagram. I do live tapings, reels, and stories that will get you as close to being in the room with me as you can be without actually being in my home. You can find my Instagram and follow me HERE.

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If you need a beautiful tree, here is my source . They are winners of BHG best artificial tree award. This post: The Best Flocked Christmas Tree Ever , is dedicated to telling you all about the quality.

We have decorated Christmas Trees in just about every color imaginable. Here are just a few: How to Decorate an Elegant White Christmas Tree , My Favorite Blue Flocked Christmas Tree , 7 Surprising Christmas Color Palettes Simple and Fun Vintage Christmas Ideas )

The First Christmas Tree I can remember!

Southern Nell – Childhood Christmas

Above is one of the first Christmas Trees that I can remember. I’m pretty sure this is the year my big sister decided I need to know a few things about Santa, if you know what I mean! I am far left, Melanie, Lisa and Chip follow! My mom to this day loves decorating for Christmas. SO, I guess I really do “get it from my Momma”. Now that I’ve pulled your heart strings, let’s get busy on the Pefect Pasel Christmas Theme.

7 Ideas for Creating a Perfect Pink Christmas Theme

  1. The Perfect Pink Christmas Tree
  2. Use Three (or More) Pastel Christmas Ornaments
  3. Create a Pastel Forest for your favorite woodland characters
  4. Fill your pastel milk glass with small pastel Christmas Ornaments
  5. Find a beautiful Pastel Gingerbread House
  6. Add a Pastel Nutcracker
  7. Add Pastel Christmas Pillows and Throws for a Cozy Christmas

1. The Perfect Pink Christmas Tree

You don’t have to have a Pink or Pastel Colored Christmas Tree to get the overall Pastel Christmas Theme. You can use these ideas on your green or white flocked Christmas tree as well.

And don’t forget scale! You may have a perfect main tree in your home. But, you might to add a smaller themed tree in the kitchen, or some other space. You could incorporate all these ideas on a small tree and get the same look (for much less). Here is my favorite SMALL Pink tree.

Christmas Tree Decorating Guide for Any Size Tree

  • Add softness and matching picks
  • Use a few oversized ornaments
  • Mix ornament shapes and sizes
  • Add special ornaments
  • Finish with ribbon and a topper
White Christmas Fur Trim and Picks

BTW: I have a Christmas Tree decorating Video that lives on Youtube. It walks you through my process. You can find it HERE.

Pastel Christmas Ornaments
Bow Tree Topper

2. Use Three (or More) Pastel Christmas Ornaments

Many decorators will guide you to stick to three colors. A main color, in this case pink, and then a couple supporting colors. That advice makes a very elegant tree for sure. Personally, if I feel like adding more colors, I break that rule. This TREE from 2019 followed the rule of three and made a beautifully elegant Christmas Tree.

Multiple Colored Pastel Ornaments

Don’t forget to add the special ornaments. I used some of my favorite Grandmillennial Chinoiserie Style Ornaments.

3. Create a Pastel Forest for Your Favorite Woodland Animals

Pastel Christmas Tree Forest
Woodland Creatures in a Pastel Christmas Forest

4. Fill Your Pastel Milkglass with Pastel Ornaments

One of my favorite collections is that of my pastel milk glass, also known as slag, hobnail and the highly collectible jadite. They are a great place to add a little Christmas ornament cheer.

Vintage Blue Hobnail Bowl with Pastel Ornaments
Milkglass with Pastel Christmas Ornaments

5. Find a Pastel Gingerbread House

Boy, did I find a humdinger of a Gingerbread house this year! Although it was love at first sight, I didn’t purchase it right away! This was an investment for me, and one I hope to give to a beautiful grand daughter one day. I’m glad I got it when I did, as they are destined to sell out.

Pastel Gingerbread House

6. Add a Pastel Nutcracker

How many of you have seen The Nutcracker ballet? I have such great memories of taking Annalisa the Beautiful to the Kansas City Ballet. Of course that led to the Nutcracker Barbie and the Nutcracker Barber Movie days on end. We were both entranced and I’m so happy for it. That’s where my mind goes with this pastel nutcracker.

Pastel Christmas Nutcracker

6. Add Pastel Christmas Pillows and Throws for a Cozy Christmas

This step goes without saying, right. We have at least 5 throws available on any given day in the family room. We won’t talk about the number of throw pillows, for that might be a point of contention for Tom the Great.

I’ve had my pillows and throws for quite a while, but I did find some similar ones and some that are just so cute with this Pastel Christmas Theme.

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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    The pastels are so beautiful! I’ve never actually seen blue hobnail around here; so refreshing from the white.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Yes, Sara! The blue, pink, and green hobnail is hard to find! Glad I could show you a few.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Anita. The pastels have been speaking to me lately. IT’s the colored milk glass that won me over.

  2. Reply

    Oh my word. Your gorgeous Christmas tree looks like it jumped out of candy floss fairy tale right into your home. Lori, it’s beautiful. Wow!!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you! I’m always ready to try something new. Wasn’t completely sure about the pink, but I absolutely love the glow it creates.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you! I’m thrilled you can find what you love out there these days.

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