Let’s talk about how easy front porch Christmas decorations can be.

I likely had you all at easy, correct?

It’s safe to say nobody wants to add hard, complicated decorating to our beautiful Christmas season.

When I say easy, I mean easy. I did have to get the 2- rung ladder out, but that was it. All the outdoor Christmas decor was in place in less than 45 minutes.

Now, I invested another 15 or so minutes cleaning up what was left of summer and fall on the front porch.

Just so you know.

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What should I put on my porch for Christmas?
How can I make the outside of my house look Christmassy?

If those are the question you’re asking yourself, I’ve got a list of easy for you.

Easy Front Porch Christmas Decorations – the list

  1. Christmas Lamp Posts
  2. Fill Your Front Porch Pots with Pinecones and Shatterproof Ornaments
  3. Place Small Lanterns on Top of Tall Planters
  4. Use Garland or a Wreath to Wrap the Top of Planters
  5. Add Garland Above Your Door

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Christmas Lamp Posts

I really love symmetry on the front porch. That’s one reason why I was so excited to find reasonably priced Lamp Posts for each side of the door. I added rocks inside the planter the post sits in to make sure the weight was Kansas City wind proof. The fuschia ornaments and a shiny Christmas pick were also added to the lamp post decor. I will be using these lamp posts on the front porch year round and changing out the decor to reflect the season.

Fill Your Front Porch Pots with Pinecones and Shatterproof Ornaments

You can collect pinecones from your yard, or on your walk around the neighorhood. They are also available at crafts stores for little money and lots and lots of cinnamon oil. Okay, so I wouldn’t bring the enhanced pinecones inside, the aroma would overwhelm. But, all that extra scent works great in the vast outdoor space.

(By the way: I tried to find a bag of cinnamon pinecones to link for your convenience, but the ones I found were $14. Just no. Don’t do that! Your craft stores or even big department stores have them for $2. a bag).

Use Garland or a Wreath to Wrap the Top of the Tall Planters

The greens of a garland or wreath add Christmas softness to the top of the planters. Don’t you love the wonderful battery operated “timer” or remote control fairy lights? They add the E to easy outdoor decorating. (So sorry. I didn’t notice that nice brown blob of dirt on the crisp white planter. I promise I will get right on that).

Place Small Lanterns Atop Tall Planters

Last fall I purchased these small blue lanterns from Lowe’s clearance. I loved the color, but the sun has really faded them. That’s an EASY job for this spring and a can of paint. HMMM. Wonder what color they should become?

Add Garland Above the Front Porch Door

Using command hooks, I attached a 6 ft. garland above the front door. I added the lights and more of the shatterproof fuschia ornaments, just using what I had. However, if you want this step to be even easier, use a pre-lit garland with the fun decor already attached. I’m just here to make it easy.

Again, just 45 minutes and The Rowe Front Porch is ready for the Christmas Season.

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Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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    I would recognize your beautiful decor style anywhere, Lori. It’s classy with a touch of sass thrown in for fun. Your porch looks lovely. I would never have said it took less than an hour to put together. Those lamp post are wow!!!I have to see if I can find some here.

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