This post will present Colorful Grandmillennial Christmas Decorating Ideas.

A Christmas Home Tour with It’s A Colorful Life Home Tour 2021 Holiday Edition.

Every. Single. Moment. Of. Every. Single Day.

No, really!

Do you try to stop and enjoy the beauty of every day?

Most of us are somewhat entranced with the beauty of the Christmas season. I know I am.

We slow down to appreciate and enjoy all the beauties of Christmas with family, friends, and neighbors.

Time is set aside to gather for Christmas parties.

We shower our loved ones and even Angel’s never met with gifts.

It’s wonderful.

THIS COMING YEAR, let’s live in this spirit.

Every. Single. Moment. Of. Every. Day.

With our Savior as the centerpiece, shall we?

It’s A Colorful Life – 2021 Christmas Tour.

My friend, Jennifer the author of Dimples and Tangles beautiful colorful blog, is hosting It’s a Colorful Life Home Tour for the Holiday again this year. I’m so excited to be a part of this tour again this year! Thank you, Jennifer for the invite.

If you’re coming over from Haley at Mums Little Loves welcome! Haley’s blog is glorious! She rennovates homes in Australia, and her Christmas Home Tour was incredible.

This entire week we’ve been touring some of the most colorful Christmas homes across the web! I have the entnire tour schedule linked below.

I’m honored to be the caboose of this talented team!

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Colorful Grandmillennial Christmas Decorating Ideas

Now, to begin the finale!

Christmas Home Tour :

  1. Silent Night – Entry Way
  2. Colorful Vintage Living Room
  3. Grandmillennial Christmas Dining Room
  4. Vintage Grandmillennial Kitchen ( Next Week)
  5. Pastel Christmas Dreams Family Room (previously posted)
  6. A Little Christmas for the Office (previously posted)
  7. Easy Christmas Front Porch Decor (previously posted)

Silent Night – Entry Way Tour

We hear often Jesus is the Reason for the Season, and that is true. I love that millions focus on Immanuel, God with us, the moment God stepped out of heaven in the form of an innocent, helpless, homeless baby.

It is also true that he lived a perfect life, died a gruesome death and overcame death as on the third day when His spirit returned to His body! Why? Yahweh sent His son as a perfect sacrifice that when accepted, washes away sin and reconciles human kind to our God. That is something we should celebrate everyday.

In the entry way this year, I wanted to not only celebrate the birth of a Savior, I wanted to celebrate His gift of life to us.

Coloful Grandmillennial Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

Color was the theme in this space! I used the colors found in the living room year round for decorating the space at Christmas. Apricot, teal, and a little blue….orange… and any other color that made it’s way into the room was included.

The quinntessential vintage brass planter and push pin ornaments from the 1970s add Christmas spirit to the cocktail table. These brass Christmas trees have been collected over years.

You all love my mischievious monkey! He gets as much “fan mail” as any of my decor items. He really got himself in trouble this Christmas.

Grandmillennial Staffordshire Pups at Christmas

The fun part of decorating for Christmas for me is adding bows or in the case of the pups crowns to the decor items that are in place year round. The pups really got into the Christas spirit this year.

The wires you see around the colorful art piece and the wall scounces are twinkle lights that are magical in the evening. Be sure to follow my Instagram for Reels and Stories showing this space in all it’s nighttime glory. ( You can follow me here: MY INSTAGRAM ).

Colorful Grandmillennial Christmas Tree

When I started to decorate this tree, I had a less is more approach in mind. Now, although that’s almost laughable now that it has been completed.

Truly, though, compared to most of the trees I decorate for myself, this one would be the closest to less is more. You can actually see some of the white flocking after all.

Cruncy, sparkly, icy picks and branches and swirls were where the decorating began. The color for those is white, silver, gold, and a little blush. The ribbon was the jumping off spot for color. I loved the apricot (just like the walls) mixed with a soft pink to make a beautiful check ribbon.

The spattering of teal ornaments speaks to the living room drapes, along with a handful of apricot and teal vintage push pin ornaments.

Colorful Grandmillennial Christmas Decorating Ideas – Dining Room Tour

Our living room is adjacent to the dining room, and for all intent and purposes an extension of the same space. I placed the Christmas tree close to the center of the two spaces, slightly on the dining room side, easily enjoyed from either space.

Colorful Chinoiserie Chandelier Dressed for Christmas

My very favorite decor element, or at least in the top 3, is the light fixture in the dining room! It’s a Pagoda Chandelier that my dear friend, Pam, found in Minnesota for me. (BTW: I’m in Kansas). This is the first Christmas with my new Chandelier and boy did I have fun decorating it for the holiday.

Initially I replaced all the the light bulbs with vintage orange Christmas tree bulbs!! The chandelier has two levels of light, and I ended up having to keep the stronger wattage light bulbs on the bottom and using the Christmas bulbs in the top level just so there’s enough light.

Grandmillennial Christmas Tablescape

Not surprising at all, I used a combination of my milk glass for the Tablescape. There isn’t a color of milk glass that doesn’t catch my attention. The white is the most common, and I do have a large collection of white. Pink, blue, and green are a little harder to find. I’ve been working on my colorful collection one find at at time.

Jadeite, the beautiful green milk glass, is the most sought after. Fire King produced the Jadeite pieces, but the color jadite (notice spelling), has been reproduced by Pioneer Woman, Hearth and Hand, and others of late. All of the pieces are beautiful, but the vintage is more valuable. Be sure to subscribe to my blog, as I have a Kitchen Tablescape to share next week that has my Fire King Jadeite collection on display.

Grandmillennial Centerpiece

The wonderful pink ginger bread house was relocated from the family room when I completed this tablescape. It will not surprise you that this little house has become one of my favorite Christmas pieces, just behind my Moms’s large cross stitch rocking horse!

The side board and the china cabinet got a touch of Christmas as well. I love displaying ornaments in a bowl. My milk glass punch bowl is usually overflowing with clear balls, that I call bubbles! Dropping in a few pink and appricot ornaments made it holiday ready.

The height was achieved by turning one of the punch bowls upside down and placing the second one on top. Now, it’s a focal point for sure!

One-half of a 9 ft flocked garland was run down the middle of the table and the other 1/2 was used on top of the china cabinet. I added the colored lights and small colorful ornaments, along with some magnolia leaves for fun.

You will need to come back later to tour the Kitchen. You will not believe the little trees I found for the space!!! Really, they are perfect. So, be sure to subscribe. The Pastel Dream Family Room post can be read hear. The Christmas Tree in that room is a fan favorite. I recently refreshed my office on a song, and revealed it all dressed for Christmas. Read all about A Little Christmas for the Office HERE. And then, rounding out my Christmas home posts to date is the Front Porch at Christmas. WONDER WHAT COLOR MY FRONT DOOR IS? FIND OUT HERE.

Shopping This Post

Although I usually put shopping sources throughout my post, I decided to write this post without them. You can, however, find most of the sources for all these spaces on the blog home page under the shop my Christmas Home. Just look for the room title that you’d like to shop.

Be sure to check out all the colorful homes on this It’s a Colorful Life – Home Tour 2021 Holiday Edition. Today’s tour started with Carmel of Our Fifth House. You will love how she decorates her lovely home for the holidays.

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

It’s A Coloful Life Tour Schedule


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    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you Miranda! The entry way is my favorite for it’s message! So enjoyed this group of colorful ladies! Always a fun home tour.

  1. Reply

    Lori, I enjoyed your tour! I don’t know if I’ve ever noticed your pretty sofa fringe, and I always love your vignettes! Thanks so much for joining the tour this week!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      You are just a darling lady! Thank you so much for including me!! I have reel out there somewhere from the summer, when I added the trim!

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  8. Pamela


    First I just love the way you put the true meaning of the Christ child front and center in both your home’s entry and in the writing of this post. Secondly this is the best Iteration of pastel decorating I’ve ever seen in your home and holiday decor. And I’ve seen A LOT being nearly 70 years old. Kudos. I did a mint green, peach and pale teal back in the 80s with Laura Ashley textiles and while I loved it our strong Florida sunshine just washed it out, so henceforth I stick with more opaque colors. Lovely home, darling personality. I had trouble locating your moms cross-stitch rocking horse. Where is it?

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Oh Pamela, You have made my day! So glad you took the time to tell me your thoughts! My rocking horse is in the family room. I don’t think I included it on this post, but it has been on some of the past Christmas posts. I hope your Christmas is filled with love, hope, joy and peace!! Blessings.

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