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Hi and Welcome! I’m Lori! Lori Nell of Southern Nell’s Gracious Living. I’m a broken, stumbling, grace loving, follower of Jesus. I’m forever thankful for the “new mercies” God grants every morning, and I make a full effort to keep Him front and center in my life.

I LOVE home–home decor, home styling, home staging, home for the holidays, the comforts of home–EVERYTHING home! I’m also not afraid to tackle a good DIY project! You can feel great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment when you complete a project on your own.

I’m also an avid deal hunter! In our home you’ll find antiques mixed with transitional pieces, thrift finds along side family heirlooms and everything is peppered with undeniable southern appeal. If pressed into a design corner, I suppose I  would call my colorful eclectic style: Chinoiserie chic transitional traditional southern French (fairly large corner I’d say – I call it chinosoutherie). 

My closet is not quite that tricky! Like a true southern woman, I do love a good monogram, gingham check, seer-sucker, twin-set, classic pearl choker….and if any of the items are vintage…, that’s perfection! Fashion sense is most assuredly personal and wide-reaching! Almost anything goes, as long as it’s befitting a southern lady!

You see, I was born smack-dabbed in the heart of the great, southern, volunteer state, Tennessee! Her gentile, laid-back “howdy-do”, yes ma’am, bake your neighbor a pie for no reason (okay that one didn’t stick),  manner is evident in my home and in my fashion choices. 

Gracious Living is simply living in a kind and appreciative way! Can we all agree that the world needs a profusion of that approach to life?  This blog will chronicle my “Life on King Lane”! You’ll find posts and pages of my faith walk, family, fashion, friends (at least the ones who aren’t camera shy), occasional visits to the ‘stage’,  and a heaping spoonful of how to keep your home gussied up. 

   Love y’all ~  Lori Nell

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