This post will share Easter Decorating Ideas for Cheap

Nine minutes and twenty-five seconds.

No kidding.

It took nine minutes and twenty-five seconds to spread a little Easter Decor around the house.


I did have the table set already to welcome Spring, so that was time saving.

Easter Decorating Ideas for Cheap

Here are the areas that I decorated for Easter. Remember this is just a quick splash of seasonal decor.

  • Create an Easter Tablescape
  • Place Easter Eggs around the home
  • Use stuffed animals for Easter Decor
  • Easter Cottage
  • Decorate the Dining Room Chandelier

Create an Easter Tablescape

I started the ten minute Easter decorating on the Dining Room table. I had already set the table in early March with refreshing Spring colors! My favorite vintage milkglass plays perfectly current fuschia plates and fun sky blue ramekins.

To add Easter decorations, I simply stuffed the Ramekin with Easter grass, purple was my choice, and topped it with an embroidered pink Easter egg. The sky blue napkin was folded simply and placed at the top of the milkglass platter.

I just noticed the little chick that I placed in an egg cup fell overboard! HAHAHA! I believe I found those cute checks last year at hobby lobby.

Place Easter Eggs Around the House

Truly, it doesn’t matter if the eggs are glass, plastic, candied, paper mache, or bejeweled.

Place them in bowls, display them on cake plates, hide them in floral arrangements. The more Easter Eggs you scatter, more magical moments.

Use Stuffed Animals for Easter Decor

For zero dollars, you can use your children or grandchildren’s stuffed bunnies, chicks, or lambs for Cheap Easter decorating.

This cute bunny was one that my Mother-In-Love, Mary, decorated with in her home. I love bringing it out every year.

Easter Cottage

The amazing restraint I use in not collecting more Easter Cottages is impressive. There are something about cottages and gingerbread houses that make me so happy. AND IT LIGHTS UP~squeal……

I’d source mine, but it’s no longer available. So, I found some absolute darling one’s if they grab you like they do me.

Decorate the Dining Room Chandelier

Y’all know this is my very spot to add seasonal decor. Again, any Easter eggs that you already own, be it plastic, paper, or fancy glass will do. Just use a pretty ribbon and tie it on.

If you have a cute and colorful spring garland, drape that around as well.

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Yes, I find joy (and work) in creating festive seasonal decor in my home.

However, like the Christmas holiday the Easter holiday holds a holy space in a world. My family and I will be studying, recalling, walking with and dwelling in the days leading up to the greatest act of love ever willfully gifted to human kind, and the ultimate victory our God granted for any who accept Him.

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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  1. Pamela


    Your cheerful,colorful home lends itself very well to Easter decorating. Easter blessings as your celebrate the redeeming work of our Savior.

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