In this post you will find my Absolute VERY Favorite Ever Flocked Christmas Trees of All Time.


This year, 2022, my favorite collaboration reached out with their newest Christmas Tree.

Do I NEED a Christmas tree? (Don’t answer that.)

Actually, last year around this time, my King Lane Gang neighbors were invited for a Christmas tree and decor giveaway. SO, there is a sliver of room for this master piece of a pre-lit flocked Noble Christmas tree.

AND…..the “Pink Dream” tree and “Beautiful Beautiful Blue” tree featured below are both currently in stock.

This beautiful tree took all of 43 minutes from opening the box to fluffing the last stem.

Here is the source for the tree. And they are all in Stock and ready to ship- tap below to shop

9 ft Flocked NOBLE pre-lit.

Below are beautiful trees from past years.

I’ve tried, y’all!

Truly, I’ve done my very best.

But, I’m feeling weak and there’s no one in this house to stop me.

I’m busting with Christmas Spirit , and the Family Room SHOWS IT!

I know how early I am, but there is a deadline I’m up against. Can you believe it, for once in my life I’m really crushing my time table?

And guess who that’s going to benefit?


I’m not even going to say anything about the process that takes place on boats and trucks. You know, the “S” word that we keep hearing about all day everyday. Let’s just say, I’m sharing early, and you can get a head start as well.

In this post I’m sharing my…


  1. Pink Flocked Christmas Tree
  2. Blue Flocked Christmas Tree
  3. White Flocked Christmas Tree

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All three of these trees are from the same CHRISTMAS TREE company that wins BHG Best ARTIFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREES year after year!

Pink Flocked Christmas Tree

  1. Pink Flocked Christmas Tree – the Prettiest of All
Beautiful Pink Flocked Christmas Tree

Here is the exact tree: Pink Flocked Tree

Tell me the truth~this gorgeous pink flocked Christmas tree took your breath away, right?!

(Be sure to subscribe to my blog for the latest posts, because very soon I will share all the details on created this tree, and the pastel Christmas Wonderland that is shhhh, currently my family room! Did I mention I’m crushing the deadlines this year?)

Blue Flocked Christmas Tree

2. Blue Flocked Christmas Tree ~ The Most Exquiste of All.

Here’s the beauty the same artificial Christmas tree company sent last year to share with you!

Exquisite Blue Flocked Christmas Tree

FYI: I created a pedestal to elevate the 7 1/2 foot tree another couple feet last year. The blue is just gorgeous. Here is the original post with all the details: A Blue Christmas Tree You Will Love

It’s hard to describe how stunning the color. Wedgewood Blue is what I would name it. Here is the link to this exact blue flocked tree: SHOP HERE.

White Flocked Christmas Tree

3. White Flocked Chrismtas Tree – The Most Elegant of All.

It’s been two years since I created this elegant blue and teal Christmas Tree.

Elegant White Flocked Christmas Tree

Here is the White Flocked Tree I used: 7.5 Ft White Flocked Tree. They have so many types and sizes of flocked trees to choose from 6.5 and up!

I was feeling very energetic that year and actually created a video on how to decorate this tree:

OR, this post, Elegant White Flocked Christmas Tree, has lots of sources for this Chinoiserie Style Tree.

There you have it! My Favorite Flocked Christmas Trees of All Time!

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Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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Flocked Christmas Trees of Many Colors

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