Chinoiserie Chic Christmas Dining Room Ideas are featured on this blog.

My dining room is small on size, and large on style. There are some of you who follow along on my decorating adventures who are “less is more” type decorators. I see and appreciate you and your style. This space would undoubtedly give you anxiety. But, you can take one aspect of the four areas decorated in here and apply it in your home.

Christmas Table Setting with White Fur Tree and Vintage Blue Fostoria

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6 Areas for Creating a Chinoiserie Chic Christmas Dining Room

  • Table Setting
  • Centerpiece
  • Chandelier
  • Sideboard
  • China Cabinet
  • Tea Cart

I’ve linked some items at the bottom for shopping this look. Many are identical items, and some are very similar. Lots of the vintage items are one count and hard to find, so grab them if you see them below.

Chinoiserie Chic Christmas Table Setting

Here we are again Planning a Chinoiserie Christmas Tablescape. I’ve mentioned a million times before, it maybe one of my favorite areas to create.

Blue an White China and Feather Tree on Colorful Christmas Table

Whether your idea of a beautiful Christmas table setting involves fine china, or even (I’ll whisper) paper plates, it can still be a loving gesture for those who will scooch their feet up under that table.

Blue and White China on Christmas Table

Chinoiserie Chic Christmas Table Centerpiece

There are two options for a Chinoiserie Chic Style Centerpiece. I stole the thrifted double happy Chinoiserie blue and white jar to use in this post: Christmas Revelation – The Elegant Little Tree Before it was an amazing tree container, the Chinoiserie jar was an elegant centerpiece for the dining table.

Cheetah Print Ribbon and Feather Tree on Christmas Table

No worries, however, as this vintage brass beauty was in my office stash of containers just waiting to take center stage. I used fewer of the snow covered hydrangea for this piece, otherwise it’s all the same elements as the first arrangment.

Vintage Brass Loving Cup with White Hydrangea
Vintage Brass Trophy withWhite  Christmas Flowers

FYI: For those uber observant viewers, you are not wrong if you noticed a changing of the “table guard”. After the kitchen overhaul this month, the more formal of the two tables needed to be in the kitchen. So the kitchen table and dining table got switched back after the switch before the changing of places back when they were swapped, not confusing at all.

Chinoiserie Chic Christmas Styled Chandelier

The second area I love to adorn is the dining room chandelier. (Yes, I’m still waiting for Tom the Great to relocate the antique chandelier in my master bedroom to the dining room. My skills of persuasion have waned a tad! TtG, Jr. will likely take the job over. Hoping this will happen in Janurary, something to look forward to, anyway.)

Meanwhile, I pulled out all the decorator stops to doll up current dining room chandelier. It is a show stopper in person!

Chandelier with Garland and Brass Antique Mirror in backround
Chandelier with colorful Christmas garland
Vintage Tinsel Christmas Tree in Brass Trophy Cup and Antique French Mirror

Chinoiserie Chic Styled Sideboard and Christmas Tree

The only addition I made to the sideboard for Christmas is the Christmas Tree. Sometimes I think it is my favorite little tree this year.

Vintage Tinsel Christmas Tree in Brass Trophy Cup and Antique French Mirror

I simply tied ribbon to the Chinoiserie blue and white items that live (part-time), on the sideboard.

Chinoiserie Chic Christmas Sideboard with vintage tree and brass antique mirror

These vintage Staffordshire pups are a favorite decor item. I call this photo “Guarding Christmas”.

Staffordshire Pups in front of Vintage Brass Trophy Cup and Tinsel Christmas Tree

Christmas Decor for the China Cabinet

Again, I tied some Christmas Cheetah print ribbon on the candelabra, and placed large sparkly ornaments inside the tobacco leaf jars for Christmas cheer on the China Cabinet and weaved together a couple of picks to spill over the side. This is the “all the stops” I spoke of earlier. The “less is more” would stop at the bow and ornament for sure.

Tobacco Leaf Jars with Gold Ornaments and Vintage Brass Candelabra

Christmas Tea Cart

I still have this 1970s tea cart, just like the one my Mom got for Christmas one year (I think for Christmas). She almost always wanted special furniture pieces for gifts from Dad. So, if you’re wondering where I got a love for beautifying home, blame Mom!

I’ve thought about painting it, or selling it, but haven’t pulled the trigger. It’s not easy to fit it into my small dining room.

Vintage Wood Tea Cart with Pink Bottle Brush Christmas Tree decor

If you follow me on Instagram, decorating the milk glass bowl was one of my Simple Christmas DIYs that are saved in my IG Story Highlights.

Vintage Milk Glass bowls and Pink Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

I’ve found you some identical and some similar items that will help recreate this tablescape. Many of the items are vintage and hard to find, so if you see it grab it!

Unless some crazy inspiration hits me between now and the end of the year, I think this is my final Christmas post for 2019. Thank you for checking them out and hopefully getting a little inspiration along the way. A very Merry Christmas to you all.

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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  1. Karen Howard


    Totally loving the Dark Pinks & Different Blues in this decor style. Could you tell me what Chinoiserie Means or Is exactly ? I noticed you used Feathers & Animal Prints too. Would like to learn more.

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  3. Reply

    Impressive Christmas dining room ideas! These ideas will make Christmas memorable. I liked the China Cabinet the most. Thanks for sharing.

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