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In this post I’m sharing ideas for decorating an elegant Christmas tree with ease. Flocked White Christmas Trees create a dreamy Christmas.

The ideas for themed Christmas trees are almost as endless. Whether you dream of an all white Christmas, or gold and silver, blue and white, or all the colors of the rainbow, this post is complete with easy ideas for decorating an elegant Christmas Tree. It is truly goofproof.

Elegant Flocked Christmas Tree
Elegant Christmas Tree

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In true Southern Nell’s form, the elegant Christmas tree I completed for this post contains high and low end budget items. Some of the ornamentation on the tree I’ve had for years, but was able to find similar items if the exact ones I use are no longer available.

As always, I worked to provide a variety of price points for the decor. Please purchase through the links provided, as it is how I’m compensated for running this blog.

Flocked Christmas Tree with Elegant Blue and White Ornaments
Blue and White Chinoiserie Themed Flocked Christmas Tree

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My son used his VIDEO skills to transform my amateur videos into a pretty fantastic “How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Video”. It walks you through every step!! Thank you, son! You can FIND THE VIDEO on my YouTube Channel HERE.

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Easy Ideas for Decorating an Elegant Christmas Tree

It all Starts with a Great Tree

It all starts with choosing a beautiful tree!

This 6 Foot Flocked Prince, Pre-lit was exactly what I was looking for. As you saw in the video, the quality is fantastic! This company sells Christmas Trees and Christmas Decor only! They are a premiere Christmas Decor Company without the premiere price!! They offer many types and sizes, and various price points.

You can shop this beautiful Christmas Tree and many others HERE. This one is the 6 Ft Flocked Lit Prince. All of them are simply BHG Award Winning Amazing!! Please use my link above win purchasing as it is how I am compensated for running the blog! Thank you! Thank you! (blue link in this paragraph).

Flocked White Christmas Tree
Chinoiserie Blue and White Flocked Christmas Tree

With plans to place my flocked tree on the vintage drum table in the picture window of my living room, I knew the 6 ft would be perfect.

Don’t let the end result scare you! You can achieve an elegant look to your Christmas tree, too. Here are:

Simple Steps to Creating an Elegant Christmas Tree

Follow These Simple Steps

  • Fluff each section before adding the next
  • Tree Skirt
  • Boxes (if needed)
  • Fur Ribbon (if you are using it)
  • Add Large Picks
  • Add Large Ornaments
  • Medium Ornaments and picks
  • Small and special ornament
  • Tree Topper and Ribbon

Fluff Each of the Christmas Tree Sections before Adding the Next

How many have excitedly put the entire tree together before fluffing (my hand is raised). However, I’ve learned the hard way to take the time to fluff each section before adding the next, it’s so much easier. Try it this year!

Add the Christmas Tree Skirt

The tree skirt is next. There are a ton of options out there now, including tree collars. I love the soft elegance a skirt adds.

Elegant Christmas Tree Skirt with Silver and Gold Stitching
Christmas Tree Skirts add a soft touch

My tree skirt is no longer available, but I found some similar ones and linked them. Just tap the bottom of the photo below to shop.

Fill the Negative Space beneath the Tree Branches with Christmas Boxes

Still, another consideration when purchasing your tree, is how far up the trunk the branches start. I’ve had trees where the branches are almost touching the floor. Although glamorous, where do you put the gifts? I prefer at least 10 inches before the first branch.

If you are a last minute gift shopper and last second gift wrapper, these faux boxes are an inexpensive way to fill the space until your all ready on December 24th (along with your’s truly).

Gold Silver and White Glitter Christmas Boxes as Decor
Glitter Gift Boxes fill the Empty Space

FYI: I purchased these boxes at HomeGoods. You can find them at most large department stores. You should expect to pay between $2 and $5 per box.

Fur Ribbon (Optional)

Flocked trees are enhanced with this fur ribbon. I love how it adds such a soft look to the tree. I used 4 spools, each about 10 yards long and approximately 4 inches wide.

Flocked Tree with Mercury Glass Bell, blue and silver ornaments Ornament
Fur Christmas Ribbon adds Softness to Flocked Tree

As of this update, almost all of the craft stores are carrying the fur ribbon now. Here’s a good option:

Place Large Picks on the Christmas Tree

As I noted in the video, personal preference plays a role in how far you allow the picks and sprays to stick out of the tree. I love the jagged edges of the picks cascading down the tree, so mine stick out a country mile in places. A variety of picks adds a lot of texture and interest. However, sticking with one type creates a nice cohesiveness as well, again with the personal preference.

Insert the Large Ornaments

Fill in the “wholes” where you can see to the trunk with the large ornaments. I love the depth you can create by layering the ornaments and pics back toward the trunk of the tree. If you’re just starting to collect ornaments, or you are more on the side of minimalism, you can stop after this step and have a beautiful tree.

Elegant Blue and White Chinoiserie Christmas Tree
Large Ornaments and Picks in the Christmas Tree

Time to add the Medium-sized Ornaments and Picks to the Christmas Tree

One option for placing the remainder of your ornaments is to zig zag down the tree from left to right, going from top to bottom. This allows the eye to flow down the tree and take in all the beauty. You can also add any smaller sized picks/sprays you’ve collected during this step as well. Grouping a pick with an ornament is a good luck, as is pairing or combining three ornaments together with a tie can create a fun luck as well. (For this effect you simply run a ornament hook through all three ornaments give it a twist, and tie it on the end of a branch. I didn’t do that on this tree, but here’s and example from last year’s tree.

Elegant Turquoise and Lime Green Christmas Tree Decor
Group Two to Three Ornaments together for fun look on the tree

Position the Small and Special Ornaments

The smallest ornaments along with the special ornaments that have either been gifted or made for you throughout the years, are placed near the outside of the tree branches.

Elegant Silver Blue and White Christmas ornaments
Place smaller ornaments on the outer portion of the Christmas Tree
Elegant Flocked Blue and Whie Chinoiserie Christmas Tree
Elegant Flocked Blue and Whie Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

Add the Ribbon and Christmas Tree Topper

The fur ribbon was placed on first because it is nestled horizontally around the tree. The cascading ribbon and tree topper are the last to go on the tree, and are more vertically positioned. On the video, I demonstrated how I cut and curl the ribbon to make it easier to add to the tree and to help it go a little further. The cheetah ribbon wasn’t cut, it was simply tucked into the branches as it flowed down the tree.

Elegant Flocked Chinoiserie Style Christmas Tree with Blue and White Ornaments
Add Cascading Ribbon to the tree last

There are so many beautiful toppers available. I’ve linked a few at varying price points, that would work with this tree. I chose to tie bows with the ribbon for my topper.

Ivory Velvet Ribbon tied to the top of an Elegant Flocked Christmas Tree
Velvet Ribbon Tied as Topper

I hope you found this post and the video helpful. Please say hello. I love to hear from you all. Check out my Pinterest and Instagram accounts for daily inspiration. There’s lots more Christmas inspiration planned for you! A home tour, and some simple DIY’s will be posted in the coming days and weeks.

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Blue and White Chinoiserie Christmas Tree
Blue and White Chinoiserie Ornaments on Flocked Tree
Elegant Chinoiserie Blue and White Flocked Christmas Tree
Chinoiserie Blue and White Christmas Tree

Enjoy Today,

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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      Thank you, Juliet! I’m so glad you found it helpful! I’m sure your tree will be incredible!!

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