2020 – Best Blue Flocked Christmas Tree and the blue white and gold vintage style ornaments create a Christmas Home for the ages.

UPDATED: 10/20/2021

Remain calm.

If possible. Because…..

This Christmas Tree.

I mean. This Wedgewood Blue Flocked Christmas Tree is creating all the Christmas Spirit in all the most warm, cozy eleGANT ways you can imagine.

Blue and White Christmas Decor

Getting a post out early for my dedicated followers is so important to me. As a smallish blogger and IGer, sometimes the beautiful items I find for you, Christmas decor or otherwise, get grabbed up when the bigger bloggers find it!

That happens with the beautiful ornaments as well. I’ve already posted about those and updated the links here, a few of them are gone already.

This beauty will sell out — BUT, we’re slightly ahead of the crowd with this Flocked Christmas Tree post.

AND BY THE WAY: This company was voted “Best Artificial Trees for 2020 by Better Homes and Gardens!!

2020 – Best Blue Flocked Christmas Tree

Vintage Style Flocked Blue and White Christmas Tree

Here is a list of the incredible features:

  • Great Quality Flocking
  • Pre-lit
  • Easy to Put Together
  • Foot Petal
  • Extras

You can see this tree completed with all the beautiful blue and gold Chinoiserie Ornaments and some sources HERE: A Blue Christmas Tree You Will Love

The Color

Guys!!! The COLOR!!! It is hard to describe, but it’s a vibrant Wedgewood, a clear periwinkle, mmmm…. breath-taking is all I can say.

Oh, and….. I’m calling this tree “Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. No Irish is not all about green. My Irish bonus family gets it right away.

This color.

This blue was our most beautiful Irish Matriarch’s favorite color! It also happened to be the color of her eyes! We love and dearly miss our Mary Margaret Rowe, and I thought of her the entire time I decorated this tree.

I’m certain she would clasp her sweet hands and declare , “How Beautiful”.

2020 Flocked Blue Christmas Tree

Great Quality Cotton- Based Flocking

We’ve all done it. I’ve done it.

A beautiful white tree grabbed our attention at a box store. We sauntered over and the price for the little flocked table top tree was surprisingly low.

So, we grabbed the boxed up version, brought it home, and discovered the nightmare a cheaply flocked tree brings!

Now, I cannot tell you that no flocking will come off of this tree. That would be impossible! But, if you place a sheet under the area where you assemble your tree, the acceptable amount of flocking loss and the clean up is so much easier!

Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree

Most trees you purchase these days are pre-lit. Thank goodness we don’t have to complete that step of putting up the Christmas Tree any longer. This 7.5 foot tree has 600 warm lights – LEDs. I love that they are covered in the snow like the tree!

Easy to Put Together

This tree comes in three parts, and is simple to assemble. The directions are super easy to follow. I put this 7.5 foot version together, by myself in under 10 minutes, and that includes glancing at the directions.

TIP: Typically, I would fluff each section before adding the next. The 10 minutes would not include the fluffing.

Foot Pedal for Turning On and Off

This may be my favorite feature! This Christmas tree comes with a foot pedal, so no more bending down, reaching around, snagging your sweater to plug in the tree! I love it! It also has several options for the light including a soft dimmed light, and a fading off and on option. Simple tap the pedal with your foot to change the setting.

Fun Extras Including in the Christmas Tree Purchase

You will love having long satiny gloves that are provided for fluffing the tree. They also include a storage bag so you can recycle the box.

The Tiniest Look at the Christmas Ornaments and Decor

My friends, here’s a little peek at how I decorated this elegant Christmas tree. Subscribe to my blog below, and you’ll get an email when I post the full reveal. I added some surprising vintage touches, as I always do.

Flocked Christmas Tree
2020 – Flocked Blue Christmas Tree

How to Purchase this Flocked Blue Christmas Tree

By the way, this amazing company that does Christmas trees and Christmas decor exclusively, allows you to use my link below on any purchase you make from them. I love working with company’s who appreciate the work that goes into blogging! As I write this update the 7 1/2 foot has sold out, temporarily, but the 6 1/2 is available! Perfect for table top tree!!!


(Tap the BLUE LINK^)

link below on any purchase you make from them. I love working with company’s who appreciate the work that goes i

See you soon with more inspiration!

Enjoy Today!

Lori Nell


Favorite Ever Flocked Christmas Trees of All Time

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Blue White Flocked Holiday Tree
Blue Flocked Christmas Tree
Flocked Blue and White Tree
Blocked Blue Christmas Tree

Get a Head-Start on the Blue and White Chinoiserie Ornaments as well!!!

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  1. acraftymix


    Wow, that’s a REALLY pretty tree. The blue and white so unusual and I love the idea of the foot pedal. That’s going to make life so much easier.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Michelle. It really does help this “young” girl out!!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Sara. I love Christmas trees, and decorating them is a fun undertaking every year. This one is something else!! I can’t wait to share it completed!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Maria. ME too. I can’t wait to post it all decorated!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Kim, It was the first time I had seen one. I think it’s such a beautiful tree. Thank you!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you Danielle! Never had seen one myself, before this year.

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