Asian Bonsai Tree - Perfect Accessory for Chinoiserie Master Makeover

Chinoiserie Master Bedroom-Paint and Wallpaper

Week Three This post contains updates to the Chinoiserie Master Bedroom – Paint and Wallpaper Edition. You can review where the fun began here: Week One Week Two Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Makeover – Paint and Wallpaper Edition This. Is. So. Much. Fun. (Except the few moments where the “challenge” portion of the project try to

Chinoiserie Chic Collage for Master Bedroom Makeover

Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Makeover – The Color Edition

Week Two This post journals the progress of our Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Makeover – The Color Edition I’ve not been so excited about a project in a long time. Thank you for following along on this Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Makeover – The Color Edition. Week 2 was big on planning and small on completing projects.

DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden with Trailing Greens

DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden

This post explains the steps for creating a DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden. Who doesn’t love a beautiful flower garden? And there’s something so sweet about a birdbath, right? In this post I’m going to walk through a fun combination of the two. You’ve seen them before, and thought you might like to try it. You’re

Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Makeover

Better Homes and Gardens — One Room Challenge There is a Master Bedroom in my home that wants to be with the “cool kids”. It’s not a big mess, or unappealing design at all. It just wants to be “one of the gang”. So, I’m joining Better Homes and Gardens — One Room Challenge, AGAIN!

Kitchen Decor Ideas – Colorful Accessories

This post contains fun Kitchen Decor Ideas – Colorful Accessories add the pow and zip to your space. Nobody loves a beautiful , pristine, elegant, white kitchen as much as I. In January I revealed our updated kitchen in this post: Elegant White Kitchen with a Splash of Chinoiserie. However, when spring and summer role

DIY: Adding Trim to Curtains and Drapes

DIY: Adding Trim to Drapes or Curtains

This post is a DIY: Adding Trim to Drapes or Curtains. This is a popular subject for DIY enthusiasts. Because let’s face it, custom drapery, althought beautiful and elegant, can also be a budget buster for home decorating. There are ways to customize a quality store bought curtain or drape and achieve the elgant window

Woman in Blue Sweater sitting on bookcase

How to Style Bookcases — No Cost Decorating

This post will provide ideas for How to Style Bookcases — No Cost Decorating Recently I polled my Instagram users to discover their challenge areas for decorating. The number one request, was requesting help with How to Style Bookcases. There’s no better time than a quarantine to do projects that are free and do not

Indoor Hydrangea and Azalea Garden in Vintage Brass Containers

Indoor Hydrangea and Azalea Garden Ideas

This post explores an Indoor Hydrangea and Azalea Garden Ideas. Can we can agree that while we’ve been quarantined to our homes during this pandemic, we appreciate just about anyway that we can add some beauty to the space? So, when I spotted these beautiful plants pushed along the wall at the check out counter

Simple & Stunning Spring Centerpiece with pink peonies

Simple & Affordable DIY Spring Centerpieces

This post shows how to put together Simple & Affordable DIY Spring Centerpieces. You don’t have to run out and purchase all new items to make yourself a couple of Simple & Stunning DIY Spring Centerpieces. (Full disclosure, I did purchase the gossamar faux white ficus tree in January, and the trailing blue wildflower). There

Colorful Ginger Jar Centerpiece with Faux Peonies

Chinoiserie Spring to Easter Tablescape

This post contains 3 Easy Steps to go from Chinoiserie Spring to Easter Tablescape. Today I’m joining a new to me group of talented bloggers to present our Easter Table Designs. They will be linked below; I hope you will check them all out. I You can read more about me HERE. Easter is a

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