All the best Ideas for Creating a Grandparent’s Nursery

It’s finally going to happen!

You are going to be welcoming a new grandbaby into the world!

Could there be a more exciting time?

Becoming a grandparent ranks right up there with all the blessed milestones life has to offer.

As I type this sentence, my beautiful granddaughter is blessing me with the melodious squeaks only a one week old can provide. Tomi has finally arrived, and I can now personally attest to the complete and total enchantment she has brings.

Maybe you’ve recently stepped into this enchanting role.

If so, and you may find yourself wondering how to prepare your Grandparent Home or even a Grandparent’s Nursery.

Today I’ll be sharing all my best ideas.

As with all my home projects, this one has a name, “Lovey’s Lounge“.

You can shop Lovey’s Lounge tapping HERE.

|| Rocking Chair || Baby Quilt || Home Pillow || White Floor Lamp || Teddy Bear ||

My room makeovers and refreshes have come to a halt, although sometimes the simple furniture or art relocation is all one needs to scratch that creative itch. In the mean time, check out these room makeovers from Southern Nell’s past: Ideas for Creating a Restful Peaceful Guestroom , Budget-Friendly Office Refresh , Elegant White Kitchen Makeove

Ideas for Creating a Grandparent’s Nursery in Your Home

Here’s a short sweet list, but will do the job for you for occasional visits with Grand Baby and family.

The Essentials for Your Grandparent’s Nursery

  • Portable Crib
  • Rocking Chair
  • Portable Changing Pad
  • Bounce Seat
  • Favorite Books

The Portable Crib

Having a portable crib can help lighten the load for your children. They’ll have strollers, diaper bags, bottles, and a car seat are among the gear that Mom or Dad will be arriving with, so not having to bring a safe portable crib helps. This is the one that Annalisa received and it has so many extras that make it easy to care for baby.

|| Portable Pack & Play Crib ||

The Perfect Cozy Rocking Chair

What could be a better than rocking your grand babies?

Rocking them in this cozy teddy bear like fabric rocker!

Cozy at it’s best. The quilt is one I saved from Annalisa’s nursery nearly 25 years ago. I love a crib quilt!

The oversized bear was also saved from Annalisa’s collection.

Although this star quilt isn’t sold anymore, I did find some adorable ones.

|| Teddy Rocking Chair || Similar “Home” pillow || Rattan Baby Doll Bed || Crib Quilt || Oversized Bear ||

Portable Nest/ Changing Lounger

We are loving this mom’s invention, portable nest lounger. It is a great changing area on the main floor. It would also be a great alternative if you don’ t have a portable crib.

|| Lounging Nest ~ Changing Station ||

We also purchased this pad that will help create a temporary changing space out of a chest of drawers.

|| Changing Table Pad ||

It works wonderfully on top of this vintage chest.

Bouncey Seat

This beautiful bouncy seat is fast becoming a must at Grandma’s house. Gifted to Annalisa at a baby shower, this seat can both shake and play a beautiful lullaby.

|| Similar Bouncy Seat ||

Favorite Children’s Books for Grandmother’s Library

I have several of the books that Tom the Great and I read to our children, and will be reading those to our Grandchildren. We also received several beautiful books for both the baby and some for Mommy. Here are a few of those favorites.

|| Grandma Love’s You || Goodnight Moon || My First Signs || My First Shapes || The Story of Jesus || Corduroy || Will You Be My Friend ||

How to Create a Full Nursery for your Grandchild (ren)

If you will be a part-time care giver for your new Grandchild, you might want to Create a Full Nursery for your Grandbaby. I designed a space that will go from Baby to Toddler and Beyond with just a few tweaks.

Lovey’s Lounge is ready for the sleepovers with ALL the grand blessings that are to come.

The Grand Parent’s Nursery List

  • Baby Crib
  • Activity Mat
  • Exersaucer
  • Extra Car Seat Base

The Baby Crib

Depending upon the size of the room you are transforming for your Grandchildren, you may want to choose a mini crib. The one I chose has all the bells and whistles of a full size crib, however it takes up around half the space. This one comes in several stain options, including white.

|| mini-crib || rug|| sheet || light ||

Activity Mat

The options for a soft play mat for tummy time, a change of scenery, and an opportunity to stretch out for the baby are numerous. Here are a few of the favorites we found.

|| similar activity center ||


Before you know it, your grandbaby will be ready to develop those torso muscles and balance, and will need some type of exersaucer. We inherited ours from a generous neighbor who had used this one for her children with much success.

We look forward to helping our Granddaugher develop her balancing muscles like a champ.

I recently noticed my great niece, Melanie, using a similar saucer on the kitchen table for eating.

|| Exersaucer ||

Extra Car Seat Base for Grand Parent’s Car

If you don’t want to purchase a full car seat, most car seats now have the option of purchasing extra bases. Baby usually comes to visit in her car seat, making purchasing just the base a smart option. Here are both the car seat and the base Annalisa chose. The car seat is part of a stroller/car seat combination.

|| car seat/stroller combo || car seat base ||

Dedicated Room for Grandchildren

With a few tweaks, the nursery will work for toddlers and beyond. A twin bed and some fun toys would be a great starting point. I have a confession. I did want to do a neutral room that would work for granddaughters or grandsons, but the canopy bed called Lovey’s name. Now, I will have to figure out how to make the soft flowy canopy into a tent of sorts when future grandson’s sleep over!

Twin Bed for the Grandchildren

This twin bed absolutely amazed me. I secretly want a queen size all my own.

|| Twin Canopy Bed || similar canopy drapes || quilt || similar rug ||

I purchased a high quality mattress for the bed. It is a tommy copper mattress and Annalisa the Beautiful has enjoyed it greatly.

|| twin mattress ||

The lines of the canopy are simple and beautiful. The addition of the diaphanous drapery was not necessary, but I couldn’t resist the exquisite trim details.

Toys for Grandparent’s Play Room

You will have to use your imagination on this step, as we are currently all set up for newborn! However, Lovey has plans to remove the mini crib at the appropriate time and add in the most amazing play kitchen set, race tracks, baby dolls, and doll houses. I do have a couple of tubs of my children’s toys that I saved, but I’ll be looking for a vintage kitchen set.

Decor for Grand Parent’s Nursery and the Bathroom Refresh

In an attempt to ensure the Nursery would be fun for both Grand Daughers and Grand Sons, the walls, lighting and window treatments were kept somewhat neutral.

Decor for the Nursery

The vintage side of Southern Nell had to make an appearance in this very up to date nursery. I did that with some of the decor.

The entire room was designed around this vintage piece of framed art that I purchased so long ago, I can’t remember the details. It’s crazy how a single piece can inspire an entire nursery and en suite.

|| heart pillow || stuffed lion ||

I used the creamy white for the walls and the sky blue on the ceiling.

The beautiful praying mother and baby sculpture was a gift from a local vintage online shop. Aimee of Whitton Ward Johnson County curates the most beautiful vintage items for her online shop, and is such a kind spirit in the space of online shops!

|| gold heart || Book ||

Soon after Annalisa the Beautiful announced her pregnancy, the vintage porcelain babies found me a one of our local antique shop. The Baby Bible and Good Night Baby books are from the collection I kept from when my children were young.

Most of the other decor is Mother and Baby themed.

|| The Mothers and Daughter of the Bible Speak || similar mother and baby monkey sculpture || The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible WORKBOOK ||

Ideas for Creating a Grandparent’s Nursery with a Bathroom

While I was in the makeover zone, I refreshed the bathroom for the grandchildren as well.

A Bathroom Makeover for the Grandchild

I pulled some of the soft mauve/pink color from the vintage art work to use on the en suite cabinets and drawers.

Along with a fresh coat of paint for the walls, ceilings, and cabinets, here are the simple elements I changed out to update the bathroom for Lovey’s Lounge.

Four Simple Ideas to Refresh a Child’s Bathroom

  • Mirrors
  • Drawer Pulls
  • Children’s Bathroom Decor
  • Cute Baby Towels

Beautiful New Mother of Pearl Mirrors

One of the easiest ways to update any bathroom is to replace the builder’s basic mirror with a designer mirror of choice.

|| mother of pearl mirror || wicker urn || pink and blue plumes ||white hand towels||blue stripped rugs||

Drawer Pulls for the Bathroom Makeover

Tom the Great and I had updated the faucets and shower head several years ago, and they were still in great shape. However, the drawer pulls were the original shiny gold and well used. These chunky marble drawer pulls for the cabinets and drawers were an easy and inexpensive update. I found them at Hobby Lobby.

|| similar marble drawer pulls ||

Mr. Bug keeps a close watch on the makeovers. He’s certified in project oversight.

Bathroom Decor for Children

There are so many options for bathroom decor for children. My favorite in this space is the $5. “This Bathroom Is For Singing” wall plaque from, again, Hobby Lobby. Animal artwork was where I landed for Lovey’s Lounge bathroom wall art.

|| Bears in Bathtub ||

Finally, our friends gifted our beautiful granddaughter with the cutest hooded towels. I hung these on hooks on the bathroom door, and nothing could be cuter.

|| hooded towel ||

Lovey’s Lounge is open for business. Hopefully, just one little Grand Blessing at a time.

Enjoy Today.

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

(Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like the name of the paint colors.)

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  1. Pamela


    such a lovely room for such a beautiful baby! the little china doll figurines stole my heart. We’ve been blessed to have a grandaughter’s room in our homes. Last 2 weeks we shuffled 3 guest rooms around to provide private space for our son who has moved in for an extended stay so that he doesn’t have to be disrupted when our our daughter and her family come. We created a new room on a separate level for our now 16 yr old grangirl because she has always had her own room and loves to recharge there alone. It’s really wonderful to be able to spoil her that way because time moves too quickly. Enjoy your sweet girls, it’s a very special time.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you. So glad you’ve been enjoying your granddaughers!

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