This post will provide Ideas for Creating a Peaceful Restful Guest Bedroom

Are any of you empty nesters?

Tom the Great and I are. Before the empty nest, we would throw one of the kids out of their room and create a space for overnight guests.

So it was really fun to start from an empty space and create a peaceful, restful, and calming accommodation for the ones we love when they visit.

Just between us.

This could be my favorite new space in our home.

Peaceful Restful Guest Room Makeover

I love a good before and after. I hope you do as well, because I’ve got one for you.

Let’s take a look at where the room began.

My Annalisa the Beautiful lived in this room from 2 -18 years old, and there were three makeovers in that time. Above was the final look. Those black shelves were lined with SHOES!

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Ideas for Creating a Peaceful Restful Guest Bedroom

Here are the questions I hear most about creating a beautiful guest bedroom, and my advice for how to address them.

How can I make my guest room feel welcoming?

We all want to welcome our family and friends into our home with grace and huge dose of cozy.

Of course when it will involve overnight stays, there are additional needs that we want to meet for them. Here are a few suggestions:

10 Things A Well-Appointed Guest Room Needs

  1. Space – clear space in the closet for hanging clothes and clear a top drawer in the dresser or chest.
  2. A comfortable bed – Don’t skimp on the mattress! Buy the best you can afford.
  3. Space on the Night Stand – They will have keys, phones etc. that they will want to keep close by
  4. Charging Cords or Stations – Be sure you have extra charging cords plugged in the room
  5. Towels – Point out where the freshly cleaned lines are stored
  6. Travel sizes of basic toiletries
  7. Make Room for the Suitcase
  8. Water – An extra water bottles or a clean glass by the bed
  9. Television and channel finding guide – Nice but not necessary as many use their tablets and phones
  10. Magazines – local magazines with upcoming atttactions
  11. Hair dryer
  12. Extra Hand Held Mirror – or Full Length Mirror

Do you do anything special for your guest room? I’m sure I haven’t included all “the good things”. Please leave any special touches you do for your guest and guest room in the comments below.

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How can I decorate my guest room?

Creating a peaceful, restful, and calming guest room was the focus for our guest room makeover we just completed. Soft blues, blush and white decor , subtle linen colored walls, and luxurious velvety fabrics is how we accomplished that goal.

Ideas for Creating a Peaceful Guest Bedroom

How do you style a guest room?

The short answer is to style with the guest in mind. They will want space, privacy, convenience and pampering. Fresh flowers is always a good idea. If the guest is staying longer than a weekend, a potted flowering plant will last a couple of weeks.

Prepare the bedside tables for guests with these simple decorative items and flowers
Decorative Items for a Guestroom Bedside Table. Lamp for lighting and flowers for welcoming.

Guest Bathroom Makeover

The guest bathroom got a refresh as well. We still had the builder grade mirror, so that was an easy upgrade to a vintage wood mirror with that favored Grandmillennial feel.

A guestroom bath makeover with vintage grandmillennial touches

Vintage scounces and a coat of peaceful blue paint on the vanity were a simple and easy upgrade.

The cabinet pulls were changed out along with some new counter top accessories and towels to complete the area.

Guest Bathroom Shower Refresh

Simply painting the space in a peaceful linen color, adding new shower curtains and plush towels really updated the shower and toilet space for guests. A fluffy robe is always a good addition, and far to bulky for packing. If there were to be a phase 2 of this guest room makeover, it would include a upgrade of the square tiles. We didn’t feel that necessary at this point, as the tiles are still in excellent condition.

We purchased a dispenser for shampoo, conditioner and body wash to keep the space tidy for our guests.

We’re ready for guest on King Lane. We’ll always do our best to welcome you with a peaceful, restful space filled with the everything you will need to make yourself at home in your space.

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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Comments (6)

  1. Pamela


    It’s very pretty and welcoming. I love that you kept the classic white shower tile and ceramic soap dish w/handle. i find the soap always falls out of newer styles. the aqua is so serene. The vanity mirror is gorgeous and so is the small chest and chair. The only thing I add is a small frame with the wifi password.

  2. Jill


    Everything is beautiful! Love the color palette you’ve chosen. I always provide hypoallergenic pillow alternatives for those who are allergic to feathers. An extra blanket, comfortable chair and good lamps near the bed for reading. You have provided those as well for a welcoming atmosphere. A splurge would be a mini fridge in the closet for late night snacks that won’t disturb the rest of the household.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Hi Jill,

      Great ideas! A little fridge in the closet would be so plush! Enjoy Today!

      Lori Nell

  3. Mary Ann


    It’s very calming and welcoming. The aqua color is one of my favorites, and I use it in my decor. Your house is very cheerful and I love all the color. I am one of your newer viewers and enjoying your blog very much!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Mary Ann,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments and welcome to the blog. I’ve been away a while as my dear husband, Tom the Great in the blog, passed away in August. I will be returning soon and provide more inspiration! Again, welcome!

      Enjoy Today!

      Lori Nell

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