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All of my past blogs have featured the main level of our home or outdoor spaces. Today, we’re going up the stairs to take a look at the master bedroom makeover. Because it’s currently October, it’s the Master Bedroom Makeover for Fall.

Master Bedroom Makeover For Fall
French Master Bedroom Makeover with Fall Decor

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Master Bedroom Before Photo

First, I’ll take you back. The following photos are before the French Revolution! This is the view as you step into the master from the hallway. The monochromatic soft gold though assuredly tranquil, lacks verve.

Master Bedroom Reveal
The before picture for the master bedroom
Master Bedroom Before and After
Before the Master Bedroom Makeover

The Master Bedroom After Photos

I’ve been working on the transformation of this space for over a year now.  Although not yet fully complete, it is with great enthusiasm and a sprinkle of trepidation that share the progress with you.

Master Bedroom Makeover For Fall

Master Bedroom Makeover for Fall
French Master Bedroom dressed for Fall

Planning Guide for Bedroom Makeover

  1. Chose a Design Style
  2. Decide on Wall Color
  3. Select or Collect Furniture
  4. Pick out Accessories
  5. Add Seasonal Décor

1. Chose a Design Style

Choosing a style or theme for a room is a great place to start. You don’t have to strictly adhere to the style, but for continuity sake stay pretty close to the theme. The master bedroom has a French flare. I’ve always admired French spaces. When I visited The Biltmore, Edith Vanderbilt’s bedroom dropped my jaw! It was my favorite space in America’s largest family owned mansion, and there was plenty of jaw dropping spaces.

The Biltmore
The Biltmore – Edith’s Room

2. Decide on a Wall Color

A new wall color was the first step in this room makeover.  The quest for the perfect creamy, warm off white was arduous, but I’m greatly enjoying the payoff. Like most colors, this one takes on a different  hue, depending on the time of day. This photo was taken in full morning sun. This room is on the third floor of our home granting an inspiring sunrise any morning I’m willing to wake up and enjoy.

Master Bedroom Makeover For Fall
Beautiful Cream Walls in the French Master Bedroom

(Aside: You’d think I would have a least a scintilla of morning joy as Little Nell had the most charming alarm clock imaginable. My daddy was and is the most joyful “morning person”  conceivable. He woke all four of his children with a melody! Sometimes it was whistling and other times a lyrical rendition; the song was ever-changing but the melody was always cheerful and snappy! One I recall specifically went: “Get out of that bed and rattle those pots and pans.”  I can hear it now.  I’m told that most days he continued the singing and whistling on the  job site!)

3. Select or Collect Furniture

Every furniture piece has been acquired in a slow and thoughtful manner, procured one at a time. The budgeting process can slow things down as well, what with the offspring in college. The French headboard was one of the most difficult to find, but persistence paid off.  Initially, I planned to paint most of the furniture. However, at least at this point, I’m enjoying most of the pieces as I found them (no promises though).

Master Bedroom Makeover Surprise

I spent months searching for the perfect headboard. When I found this one with the caning and the French curves, it was love at first sight. The only problem was, surprise, these were twin headboards when I found them. Yep! Tom the Great helped me combine them into this perfect King sized beauty. The bed abounds with textures and layers for fall and winter.  I  prefer a look that is collected over a matching bed in a bag. The bedspread at the foot of the bed is beautiful tapestry piece from Italy. However, the vintage Aubusson pillow brings us back to the appropriate European country for the makeover.

I hope you have room in your master for a dressing table. I find the piece useful, to say nothing of the charm and Scarlet O’Hare feel of it all. This one did require some sanding and refreshing, not at all unlike what happens when I spend time sitting there each morning. I found the cheetah covered stool at a local Antique Mall and knew it would play beautifully with the table. Look at those legs!

French Vanity Table
French Vanity Table

The antique desk/etagere was a Craigslist find! The darling 80-year-old lady who sold it shared with me that her uncle had done his homework on the desk as a boy. She said it is at least 100 years old. It is a solid oak piece,  and my initial plan was to bring back the original finish. I worked several hours, determined I could bring it back. However, I finally realized the job was way above my head and I succumbed to painting it. I am fond of the outcome.

Antique French Writing Desk
Antique French Desk

4. Pick out Accessories

The bed abounds with textures and layers for fall and winter.  I  prefer a look that is collected over a matching bed in a bag. The bedspread at the foot of the bed is beautiful tapestry piece from Italy. However, the vintage Aubusson pillow brings us back to the appropriate European country for the makeover.

French Master Bedroom Makeover for Fall
Vintage Italian Bed Tapestry

The vintage decor was collected over time as well. The cherub held brass tray was found at a local consignment store.

French Master Bedroom Makeover
Antique Vanity Tray

Even the antique 1930s French lamps were found on separate antiquing trips in two different cities, no less! I’d almost given up hope of finding a second one, but alas victorie!

Master Bedroom Makeover for Fall
Antique French Lamps for the Bedside Tables

5. Add Seasonal Decor

Step number five is completely optional. But, I wonder why everyone wouldn’t love a touch of seasonal décor in the master bedroom. I love changing things up in this room. For fall, the velvet pumpkins add just the right cozy feel. I also added in a couple of sprigs of fall foliage.

Master Bedroom Makeover For Fall
The bed is piled high with Velvet Pumpkin for fall
Master Bedroom Makeover For Fall
Fall foliage and feathers layered on the antique desk

I love my French Style Master Bedroom. I’m still searching for the right chandelier. Not to mention, just inside those double doors is yet another play ground of sorts, the master bath! Who knows how long it will before I start that project.

You can find more inspiration for your home during the fall here: Fall on the Front Porch , Elegant Fall Tablescapes and Budget Friendly Fall Centerpiece.

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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