Budget Friendly DIY Fall Centerpiece
Items to create this DIY Fall Decor Idea

It’s fall y’all! (So sorry, it’s overused I know, but I couldn’t help myself.) This super simple Budget Friendly DIY Fall Centerpiece will get you ready for flannel shirts and knee boots. Elegant fall floral centerpieces are great, but so are fall decor ideas that don’t break the bank. The later is what we’re discussing on today’s blog.

Budget Friendly Fall Decor Centerpiece
Find most of these fall decor items on your morning walk.

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Simple Fall Centerpiecde
Fall Centerpiece with Real Fruit and Foliage from the Yard

Items you need for this Budget Friendly DIY Fall Centerpiece:

  1. lantern
  2. fairy lights with timer
  3. small pumpkins
  4. real fruit and vegetables
  5. small succulent
  6. foliage from the yard

1. Use a lantern for your DIY Fall Centerpiece

You likely have a lantern or two around your home as they have been mainstays in home decor for several years. We use them inside and outside. I don’t predict they disappear from the scene any time soon. This galvanized tin one is perfect for the farmhouse look on the table.

Budget Friendly Fall Centerpiece
Items you need to re-create this fall centerpiece

2. Add Twinkle Lights to your DIY Fall Decor

Don’t you love all the twinkle lights that are available on the market these days.With a built in timer or remote, you can tuck the battery pack in the bottom, and not worry about having to rearrange the fruit every night.

Fairy Lights make your Fall Centerpiece twinkle
Fairy Lights with a Timer

3. White pumpkins add elegance to your fall centerpiece

I used perfectly shaped white pumpkins to the anchor this fall centerpiece, and it does add elegance to this otherwise casual fall centerpiece. However, any shade pumpkin will work.

Budget Friendly DIY Fall Centerpiece
White pumpkins and succulents

4. Real Fall Colored Fruits work well on a Modern Farmhouse Tablescape

Have you thought to add real fruits and vegetables to your fall decor? I chose the bosc pear for it’s fall color, and the peppers are from Tom’s garden. But, the choices are almost endless.

Budget Friendly DIY Fall Centerpiece
Acorns, Pinecones, Leaves and Fruit

5. Nestle small succulents into your fall decor centerpiece

If you have space, nestle in a small succulent. I had this one on my front porch for the summer. You can purchase these at most of the home improvement stores or discount stores for a few dollars.

Budget Friendly DIY Fall Decor Centerpiece
Simple Sweet Fall Decor Centerpiece

6. Collect Fall Foliage from your yard, or on your walks for your DIY Fall Decor

The final addition to this budget friendly DIY fall centerpiece is the fall colored foliage. I went into my yard and clipped a few leaves and branches from the trees that had started to morph into fall color. I also gathered the pine cones and acorns on a crisp morning walk with Champ.

DIY Simple Fall Decor Ideas
Fall Tablescape

All the items I used in this fall centerpiece were real, but if you want it to last longer than a week or so, you might search for faux. There are some pretty realistic pieces out there.

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Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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