Next up on the  Fall Home Tour – 2017 is an up close look at the living room.  Beings I’ve used up all the creative words I know about fall on the past two blogs, Fall Home Tour – 2017 – Family Room and Dining Room and Fall on the Front Porch,  this blog will be like my daddy, Wonderful Walter, who has always been a man of few words: a blog of few words…. and tons of visual enjoyment.

 Because when the home trends are white, off-white, cream, tan, beige, brown, gray, and whitish-gray….. I’m over here like……


Give me color! I want bright, cheerful, abundant color!


And pumpkins, please.



Lots of pumpkins.


Too many?


Rowe Family on King Lane has been professionally photographed one time ,thanks to Barb! The shoot was in fall of 2008,  and we’ll be going for number two this fall!


Although Tom and I haven’t changed much (wink), the kids are now 18 and 20. Tom the younger is  6’4″, and Annalisa’s not all that far behind him. Of course that leaves me last  where height is concerned, not a position a competitive girl like me enjoys. Thank goodness I can still wear heels……at least while sitting.


Rowe Family Photo – My only request~colorful fall trees, please!


It won’t be too awfully long until the Red Leaf Maple right outside these picture windows, the one Tom the Great and I planted over 20 years ago, will mimic the colors of these silk eucalyptus leaves. It’s quite the color show, and I’ll be sure to give you a peek on my Instagram account ( follow me here).


That’s all the words I can share with you today. Told you I’d be more like Daddy today. My son has spent hours on end riding trails and backwoods with Wonderful Walter! These precious hours helped mold Junior into the fantastic young man he is. He says that “Poppa”  doesn’t talk a whole lot on the trails.  He said that he does sing occasionally: cowboy songs and songs of worship. But, when he speaks, pearls of wisdom rain softly on anyone listening!


Happy Trails ~ Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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