Updated: August 23, 2019 — The only thing that remains in this space is the sofa. HAHAHA!!

There was a time, pictured here, not so long ago, that I had a very traditional southern living room. When fall rolled around, I used all the traditional fall décor colors. When I say all the fall colors, I truly mean it. Here, I’ll share 5 Items to Create a Traditional Fall Look for Any Room.

Traditional Fall Colors in the Living Room
Traditional Fall Colors in throw pillows

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5 Items to Create a Traditional Fall Look for Any Room

  1. Cozy pillows
  2. Fall Wreath
  3. Velvet Pumpkins
  4. Fall Foliage
  5. Cornucopia

1. Add Cozy Pillows in Traditional Fall Colors

Give me color! I want bright, cheerful, abundant color! No matter the season. You will find the most amazing colors in a fall landscape. I repeated those colors in the throw pillows.

5 Items to Add Traditional Fall Color to your Home
Velvet Pillows and Velvet Pumpkins

2. Hang a Fall Wreath

This simple DIY fall twig wreath adds traditional color to the space. I purchased the twig wreath from a craft store and added the sunflower, a few fall colored picks and fall colored ribbon. You can find these wrought iron wreath stands at home décor and crafts stores.

4 Items to Add for Traditional Fall Decor
Fall wreath and Velvet Pumpkins

3. Toss In Traditional Fall Colored Velvet Pumpkins

The velvet pumpkin trend is not going away, and that does not make me sad. The good news is, now the craft stores have a budget friendly version. You can splurge on the designer ones if you want, but for seasonal décor, I’m all about budget friendly.

5 Items to Create a Traditional Fall Look for Any Room
Velvet Pumpkins and Fall Colored throws.

4. Mix in Fall Foliage

“Sticks and Stones” really have a bad reputation when used inappropriately! But, we’ve given them a second chance in this traditional fall living room.

Fall Foliage adds Budget Friendly Decor in Autumn
Beautiful Faux Fall Foliage

It won’t be too awfully long until the Red Leaf Maple right outside the picture windows above, the one Tom the Great and I planted over 20 years ago, will mimic the colors of these silk eucalyptus leaves. It’s quite the color show, and I’ll be sure to give you a peek on my Instagram account ( follow me here).

5. Cornucopia – The Mother of all Fall Decor

Yes she is traditional. Yes she has been around forever. But, how can you have fall without a cornucopia spilling the bounty! Cheers to you, Cornucopia, you are the true mother of fall décor.

Cornucopia with White Pumpkins

There you have it. Those are the 5 Items to Create a Traditional Fall Look for Any Room. But, let’s be honest! The real beauty of fall needs to be enjoyed outside the walls of your home with the ones you love. My son has spent hours on end riding the trails and backwoods paths of middle Tennessee with his Poppa, AKA my daddy! These precious hours helped mold T.J. into the fantastic young man he is. He says that “Poppa”  doesn’t talk a whole lot on the trails.  He says that he does sing occasionally: cowboy songs and songs of worship. But, when he speaks, pearls of wisdom rain softly on anyone listening!

Horseback Ride in Fall
T..J. and Poppa riding the trails on a beautiful fall day

Happy Fall Trails my Friends!

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Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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