This post will explore fresh new fall color ideas for the home.

Burgundy, pink, fuchsia, turquoise, aqua: these are all top of the mind colors for autumn, no?

If not, welcome to my autumn and fall décor ideas for the home. I love the traditional orange, brown, and cream palate of fall décor. But, nature has more to offer, so why not expand our fall color palate?

You don’t have to walk or drive very far too find amazing colors on display during the autumn months. Vibrant breathtaking colors are abundant. I found these fresh new fall color ideas not far from my front door.

Fall Leaves in DIY Fall Decor
Fall Leaves Create a Beautiful Inspiration for Fall

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The fall leaves above provided so much color inspiration for my home this year. Because the main floor of my home is alive with similar bright colors, the bright colors of fall were not over powered.

So my friends, here are:

Fresh New Fall Color Ideas for the Home

Fresh New Fall Colors for the Home
Use all the colors of the Autumn Palate

The turquoise desk in my entry way would have been sweet with brown, cream, and a dash of orange fall decor. But, you wont’ be surprised that I went in a completely unexpected direction. \

AND… you want to know the best part about the fall décor for this entry way?

Believe me, you do!! It was kind of sort of FREE!


I didn’t have to make one NEW purchase to create this. I had the burgundy, fuchsia, and blue flowers and picks in a tub in the basement from previous floral creations; and the velvet pumpkins have been making appearances for several fall seasons. The burgundy fall candle rings were spray painted, as was the super star pink woodland animal.

Four Tried and True Fall Decor Items in Fresh New Colors

  1. Velvet Pumpkins
  2. Fall Floral Picks or Garland
  3. Candle Rings – revamped
  4. Fall Focal Piece – Special Woodland Animal

1. Velvet Pumpkins for a Fanciful Pumpkin Vine

This is no ordinary pumpkin vine, right?

This pumpkin vine has the most vibrant soft velvet pumpkins nature has ever grown! I mixed them into the vine I created and described below.

Fresh New Fall Color Ideas for the Home
Burgundy, Fuchsia, and Turquoise Fall Decor

link for pumpkins

2. Fall Floral Picks or Ready Made Fall Garland

You can find ready made fall garlands at the craft store that will work great for building a pumpkin vine.

For my fanciful pumpkin vine, I combined several picks, and flowers in the colors I wanted for this fresh fall color scheme. You can make the pumpkin vine as full or as simple as you like.

This vine took three large focal fuchsia stems, four eucalyptus stems, and three statice stems that I cut apart. I chose a plum, blue, and a natural color to use here.

Fresh New Fall Color Ideas for the Home
Burgundy, Fuchsia, and Blue Pumpkin Vine

link for picks

3. Add Fall Textures to your Wall Sconce with Candle Rings.

I had several beautiful brown and cream candle rings that I picked up a craft store after season clearance a few years ago. So, with a can of fuchsia spray paint, and the rose colored statice I used in the pumpkin vine, I revamped the once brown berried candle rings.

Velvet Pumpkins and Fall Candle Ring
Velvet Pumpkins and Re-Imagined candle rings.

4. Fall Focal Piece

What would a pumpkin vine be without fall’s favorite varmint? See him? He was “enhanced” with the same fuchsia spray paint I used on the candle rings. I think every fall home needs a fuchsia colored squirrel. He brings just the perfect amount of fancy to this fall entry way.

Fresh New Fall Color Ideas for the Home
Fuchsia Colored Squirrel takes center stage in fall decor

links for woodland animals

You find virtually every color and hue represented in an autumn landscape. I hope you find an area in your home to try new fall colors. You can start slowly by working in an unexpected fall color with your traditional colors.

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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Fresh New Fall Color Ideas for the Home
Fresh Fall Colors Create a Fanciful Fall Pumpkin Vine

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  2. Reply

    Wow. I love all these bright berry hues. The color and textures of velvet make it all feel so lush. A fun change of pace from traditional autumn color and the neutral farmhouse style you often see. Beautiful.

  3. Reply

    The burgundy and berry colors are perfect for Fall decorating. Adding various textures create a gorgeous style. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Reply

    I love seeing fall colors that aren’t traditional!
    JUst like Christmas decor isn’t just red and green color combinations neither should fall decor be tradiitonal colors.
    Decorate to the color of your rooms!


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