Fresh flowers are beautiful for a centerpiece, but have a limited life span. If you are one of the home decor enthusiast who loves to decorate your home each season, but wants a simple approach and one that will last the entire season, I have a plan for you. This post will share how to create a beautiful DIY Fall Centerpiece that you can use on the dining table, entry table, coffee table, or any place you need a focal point.

Berry colored velvet pumpkins centerpiece in vintage brass containers
DIY – Fall Centerpiece

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This DIY Fall Centerpiece can be completed in minutes.

You will need to collect these items for you DIY Centerpiece

  • container – medium to large sized
  • floral foam and bag moss
  • fall floral stems, filler, and twigs
  • faux pumpkins

Container for your Centerpiece

The possibilities are endless. I have a stash of vintage brass that are go to containers for me. You may have baskets, wooden boxes, silver pieces, large bowls to your china, or everyday dishes. Take a look around your home and cabinets. I’m sure you will find a piece you love. Make sure it isn’t too precious to take just a little zhooshing.

Floral Foam and Bag Moss

If you are going to be putting together these simple centerpieces, and I so hope you are inspired to do so, you will need a storage container where you keep these necessities. Great news for us all, it is not expensive and it can be used time and again. I have a cheap rolling container in the basement storage area where all these type supplies are ready for me when the mood strikes. (Sounds like a future blog post: Organizing Your DIY Must Haves.)

Fall Floral Stems and Filler and Twigs

For this centerpiece, I used two floral stems, the mauve hydrangea, several status floral filler picks, and a few twigs of curly willow. All are second fiddle for this particular arrangement, but the hydrangea could serve as the focal point in a future creation. We avid DIYers love to reuse all the seasonal decor in new ways each year. Thus, the need for organized storage, and that future post I mentioned.

Faux Pumpkins

Plush velvet, yarn, sweater, embroidered, painted plastic, the faux pumpkin possibilities are truly endless. Use what you have. I stayed in one color family, berry. This centerpiece would be beautiful with multiple colored pumpkins if that’s what you have. Just make sure the florals are simple if you use multiple colored pumpkins.

Velvet Pumpkin for DIY Fall Centerpiece

Shop my favorite plush pumpkins below: tap the photo

Review: The Steps to Assembling your DIY Fall Centerpiece

  1. Fill Your Container with floral foam
  2. Loosely Cover the Top with bag moss
  3. Place your Pumpkins–largest first
  4. Add Floral Stems
  5. Use filler floral picks where needed
  6. Place twigs for texture and a little height

You can see that I used two containers and had a pumpkin and a hydrangea spill onto the table. You may like that look as well.

DIY Fall Centerpiece with plush velvet pumpkins and vintage brass containers and fall foliage. #falldecor #plushpumpkins #fallhydrangea #falldiy #fallcenterpieces
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I’m enjoying the elegance of the plush pumpkins combined with the bold vintage brass. Of course, the sky is the limit for what type pumpkins and containers you can use!

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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DIY Vintage Fall Centerpiece

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