We’ve determined my personal design style to be Chinosoutherie, a collision of the bold, colorful, eclectic Chinoiserie aesthetic with the elegant and classic style of the old south. Don’t look for my style in the design books, you will not find it. However, that does not dissuade us. This fall I didn’t back away from the bodacious color schemes of Chinoiserie Design, or the gentile touches of Traditional Southern Style. Here is How to Add Fall Decor to Your Chinoiserie Chic Fall Home.

How to Add Fall Decor to your Chinoiserie Chic Home
Bright Foliage and Vibrant Pumpkins

We started the fall decor in the entryway with a berry colored theme you can find on this post: Fresh Colors for Your Fall Home Decor

Fresh New Fall Color Ideas for the Home
Fresh Fall Colors Create a Fanciful Fall Pumpkin Vine

You’ll find four years of fall decor on my blog. Check out: Three Steps to Organize Your China Cabinet for Fall , Budget Friendly DIY Fall Centerpiece, or Autumn into Fall Elegant Farmhouse Tablescape.

How to Add Fall Decor to your Chinoiserie Chic Home

How to Add Fall Decor to Your Chinoiserie Chic Home
All the Autumn Colors

The berry color continues into the living room, joined by turquoise and cobalt blue. Here are the steps to achieve this look that will work for the classy, traditional understated space as well. These simple steps will take you straight through fall, Thanksgiving, and right to the doorstep of the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.

How to Add Fall Decor to Your Chinoiserie Chic Home
Colorful fall foliage

Three Easy Steps for Fall Decorating in any Design Style Space

  1. Add Cozy Fall Layers and Textures
  2. Place a Few Fall Decor Items Around
  3. Don’t Forget the Personal Items that Hold Your Best Fall Memories

1. Add Cozy Layers and Textures

Plush velvet, soft nubby textures and items that conjure cozy comfort are not only useful, but also help create a fall feel for your space. I love velvet pillows, and use them year around in this living room, but I did add some richer teal colored ones to the mix for fall. The rich and thick woven tapestry piece was layered onto the back of the sofa for the season. It’s actually a full sized Italian bedspread I found at an antique store for a song. I’ve planned to part with it several times, as it doesn’t fit any of my beds. But, the details are so exquisite, I’ve not been able to let it go.

How to Cozy Up Your Space for Fall
Add layers to cozy up for fall

Because this sweet pumpkin pillow was a perfectly adorable bronze color, but I wanted more, I simply scrunched up some colorful material and hot glued it right over the top to get the colorful pillow I desired for the room.

How to Add Fall Decor to Your Chinoiserie Chic Home
DIY Fall Decor Idea

2. Place Your Fall Decor Items

Did someone say pumpkins! I. WILL. NOT. PURCHASE. ANY. MORE. PUMPKINS. Oh, I hope that works this year. It’s just a seemingly endless love affair I have with the plump little beauties, and miraculously I found a spot for them all. The living room showcases the mercury glass pumpkins in various colors I’ve collected through the years.

How to Add Fall Decor to Your Chinoiserie Chic Home
Colorful Mercury Glass Pumpkins

There are a few sprigs of fall foliage tucked in and around the pumpkins on the drum table.

Mercury Glass Pumpkins make colorful fall decor items
Mercury Glass Pumpkins
Fall Decor for the Chinoiserie Chic Space
Colorful mercury glass pumpkins

You will find a couple of the more traditional orange colored pumpkins in the very understated neon pink cheetah chair. I know you are not surprised!

How to Add Fall Decor to a Chinoiserie Chic Home
Where vibrant bold colors and fabrics co-exist
How to Add Fall Decor to Your Chinoiserie Chic Home
Where vibrant colors and fabrics co exist.

3. Don’t Forget the Personal Items That Hold Your Best Fall Memories

Photographs, fall gifts you’ve received, or special fall items that are past down by family deserve to be on display. I love this photograph of the neighborhood children playing in the leaves, circa 2003!

Fall Memories
Neighborhood Friends – 2003

One of the only times we had a professional photograph shoot our family was in the fall. I love bringing several of these out in the fall.

Fall  Leaves
Rowe Family – 2008
Fall Leaves and Families
Mother Daughter – Fall 2008

Good news! We’re getting another one of those professional shoots scheduled this year. We do it every 10-12 years whether we’ve changed or not. HEHEHE.

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How to Add Fall Decor to Your Chinoiserie Chic Home
Pile colorful pumpkins on your side chair for fall

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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      Hi Julie,

      Thank you! I live for a new season to decorate around! Have a great week.

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      Thank you, Pam! I really appreciate the kind comments! Welcome to the world of vibrant color!!

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    Lori, everything looks so vibrant and bold. I love the different glass pumpkins and rich fabrics you use! So luxurious! I hope you’ll join us sometime at Tuesday Turn About. It starts today at 5pm!

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