This post will reveal Fall Ideas for the Chinoiserie Living Room that will be fun and easy to duplicate.

If fun, festive, colorful and vintage describe at least a little of your personal style, you will find an idea or two for adding fall to your living room space, here.

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Fall Ideas for the Chinoiserie Style Fall Living Room

  • Cheetah Print
  • Orange and White Check
  • Colorful Fall Hydrangea and Fall Foliage
  • DIY Colorful Pumpkin Pillow Makeover


What makes a plump fall pumpkin shuffle and stroll into the category of Chinoiserie?

I’m so glad you asked.


Cheetah Print adds Fun to Fall Decor

CHEETAH PRINT, that’s what. A sweet whisper of cheetah print has been in my house for years. It’s currently trending, so you can find a little cheetah print home decor in most every in design style. (It will always have a role in eclectic and Chinoiserie design styles.)

This fall, I found a cheetah pumpkin, in fur no less. The only pumpkin I added to the much too large pumpkin palooza that lives in fall tubs in my basement. I did manage to give several away this year though, placing me ahead of the clutter. Sort of. Kind of. Perhaps.

Animal Print Fur Pumpkin Throw Pillow

Once again, Jack and Jill were dressed in cheetah. I love Jack’s ascot, don’t you.

Colorful Fall Living Room Decor

Orange and White Checks are Great for Fall Home Decor

If I always have a whisper of cheetah in my home, and I do, I also have checks represented somewhere! This fall the living room has a gorgeous orange and white checked throw, orange and white checked pumpkin, and orange and grape-colored checked ribbon.

Fabric Fall Pumpkins
Brass Monkey Home Decor


Colorful Fall Hydrangea and Foliage

Want to know another bit of insider information about me?

Great! I’ll tell you.

ORANGE is and always has been my favorite color. The thing about orange, is that is has rarely been a dominant trend for home decor or even fashion. Occasionally, it pops it’s vibrant beautiful head in for a quick hello, but it has never stayed around for long.

That all changes when Autumn arrives! Orange is the dominant traditional fall color. Yes most of the pumpkins are orange, but that is one shade of orange that I do not enjoy. It’s pretty dull in my eyes. I love the bright clear shade of orange found in the checked pumpkin! The hydrangea and eucalyptus really bring in the bright side of fall.

Fall Home Decor Ideas

DIY Colorful Pumpkin Pillow Makeover

Typically, I don’t purchase seasonal themed pillows. I will break that rule if the price is right. The price was so right for this cute little pumpkin pillow. However, the colors were not. So, I made them right for my Chinoiseire Fall Living Room.

I purchased a yard of this fabric a while ago, and had absolutely no idea what I’d do with it. The colors were just so very beautiful to me. I’m wondering if my mom had a blouse in these colors when I was a young girl.

Colorful Pumpkin Home Decor for Fall

And there you have the Chinoiserie Living Room ready for the Fall Season! Thank you, always, for supporting the blog with a quick read and pin!

Beautiful fabric pumpkins for the fall home

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

Colorful Fall Living Room

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