Here is a My Favorite DIY Christmas Ornament. This post will show the steps to creating this elegant but simple vintage style Christmas ornament.

Just one? Really?

Maybe you’ve been here as well.

While making your way through tubs of ornaments, you come across one that you find particularly stunning.

But, I only have ONE.

Maybe it was the last one of that specific ornament that remained at an after Christmas clearance sale.

This could be what happened with the white ornament in the middle of this DIY Christmas centerpiece.

Shabby Chic Christmas Palette

I can not recall where I came across it or how long I’ve had it, but I think it is so feminine and pretty. It could work in most design styles, especially Victorian Christmas or Shabby Chic Holiday decor.

So I decided to make my version. You might want to give it a try as well, so I’ve got the process here for you.

By the way! Welcome to Southern Nell’s Gracious Living! I’m Lori Nell and I’m thrilled to join this group of bloggers sharing an ornament DIY! If you’re coming here from Barbara of Mantel and Table blog, welcome!!! I loved Barbara’s Elegant Ornament.

The DIY Christmas Ornament Supply List:

  • white glass ornament – plastic will work as well
  • alcohol wipes
  • gold braid trim
  • paint pens
  • small flowers
  • glue gun and glue sticks

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My Favorite DIY Christmas Ornament

The Steps for Creating:

1. Clean the ornament with an alcohol wipe.

This necessary step will take you about 2 seconds.

2. Remove the ornament cap.

You will get the finished look you want for this DIY ornament, if you take the cap off before you glue the braided trim into place. This gives you the opportunity to slightly wrap the trim inside the ornament.

DIY Victorian Christmas Ornament

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3. Glue the Gold Christmas Trim in Place

Put one dab of glue at the top edge of the ornament. To avoid waist, I wrap the trim around the bulb to the opposite side before cutting. I give just enough trim to slightly wrap the trim along inside the ornament.

To keep the trim in place, I make sure to add a dab of glue on the bottom of the ornament underneath each piece of trim. If you think you need more glue to hold the trim in place on the sides, go for it.

Then, repeat that step with a second piece of trim. The final look will divide the ornament into quarters.

Shabby Chic Christmas Decor Ideas
Victorian DIY Christmas Ornaments

4. Glue the Flowers in Place

After visiting three craft stores to find the pre-made embroidered flowers, and coming up empty, I decided the pre-made silk flowers looked beautiful as well.

The flowers are glued in the center of the space between the braided trim.

Shabby Chic Christmas Ornament Ideas

5. Add Details with a Paint Pen

On some of the ornaments, I added a little detail around the flowers. It’s a personal preference. I’m not great with a paint pen. Annalisa the Beautiful (my daughter for those of you who are new here), has great ability with pens and pencils, but she was busy studying. If you have a great hand, those little additions can be beautiful l as well.

Shabby Chic Christmas Decor Ideas

6. Tie on the Ribbon for Hanging

Pink feminine ribbon for my feminine ornament makes perfect sense to me.

Victorian DIY Christmas Ornament

Tip for hanging ornaments: Don’t you love to see a little movement from the ornaments on the tree? Cut the ribbon so that the Christmas balls hang far enough from the branch that it can swing, but not so far that it touches the branch below it.

This DIY is giving me inspiration for the 2021 Christmas theme. Although at this point, I’ve done almost every theme imaginable. Don’t believe me, check out this post: 7 Surprising Christmas Color Palettes

Head on over to Lynne of My Family Thyme to see what a beautiful ribbon wrapped DIY ornament she has for you!!


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JPG #5 JPG #6 JPG #7 JPG #8
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Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornament 10.a URL 11.a URL 12.a URL

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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Shabby Chic Holiday Decor

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  5. Reply

    I absolutely love what you did to your ornament. Has a victorian look and feel and so original, great job. It was fun being part of the creative ornament group with you.

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  7. Reply

    Lori your ornament looks so Victorian. My mother would love this. It’s a good year to give ornaments. I’m happy to discover your blog and to hop with you today.

  8. Chloe Crabtree


    Nell, this is so pretty and definitely elegant. It coordinates perfectly with your treasured ornament from the past! Happy crafting!

  9. Barbara at Mantel and Table


    Wow Lori – what a great idea! I have a couple orphan ornaments that I’d love to duplicate the way you did! Plus yours is so pretty – thanks for the tips! (And I love your daughter’s name btw!) πŸ™‚ So fun hopping with you, and Happy Friday!

  10. Reply

    Lori, this is delightful! I have those little rose buds, and some other items, and have been wanting to do a pink Christmas theme. Making an ornament as beautiful as this would really make any tree elegant.
    Thanks again for participating in the hop. It’s been a bit challenging but next time should go better πŸ™‚


  11. Reply

    Lori, your ornaments are so dainty and feminine. I love the details you added with the paint pens. They’re just beautiful! It was nice to “meet” you on this hop πŸ™‚

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