Colorful Grandmillennial Christmas Decorating Ideas

This post will present Colorful Grandmillennial Christmas Decorating Ideas. A Christmas Home Tour with It’s A Colorful Life Home Tour 2021 Holiday Edition. Every. Single. Moment. Of. Every. Single Day. No, really! Do you try to stop and enjoy the beauty of every day? Most of us are somewhat entranced with the beauty of the

Magenta and Cheetah Print Christmas Decorating

7 Surprising Christmas Color Palette Ideas

This post will explore 7 Surprising Christmas Color Palette Ideas . The Christmas Color Schemes and Color Combinations for Christmas Trees and Decors are endless and elegant. Updated 10/25/2021. The Christmas Secret is out! Well, it’s not really a Christmas secret. And it’s probably no surprise to my readers. So, here goes nothing…… I love