Blue and White Christmas Decorations

2020 – Best Blue Flocked Christmas Tree

2020 – Best Blue Flocked Christmas Tree and the blue white and gold vintage style ornaments create a Christmas Home for the ages. UPDATED: 10/20/2021 Remain calm. If possible. Because….. This Christmas Tree. I mean. This Wedgewood Blue Flocked Christmas Tree is creating all the Christmas Spirit in all the most warm, cozy eleGANT ways

Colorful Christmas Ornaments

My Favorite Chinoiserie Christmas Ornaments

This post is a resource for My Favorite Chinoiserie Christmas Ornaments. Updated: 9/29/2021 Christmas time is around the corner! Can you even wait? Oh boy! I can’t. We absolutely “need a little Christmas” this year. Right? Truly, we need a whole lot of Christmas. And I’m here for you. Ready with so much Christmas content.

DIY Christmas Stocking

How to Decorate Christmas Stockings

This post will teach you How to Decorate Christmas Stockings. Luxurious Christmas Stockings can be expensive. Am I right? Whether you want personalized Christmas stockings, or just want something a more than box store Christmas stockings, you can expect to spend some serious Christmas money. Unless….. Do I have your attention? Unless you are a

Blue and White China and feather Christmas Tree

6 Chinoiserie Chic Christmas Dining Room Ideas

Chinoiserie Chic Christmas Dining Room Ideas are featured on this blog. My dining room is small on size, and large on style. There are some of you who follow along on my decorating adventures who are “less is more” type decorators. I see and appreciate you and your style. This space would undoubtedly give you