This post will show 5 Ideas to help you Create a Cozy Christmas Family Room. Beautiful traditional green Christmas tree is combined with teal and lime green for a colorful Christmas home.

I found some blogger’s gold!

I mean some teal and lime green.

Actually, here’s what I mean. Some how I’ve never shared my Christmas Family Room from a few years back, and that is blogger’s gold, even though it is teal and lime green.

The photos had been taken, sorted through and edited.

From there, I can not recall why I never shared this amazing Cozy Christmas Family Room with you. But, that changes today!

Velvet Green Reindeer Christmas Decor
Cozy Christmas Family Room

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Lucky for you, I’m usually a year or two ahead of color schemes. Teal and similar shades are coming in strong this year and headed into next year. SO, if you’re loving the teal and lime green combination, you can create it!

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Here are 5 Ideas to Create a Cozy Christmas Family Room

1. Create a wow moment as you first enter the room.

This is a favorite technique of mine whether I’m decorating my home for Christmas, or any time. I love a little drama.

By placing this sparkly Christmas tree on the sofa table, the elegant tree grabs the eye right away, and you have to peek around to see what additional Christmas joy is around the branches.

Elegant Teal and Lime Green Christmas Tree
Elegant Tree in Cozy Family Room

2. Always Decorate the Fireplace Mantel for Christmas

Do you have a fireplace in your family room?

Aren’t they just the perfect feature for Decorating at Christmas?

I’ve known designers who add a faux fireplace mantel, just for Christmas time for the cozy vibes they create. I will be posting next week on 5 creative ways to decorate your mantel for little money.

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Green Velvet Christmas Stockings
Christmas Mantel

By the way, you can read about how I added trims to these craft store stockings to create this custom Christmas stocking look. How to Get a Custom Christmas Stocking for Less.

3. Add comfy, cozy Christmas Themed Throw Pillows

Let’s just all admit now, (say your name), and I have a pillow problem! I’m fairly sure if you’re reading this home decor and DIY blog, you have at least 1/2 of a linen closet stuffed with varying colors of throw pillows, hypothetically speaking. Maybe.

I guess my point, is why not add a darling Christmas throw pillow to the mix? I found this small one (key for storage), at an antique store several years ago. Love, love the hand made touch. The “home” pillow I’ve had several years. Speaking of….it’s time to bring it back out of the closet.

Lime Green and Teal Christmas Tree Decor
Cozy Christmas Family Room

4. Place beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts around the room.

Of course we place gifts under the Christmas tree, but think about using them as inexpensive Christmas decor. I will wrap a $8 gift in the most beautiful way possible. The kids never know what they’re opening!

Teal and Green Christmas Trees and Wrapping Paper
Teal and Lime Green Christmas Family Room Decor

Tip: By Christmas wrapping paper after Christmas. You can get such great bargains that way!

5. Use Extra Christmas Ornaments as Holiday Decor

This may be my favorite way to get lots of bang for just a little buck! Pull out your china bowl, or punch bowl, or your grandmother’s vintage brass planter, and fill it with left over ornaments. You will find at least one bowl full of ornaments in most rooms of my Christmas home.

Vintage brass Bowl full of ornaments
Christmas Ornaments
Lime Green and Teal Christmas Decor
Lime Green and Teal Christmas Decor

These ideas work great for any Christmas color scheme. I loved the teal and lime green at Christmas and felt they really created a fun Christmas environment in the home.

You can create a similar Lime Green and Teal Tree with the ornaments and Christmas decor sourced below:

Last year I combined a different color with just a touch of the teal Christmas ornaments to create a elegant flocked Christmas tree. See that tree HERE.

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Cozy Christmas Family Room

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  1. acraftymix


    If there’s one person who can create a wow moment the instant you walk into the door it’s you Lori. I would love to take a real tour through your home. My head would be spinning all over the place trying to take everything in <3

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      That is just the kindest thing to say, Michelle! It can make my head spin sometimes, that’s for sure!! Haha! Have a great week.

  2. Reply

    So glad you got around to posting this. I didn’t realize that teal and lime green would work, but it’s stunning in your cozy space1

  3. Reply

    Lori, these are five wonderful ideas for Christmas decorating. I really like the Christmas tree on the table. Thank you for these ideas. I am going to use each of them this year.

  4. patch2410


    Wow, your home decor is stunning. I think the teal and green is my new favourite colour. You have a very beautiful home with so many pretty pieces to look at.

  5. Reply

    Your colors amd glittery Christmas decorating is so beautiful. Definitely is magazine or HGTV worthy. Thanks for the inspiration.

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