This post will explore 7 Surprising Christmas Color Palette Ideas . The Christmas Color Schemes and Color Combinations for Christmas Trees and Decors are endless and elegant.

Updated 10/25/2021.

The Christmas Secret is out!

Well, it’s not really a Christmas secret.

And it’s probably no surprise to my readers.

So, here goes nothing…… I love Colorful Christmas Palettes.

Oh, sure the traditional Christmas red and green color combination is here to stay in our hearts, and will always get a nod in the design world year after year.

As will the elegant Christmas gold and silver Color Scheme.

Here’s the truth about choosing a Christmas palette for Southern Nell! I plan one year in advance. I do!! While I’m decorating the house for Christmas, I get inspired for how I will do things differently the following year.

Is that weird?

Don’t answer that.

Let’s take a look at the Christmas Color Palettes of past years. And then I will answer the top Questions on Choosing Christmas Colors!

7 Surprising Christmas Color Palette Ideas

  • Multi-Colored Gem Tones
  • Pastel Pink and Blush
  • Gold and White
  • Magenta and Cheetah
  • Red Gold and Platinum
  • Pink and Blue
  • Red and Blue
  • Blue, White and Brass

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1. Multi-Colored Gem Stone

This might be the most “fun” Christmas Color Scheme, at least to my eye. Throw restraint to the wind, and use all the colors of the rainbow!

One year, I found these rainbow stripped ornaments after Christmas at Pier One. I purchased all that they had left in the store at a great 80% savings.

They help to tie all the bright cheerful colors together to make a beautiful statement.

Colorful Christmas Palette

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2. Pastel Pink and Blush

If you love Victorian Christmas, or Shabby Chic Christmas Décor, this is a beautiful color palette to try. The blush pink and peach tones of the ornaments are beautiful on an evergreen tree, and stunning on a flocked white tree.

Shabby Chic Christmas Palette
Victorian Christmas Decor Ideas
Pink and Blush Christmas Palette

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3. Gold and White Glam Christmas

Do you decorate your master bedroom at Christmas? This was a new concept for me when I first started blogging and running a social media platform on Pinterest and Instagram.

Frankly, as a blogger I decorate a ton more than I would if I were not providing inspiration for my loyal followers. I can accept that some rooms and spaces are a bit over the top.

Like, decorating your master bedroom. But, I will also say, that I absolutely loved having a tree, even a small one in my bedroom that year. I glammed it out with gold and white, and it became my most popular post on IG that year.

If I place one in my room this year, it will be a small, understated Christmas tree. Perhaps. Maybe. No promises.

Gold and White Christmas Palette
Glittery Christmas Decor

4. Magenta and Cheetah Dining Room

We may be taking artistic licenses when we describe Cheetah Print as a color. Are you okay with that? This was the absolute favorite dining room at Christmas time to date.

Colorful Christmas Palette Ideas
Magenta and Cheetah Print Christmas Decorating

5. Red Gold and Platinum

From my favorite dining room, to my favorite color scheme for the Christmas Fireplace.

This was last year’s mantel. I love red plaid at Christmas. I paired the red with the glamorous gold from the master bedroom Christmas tree of several years ago. If you’re wondering, the answer is a resounding YES!

I have all the Christmas décor separated in the basement storage area by color! Twenty-seven years of collecting Christmas ornaments and décor requires terrific organization.

Colorful Christmas Decor
Glamorous Christmas Palette

You can read all about the above pictured Christmas Mantel HERE.

6. Bright Pink and Blue Chinoiserie Christmas

One of my favorite design styles in Chinoiserie. It’s no secret! The bright colors that can be an element of Chinoiserie is likely what first attracts me, but the motifs keep me coming back.

This tree will forever be the first Pin I had to go viral. Boy, I wish I knew better how to monetize that event. Oh, well, we are learning lots now. The bright blue and lipstick pink will forever be a favorite color scheme for the Christmas entry tree.

Bright Pink and Blue Christmas Color Palette

7. Red and Blue Christmas

Red and Blue conjures up some ideas for me. Kansas Jayhawks love crimson and blue, Patriotic Celebrations usually incorporate red and blue, and I’m sure there are other red and blue celebrations as well.

But Red and Blue at Christmas is not the first place your mind goes, I’m guessing. But, when I found this little crimson tree someone had sent to the thrift store, I knew it would be beautiful in a blue and white happiness jar. You all thought so as well! Read all about it HERE.

Red an Blue Christmas Color Palette

8. THIS YEAR’s Family Room Color Scheme

I only mentioned sharing 7 Christmas Color Palettes in the title. So, I guess I should stop there.

But this year’s tree.


I will be posting it later in the week. So if you’re so inclined and curious to see what I think is the “prettiest” tree I’ve ever decorated be sure to subscribe to my blog in the box below.

Thank you for reading along!
Enjoy Today.

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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Merry and Bright Holiday Color Schemes
Christmas Color Combination Ideas

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