This post will present a Vintage Grandmillennial Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas.

Christmas Morning!

Family memories are created in lots of wonderful moments, but none are as vivid as what goes on on Christmas morning!

Do you have Christmas morning traditons?

We do.

When the kids were small, Tom the Great and I would wake them up so the could come down the stairs to see what Santa had left for them in the dark cover of Christmas Eve.

Our next order of business was getting the cinnamon roles in the oven.

This Christmas Season I decorated the kitchen and the table with a vintage flare.

I hopey you enjoy.

Vintage Grandmillennial Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Decor Elements to Create a Vintage Grandmillennial Christmas Kitchen

  • jadeite
  • santa mugs
  • quilted table round
  • poinsettia centerpiece
  • vintage decor pieces
  • antique tobacco ladder
  • milk glass cake stands
  • convert a tea cart or bar cart to a hot cocoa station
  • jadite colored Christmas Trees

Christmas Kitchen with Jadeite

We all know that M. S., the mogel, hoards loads of the vintage Jadeite. There was a time I thought she had purchased it all! But, we non mogels have managed to create small collections, comparitively speaking.

When you can find the authentic vintage pieces, usually produced by McKee, Fire King, or Jeannette you can expect to put the hurt on the wallet!

Lucky for the lover of the beautiful green dishware, Martha (the mogel), JoAnna (the other mogel), and Ree (the other other mogel) , Mosser, Cracker Barrel and others have re-created the stunning green colored dishware. The prices are reasonable and the color is almost identical to the vintage.

Personally, I would not turn away any of the milky green glass.

Mixing some of my favorite vintage dishware, I created a Christmas Kitchen that could have existed several decades ago.

Here I mixed traditional vintage jadeite milk glass bowls with vintage pink swirl milk glass.

Grandmillennial Christmas Kitchen with Vintage Santa Mugs

Santa mugs are a favorite during the holiday season. Whether you collect the vintage or have the newer and quite sought after Papa Noel or a hoard of other Santa mugs, none of us can resist that Santa grin.

Vintage Quilted Christmas Table Round

Is it a table round or tree skirt? My answer: it depends on where it is needed. This year, I layered the piece with a tablecloth. Works for me, what do you think?

Pink Poinsettia Centerpiece

This beautiful pink poinsettia was a gift from my equally beautiful sister-in-love, Pink Patty! I placed it in a soup tureen and atop my marble lazy susan and it is the perfect centerpiece for the vintage tablescape.

Vintage Brass and Ceramic Decor for the Kitchen Tablescape

I pulled out my vintage brass reindeer and sleigh, porcelain Santa face candle holders, vintage santa salt and pepper shakers and of course vintage style bottle brush trees to finish the Christmas Kitchen Tablescape.

Dress Up a Tobacco Ladder with Christmas Decor

My ladder is a tobacco drying ladder from my home town, but any type ladder can be used. Year round my ladder holds delicate vintage doiles, finger tip towels, table runners, and sometimes vintage aprons. I rotate my collection depending on what room in the house I’m using the ladder.

For the Christmas Season, I decorated the ladder with lights and ornaments.

Milk Glass Cake Stands Used to highlight Grandmillennial Kitchen Items

Two of my milk glass cake stands did double duty for the Christmas Kitchen. My green one was a lift for the extra Christmas dishes, and one of my white ones elevated a beautiful white Christmas candle!

Annalisa the beautiful gifted Tom the Great and I with the Rae Dunne Mr. and Mrs. Clause mugs several years ago.

Convert a Tea Cart or Bar Cart to a Hot Cocoa Station

My tea cart was rolled into the kitchen for Christmas to hold a hot cocoa set up! The King Lane Gang Ladies will be coming by next week to enjoy fellowship and hot cocoa!

Christmas Kitchen Jadeite Colored Tree

Ultimately, jadeite referes to that beautiful green color of the vintage and new dishware. So, I can unofficially say these are jadeite trees because they are almost translucent green just like the glass. If you wondering, these beauties were spotted at my local wally world.

Merry Christmas everyone! If hope you get lots of hot cocoa, cinnamon rolls, and fun fellowship with neighbors. You have time to make that happen!

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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