You may not have an entire weekend to devote to decorating your home for fall. But, I’ll bet you have the thirty minutes, or less, it will take and just 3 Steps to Organize Your China Cabinet for Fall. This is an easy DIY fall décor idea.

3 Steps to Organize Your China Cabinet for Fall
Organize Your China Cabinet for Fall

You will find lots of fall décor inspiration on my blog. Simply type fall in the search bar, or you can click on these links: 4 Elements to Create an Elegant Fall Centerpiece or Fall on the Front Porch or Budget Friendly Fall Centerpiece and Fall in the Master Bedroom

3 Steps to Organize Your China Cabinet for Fall

  1. Empty Your China Cabinet – it’s time for a purge
  2. After purging the items that don’t belong on display (no shame–we all do it), place one set of your china back into the cabinet, possibly mixing in pieces from two sets.
  3. Add a Few Pieces of Fall Decor

1. Empty Your China Cabinet before Styling it for Fall

You will want to empty your cabinet. Don’t panic, you will put most of your dishes back in place. Some of you may already have an uncluttered china cabinet. Good job! You will be able to skip this step, unless it all needs a quick dusting.

Clean, Organize and Decorate Your China Cabinet for Fall
Empty your China Cabinet of all the items that have been tucked in and don’t belong

2. Chose One China Pattern, Two at the Most, to Display in Your China Cabinet

Now, after finding an appropriate place for all those pieces that have cluttered your cabinet (again–we’re in a no shame zone), return only the china you want to feature. I find using only one set of china works best. The most you should put in the mix for display is two sets. I keep my antique ironstone in my cabinet year round, with a few pieces of my blue and white mixed in depending on the season.

Ironstone Displayed in China Cabinet
Place china collection back into your China Cabinet paying attention to balance
3 Steps to Organize and Decorate Your China Cabinet for Fall
Return your china to the china cabinet paying attention to balance

3. Mix Fall Décor Pieces with Your China to Create a Beautiful Fall China Cabinet

Mix in a few fall décor pieces. If you have any china that has the fall colors, you can add them, but only for the season. Remember to replace those with a few Christmas themed pieces in December.

3 Steps to Organize and Decorate Your China Cabinet for Fall
Add touches of Fall Decor to your China Cabinet

Collect these items for your Fall China Cabinet Makeover

  1. A couple of pumpkins – velvet, glass, straw, DIY, anything you have
  2. Dishes that follow your fall color scheme – brown, orange, green, your choice
  3. A fall floral pick – collect from your yard or purchase at craft store
  4. Fall Décor Item you already own as the focal point

It’s likely that you have all the items listed. You don’t have to run out and spend a ton of money on fall décor (save that for Christmas-hahaha). Always try thrift stores; just be picky!

1. Pumpkins for Fall Décor – Always

Pumpkins are a must for fall décor–I used one large buffalo checked pumpkin I picked up at Walmart last fall (Update: they have them again), and a couple of small pumpkins that are the same color. Place your pumpkin or a collection of small pumpkins front center.

3 Steps to Organize Your China Cabinet for Fall
Pumpkins and Fall Foliage added to China Cabinet for Fall Decor

2. Mix in Fall Colored China Plates

If you already own a few china pieces with fall color, why not add them to the mix for the season. I collect vintage plates, so it was easy to place a couple in with the Ironstone. (Replace those with Christmas themed plates when December rolls around.)

3 Steps to Organize Your China Cabinet for Fall
Fall colored plates mixed in the China Cabinet

3. Collect Fall Foliage from the Yard

Collect branches from the yard or purchase picks from your favorite craft store, and place them on top of your cabinet. Mix in other elements from a fall nature walk, like pine cones, or acorns, even leaves.

3 Steps to Organizing Your China Cabinet for Fall
Simple Fall Pick or Branches from your Yard

4. Select one Fall Décor Focal Piece

If you have a favorite fall décor item, like the ceramic squirrel pictured, nestle him in with the branches. I’m sure you have a squirrel, fox, or even another pumpkin that will work as the focal point on top of your cabinet.

Ceramic Squirrel surrounded by fall foliage
Ceramic Squirrel is the focal point of this fall decor

There you go! In less than 30 minutes, you have a de-cluttered China Cabinet ready for the Fall Season.

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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    Hi Lori!

    Oh my goodness I absolutely love this post! I love the suggestion of only using one set of china. I have the problem of using too many different patterns in my cabinet. Your photography is stunning! I love all of the colors that you use in your home…everything looks amazing together! The pumpkins look sweet in your cabinet!
    Love this post!

    Have a great day!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you lady! You are always a supportive, inspiring voice in this social media world! Enjoy your day!!

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