4 Items to Create an Elegant Fall Tablescape
Elegant Fall Tablescape with Vintage Silver

You will need just 4 Items to Create an Elegant Fall Decor Centerpiece. These easy to find items can combine for a charming fall centerpiece that will work for a dining table, entry table, or a coffee table. For the cost of a couple of small pumpkins and some grocery store flowers you will have a versatile DIY fall decor display. Many of the items in this fall decor arrangement can be thrifted or found for free on your morning walks this fall.

4 Items Create Stunning Fall Decor Centerpiece
Fall Foliage, White Pumpkins, Old Silver Gorgeous Centerpiece

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4 Items to Create an Elegant Fall Decor Centerpiece :

  1. vintage silver – candlesticks or goblets – I used both
  2. white pumpkins (any color will do)
  3. fall greens – picks, garland, leaves, limbs
  4. a couple of fresh flowers

1. Vintage Silver in Fall Decor

First, if you don’t have silver goblets, I can almost guarantee that you can pick some up for next to nothing at your nearest thrift store! And do you want to know a secret? In the current home decor environment, dingy, dinged up, slightly bent silver is perfectly acceptable. Now, if you have family heirloom silver, by all means clean that up and use it. Either is perfectly acceptable.

Vintage Silver in Fall Decor
Vintage Silver Goblet and Fall Foliage make a great Fall Centerpiece
Vintage Silver in Fall Decor
Polish Silver – Only if you want to!

But, what do you do with these vintage silver candlesticks, sugar bowls, and wine goblets? So glad you asked.

2. White Pumpkins for Charming Fall Decor Centerpiece

Sure, you can stick a beautiful taper candle in the mix, but you can also nestle in some cute white pumpkins. I see them all over the craft stores, but if you want real ones, they can be found for little money at the grocery store.

4 items create Easy Fall Centerpiece
Fall Centerpiece works for Dining Table, Entry Table or Coffee Table

3. Fall Foliage – Faux or From the Backyard

Once again, go faux or go on a walk through the neighborhood. Which do I like better, you ask? It really depends on how long I want the look to last. If it’s for a dinner party, I like to use real fall greens. If I’m using it in the entry for a client and want it to last for the season, I’d obvi want some good looking fall picks, or fall garland from one of my go to crafts stores.

4 items create a fall decor centerpiece
Vintage Silver and Fall Foliage combine with white pumpkins

4. Grocery Store Flowers – DIY Fall Decor Centerpiece

Of course, if you want a look that will last for the entire fall season, you can use silk flowers. As a matter of fact, I will use fresh flowers for photo shoots, and when I’m having guests, and replace them with faux when they give up the ghost.

4 items create a fall decor centerpiece
Grocery store flowers and fall foliage from the yard

The only question left for you to answer: To Polish or Not to Polish!!

Here are some similar items sourced for you:

Enjoy Today!
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Vintage Fall Centerpiece

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