This post will give you Five Quick Ways to Add Fall Decor to Your Kitchen.

Fall has arrived this year faster than almost any year I can remember.

We’re all wishing 2020 would just move along, in hopes that next year will be a little kinder to our world.

Let’s be careful not to wish away the blessings and beauty of a simple crisp fall day. Okay?


On to the decorating. EEEEK!

Velvet Pumpkins and Mercury Glass Pumpkins

This is the first year I’ve gotten to decorate the elegant white kitchen for Autumn and Fall season. (You can read all about the kitchen makeover HERE.) I’ve been enjoying a recent decor change in the kitchen that is all about pastel crystal and pottery. Most of the colored crystal was stored along with the pastel dishes.

I’ve written several fall decorating blogs through the years. Here’s a few of my favorites: Create an Easy Fall Tablescape DIY Fall Centerpiece Fresh New Fall Color Ideas for the Chinoiserie Home

A Photographic Tour from Past Fall Decorating Below

Blue and Burgundy Fall Table Setting
Fall DIY Centerpiece
Cheetah Print Chair and Buffalo Check Pumpkins

Fall Kitchen Decor – 2020

The vintage pastel crystal and pottery inspired the fall kitchen decor this year. The colors are so soothing.

I used the soft pastel shades of we see in nature in Autumn and Fall to echo the decor. This year I’m trying super hard to simplify the decor, adding just a touch of fall to the kitchen. Here’s where I added those touches.

Ideas for Fall Decorating

Five Quick Ways to Add Fall Decor to the Kitchen

  • kitchen towels
  • pumpkins – velvet and mercury glass
  • leaves and berries
  • fall scented candles
  • bountiful fall flower arrangement

Kitchen Towels are a Quick Way to Add Fall Decor to the Kitchen

Do you tend to hang onto those “well-used” kitchen towels just a little bit longer than you should?

I know I do!

Let’s contribute a few of those to the car washing/dog washing stack, and refresh with a couple of fun Autumn or Fall themed kitchen towels. You will thank me.

White Kitchen and Pastel Fall Decor

Elegant Velvet Pumpkins or Mercury Glass Pumpkins are a Quick Way to Add Fall Decor to the Kitchen

We’ve long established that I’ve never encountered a velvet pumkin that didn’t belong in my home. I have far too many, and even had a little garage sale this fall to part with some. They are so easy to tuck into a bowl, or on a cake plate, or if you’ve been collecting for years line a window box!

Pink Velvet Pumpkins
Pastel Mercury Glass Pumpkins

Add Fall in the Kitchen with Leaves and Berries

The soft cream color leaves were the choice for my kitchen table display. There have been years where I physically drug fallen branches home from my walk to create an elaborate fall display! I wish I had photos of my entry way one year! You had to wear goggles just to insure your eyes were protected! Go for it if that’s what you feel like. Here’s a dining room photograph from several years ago. I used leaves, berries, and pumpkins on the storage cabinet.

Fall Decorating for the Dining Room
2017 – Fall Dining Room Leaves and Berries

Light a Fall Scented Candle

Pumpkin spice, mulled cider, harvest spice anyone? The best part of this idea is you can enjoy all this deliciousness without ingesting one single calorie, cause we’re talking candles! A few years ago I discovered “falling leaves” from Bath and Body works. I pulled out my last one this fall, as I don’t think they make it any longer.

Velvet Pumpkins on Vintage White Milk Glass

Create a Fall Floral Arrangement

Although this sounds kind of hard, I’ll admit! I’ve got you covered! This was so simple to make, and I will walk you through exactly how I did it in under 10 minutes in a blog next week! So, if you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, I hope you will! There’s a side bar on my home page, or scroll to the bottom here, and fill out the information there.

Pastel Fall Decor

You can Shop These and Similar Fall Decor Ideas by clicking: HERE.

I sure hope you found something helpful. You can pick you’re favorite idea, or do them all. We’re all grown ups!!

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

Velvet Pumpkins and Leaves Make Beautiful Fall Centerpiece
Fall Decor in the Kitchen

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    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Maria! I enjoy the oranges, browns, and mosses as well, they just don’t really work with the colors in my home. I’m so glad we have options!

  1. Reply

    I really enjoy seeing how you guys over there decorate for fall. Everything looks so pretty. In Australia we don’t celebrate fall, and for some reason we don’t even have fall. lol It must be something just for the US.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Sara. I’ve never met a room that I couldn’t splash a little seasonal decor into! Enjoy Today!

  2. acraftymix


    I know I keep on saying this but you have such a lovely way of decorating Lori, it’s so ladylike and gracious. Mine is all chaotic madness with a hint of dust and paw prints πŸ˜€ Thanks for the Fall decorating ideas. I think I may just go for a walk and haul a few foraged bits home with me.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      That’s the way to do it Michelle! There have been many years that I bring in acorns and hedge apples!!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you Meegan. You just never know! Sometimes new soap, dish towel, or candle is just the spark!!

  3. Reply

    Lori, beautiful ideas for fall. I love colors of the flower arrangements and the delightful pumpkin pillows. Thank you for reminding me to decorate for fallπŸ’™

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Deana! I’m always ready to decorate for any and all seasons! Enjoy Today.

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  6. Reply

    Sooo pretty, all of your ideas for fall decorating!!! I pulled my faux pumpkins out a week or so ago and up they went ~ on the mantel and around our living room. <3 Love fall decor!

    Thanks for sharing all these ideas,
    Barb πŸ™‚

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Barb. I’m always excited to add seasonal decor. It helps so when we’re at home so much of the time.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you so much, Marty. We are really enjoying the makeover we completed on the kitchen last December.

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