This post will detail how to make a Simple and Sweet Wildflower Summer Bouquet – No Cost Flower Arrangement.

Do you love free, simple, wildflower arrangements?

Me too!

Easy and Free Summer Centerpiece

Are you doing your best to social distance and limit trips to essentials?

Me to.

So, I put together some fun summer flower arrangements that you can create without entering a single store!

Country Tablescape with Wildflower Centerpiece

Past Flower Arrangement Posts

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Tennessee Backroads Wildflowers

Recently, I went home to Tennessee to visit my family. If you’ve wondered what puts the southern in Southern Nell, well, now you know.

Elegant Hydrangea Centerpiece
Rhapsody Blue Hydrangea as Focal Flower

There’s not much I find as beautiful as a simple, scenic, Tennessee backroad. Lucky me! Directly behind my Mom and Dad’s place, runs a somewhat less traveled backroad filled with Tennessee’s natural beauty.

Simple and Sweet Wildflower Summer Bouquet – No Cost Flower Arrangement

You can create a beautiful floral centerpiece, almost as gorgeous as one you’d purchase at the florist, and never leave your home, or at least never leave your neighborhood, and you won’t have to spend a penny.

Tennessee Wildflower Centerpiece

Then, by clipping a couple of focal flowers from your yard (or your Mom’s yard) you’ll have a proper flower arrangement to enjoy several days without visiting a single store.

Elegant Summer Flower Arrangement

List of Wildflowers for the Bouquets

Here are the exact wildflowers and greens as I found them. They were growing wild on the side of the road. I admired them as I jogged past, and two days later, I took my camera and scissors to create this post.

  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Autumn Olive Bush
  • Bitter Sneezeweed
  • Prairie Fleabane
Queen Ann's Lace in the Field
Queen Ann’s Lace
Wild Bush Creates Beautiful Centerpiece Filler
Autumn Olive Bush/Japanese Silver Berry
Bitter Sneezeweed in Field - for Wildflower Bouquet
Bitter Sneezeweed
Prairie Fleabane in Field for Beautiful Flower Arrangement
Prairie Fleabane

Focal Flowers for This Summer Centerpiece

The wildflowers make really sweet arrangements by themselves. Still, you can bump up the wow factor with a few focal flowers. I added my Mom’s prize “Let’s Dance Blue Danube Hydrangeas”, and the Rose of Sharon my Dad rescued from a work site decades ago. That’s when the magic happens.

The Focal Flowers of Summer

  • Hydrangea
  • Rose of Sharon
Let’s Dance Rhapsody Blue Hydangea Bush
Rose of Sharon in Summer Centerpiece
Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon mixed into Summer Flower Arrangement
Rose of Sharon Bush

The blog I linked here, uses three hydrangeas to create a simple arrangement. This arrangement is a little more involved showcasing focal flowers, secondary flowers, and filler flowers and greenery.

Rose of Sharon and Blue Hydrangea Flower Arrangement Guide

Steps to Creating an Elegant Summer Arrangement:

  • Collect the tools you’ll need: Scissors, Container/Vase, Water, and Flowers
  •  Remove the leaves that would be submerged in the water
  • Fill your vase at least 1/2 full of water. In my arrangement, I used three smaller vases inside the large soup tureen.
  • Add the focal flowers, odd numbers work best. Be sure they are spread out. Mom’s gorgeous blue/purple hydrangea were perfect for the job. Cut the stems at a diagonal to support ability to soak up water, and vary the heights. Generally, the flowers should be around one and one half the height of the container.
  • Criss-crossing the stems will help create a base that will help support the additional flowers
  • Add the smaller flowers following the shape you created with the focal flowers
  • Filler flowers or greenery will help fill any empty areas you see in the bouquet

Creating a Wildflower Arrangement – Photo Tour

I chose to build the larger summer flower arrangement in a soup tureen I gifted my Mom over 25 years ago. To help corral the flowers I placed three smaller jars inside.

Mason Jar used for Centerpeice
Small Jars Inside a Large Floral Container
Elegant Hydrangea Summer Centerpeice
Add Focal Summer Flowers
Hydrangea and Queen Ann's Lace Summer Centerpeice
Add Secondary Flowers
Guide to Summer Flower Arrangement
Wildflower Filler Flowers
Elegant Summer Flower Centerpiece
Summer Bouquet

Strawberries are always a great idea for a summer tablescape, but more importantly for a delicious summer treat!

Simple Summer Table Setting
Fresh Strawberries for Summer Tablescape
Elegant Summer Flower Arrangement

The only thing better than these beautiful flowers is visiting all my family…oh, and eating Ma’s cooking….., oh, and solving all the world’s problems with Daddy, ….oh, and long walks with my sister…oh, and dodging the devil horse in the pasture, oh, and……

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

P.S. I sure missed seeing my brother and his family this trip. They are battling Covid-19. Next time Vanatta Family!

Wild Daisies Make Elegant Summer Flower Arrangement

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I sourced some of Mom’s Dishes for you. She loves the Pioneer Woman. You can see some of the dishes on the hutch in the background. The beautiful scalloped china was purchased on a Gatlinburg trip years ago. I tried to find it, but it’s no longer available. I’ve sourced some similar looks.

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  1. acraftymix


    I love carefree, natural flower arrangements like yours Lori. It’s closer to how Mother Nature would do it and the most beautiful way to showcase all her prettiness. Thanks so much for the tip about adding smaller jars inside a bigger piece. That’s going to help alot

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      So glad you found it helpful, Michelle. Queen Ann’s Lace has always been such a delicate beautiful flower!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Sara. I love using different containers as vases.

  2. Reply

    Lori, this my kind of flower arrangement. I love wild flowers and what some call weeds in arrangements. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Deana. My mom seems to have the green thumb with them.

  3. Reply

    Such pretty arrangements! Pinned a bunch because I am a floral arrangement nut even if I don’t put together too many myself, I sure appreciate them. <3

    Happy arranging as we go into fall,
    Barb 🙂

  4. Reply

    Such lovely flowers and a beautiful arrangement! I live in Tennessee and now I want to take a walk down some backroads to make one too! Glad you got to visit with your parents and enjoy your mom’s cooking.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you! I was raised in middle Tennessee about 20 minutes East of Nashville. My family still lives there, and I love visiting.

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