This post explains the steps for creating a DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful flower garden? And there’s something so sweet about a birdbath, right? In this post I’m going to walk through a fun combination of the two. You’ve seen them before, and thought you might like to try it. You’re in luck! This novice gardner is going to complete a DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden Project with you.

DIY Succulent Birdbath with Green Succulents in Rock Garden

You can view a Master’s Garden in a post I wrote several years ago here: Strolling Through a Master Gardner’s Yard.

Supply List for a DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden

  1. Birdbath
  2. River Rock
  3. Cactus Palm and Citrus Potting Soil Mix
  4. Various Succulents

Any size birdbath will work for this project. This concrete birdbath with the scalloped edge was listed on a local marketplace, and was a great size for the space I had in mind.

Steps for Creating Your DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden

  • level the birdbath
  • place a layer of rock
  • pour in potting soil
  • create a center mound
  • place succulents
  • scatter rocks along the exposed top soil

Level the Birdbath

Be sure to level the birdbath first thing. You can place a level across the top to make sure you’re ready to begin.

Stone Birdbath in Rock Garden

Place a Layer or Rock

A layer of rock along the bottom of the birdbath will help with drainage. Almost all birdbaths are designed to hold water for the birds. For this decorative garden birdbath, you need a layer of rock to keep the plants from sitting in water after a rain.

Pour In Succulent Potting Soil

I used Miracle Grow Cactus Palm Potting Soil. It’s created with a mix that works great for succulents. I pour the first layer of soil in with care not to disturbe the single layer of drainage rock.

Create a Center Mound

With your hands, create a mound in the center of the birdbath. This will provide a beautiful feature height for your thriller succulent.

DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden with Hands Mounding Dirt

Place the Remaining Succulents

You can place several succulents around the focal plant leaving room for growth. Don’t forget to add a few spiller (trailing) succulents around the edge for a beautiful feature.

DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden with Trailing Greens

Scatter Rocks Along the Exposed Topsoil

To help prevent soil loss, you can gently add river rock atop the exposed topsoil. I love the way it finishes the project.

DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden

This is such a simple project, and one I couldn’t wait to share. I hope you will give it a try.

DIY Succulent Birdbath Garden

DIY Succulent Birdbath with Green Succulents in Rock Garden

If you can’t get to the gardens here’s sources for shopping online for these items:

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

Mound Dirt in a Birdbath to Create  a Focal Point
Concrete Birdbath filled with Succulents

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  1. Reply

    You did a beautiful job! I love the tutorial and the various plants that you chose.
    It is going to last for years to come. Thanks for inspiring me to put something similar on my apartment back porch.

  2. Southern Nell Gracious Living


    Thank you, Meegan. They are the easiest plant to keep up. Glad you enjoyed it and good luck!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Happy Day! You really should give it a try. So glad you found it inspirational, Deborah.

  3. acraftymix


    Toooooo beautiful Lori. We have a huge collection of succulents and I’m always looking for new ways to show case them.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you. I’m sure you can create something spectacular!

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