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There is a Master Bedroom in my home that wants to be with the “cool kids”. It’s not a big mess, or unappealing design at all. It just wants to be “one of the gang”. So, I’m joining Better Homes and Gardens — One Room Challenge, AGAIN! I invite you all to come along on this Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Makeover.

Better Homes and Gardens is back this spring inticing us bloggers to commit our makeovers to a set schedule. Tom the Great said “Go For It”, so we will slide under the closing backdoor slightly ahead of the deadline, and join the One Room Challenge for another go round.

If you found me through the one room challenge link, I’m Lori Nell, of Southern Nell’s Gracious Living, a DIY and Home Decor Blogger, and I dabble in fashion, gardening, and simple recipe cooking. I’m the designer, styler, photographer, editor, sound girl, lighting consultant, and gopher. Therefore, all things have to be taken with a grain of salt and pinch of sugar. It must be fun and I acknowledge and embrace my amateur status. (I’m resigned to the fact that an animal will skinny it’s way into any shot I’m setting up.)

DIY projects and Home Styling are my very favorite. Most of my home is a bright colorful blend of Chinoiserie, Palm Beach, Hollywood Regency, and a huge dose of Old South. I call it “Chinosoutherie”. Last fall I joined the ORC fun with this makeover: One Room Challenge:DIY – Small Bathroom Makeover. The bathroom is a fun mix of all the styles.

DIY Bathroom Makeover Decor Items
DIY – ORC – Mood Board

You can check out my Spring Home Tour to a clearer picture of where the Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Makeover is headed.

Spring Home Decor

The One Room Challenge Schedule:

The Spring One Room Challenge™ Southern Nell’s Posting Schedule

  • Week 1 – May 8 – Introductions – It’s the Master Bedroom
  • Week 2 – May 14 – Color Story
  • Week 3 – May 21 – Walls & Ceiling
  • Week 4 – May 28 – Furniture
  • Week 5 – June 4 – Window Treatments & Lighting
  • Week 6 – June 11 – Art
  • Week 7 – June 18 – Decor
  • Week 8 – June 25 – Final Reveal
  • DISCLAIMER: Once again this spring, the dates are firm, my intentions for what will be disclosed at said date are subject to change as I am Southern Woman with Prerogatives.

Master Bedroom – Before

Here’s a post of the Master Bedroom from a few years back, so you have an idea where we are starting: Master Bedroom Makeover – 2016 – Dressed for Fall

I have to laugh, because except for the headboard, and the dressing table this room has seen the always present Southern Nell switch-a-roo. The etagere and the bergere are in the office. The chairs at the foot of the bed have been sold. I gave Mom the pillows. We had to wash one panel of the silk drapes (’cause – Mr. Bug–the Kitty-we will keep no secrets from you). That was a big mistake as it shrunk, but had to be done.

The headboard, dressing table, and most likely the dresser will stay and receive an updating, refreshing, and fun splashing of color. Be sure to check back next week, for decisions on the color palette.

Follow along on My Instagram, where I will be posting video of the progress, My Pinterest where the best of the best photographs will be stuck, and My Facebook Business Page for even more fun.

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

You can skip to The REVEAL post HERE.

Check out the All the Participants of the ORC. The talent will be free flowing for sure. ORC Media Sponsor:  Better Homes and Gardens

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