Week Three

This post contains updates to the Chinoiserie Master Bedroom – Paint and Wallpaper Edition.

You can review where the fun began here:

Week One Week Two

Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Makeover – Paint and Wallpaper Edition

This. Is. So. Much. Fun. (Except the few moments where the “challenge” portion of the project try to frustrate me.)

Blue and White Chinoiserie Wallpaper for Master Bedroom Makeover

We are on track, thanks in large part to my very on master wallpaper hanger, Tom the Great!

Chinoiserie Style Wallpaper

Here’s a quick reminder of the weekly tasks.

My Very Flexible Task List for the Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Makeover

  • Week 1 – May 8 – Introductions – It’s the Master Bedroom
  • Week 2 – May 14 – Color Story
  • Week 3 – May 21 – Walls & Ceiling
  • Week 4 – May 28 – Furniture
  • Week 5 – June 4 – Window Treatments & Lighting
  • Week 6 – June 11 – Art
  • Week 7 – June 18 – Decor
  • Week 8 – June 25 – Final Reveal
  • DISCLAIMER: Once again this spring, the dates are firm, my intentions for what will be disclosed at said date are subject to change as I am Southern Woman with Prerogatives.

The Wallpaper

We really thought TtGreat would simply help me get started making sure the first piece hung was plumb. However, it was quickly apparent that I would be first assistant in this job, keeping tools ready, and providing encouraging words here and there. (I know my strengths and weaknesses. We would have a painted version of this feature wall, if it had been left to me, with several pieces of wallpaper ripped to shreds!)

Bamboo Trellis Wallpaper

There are numerous videos out there for how to hang wallpaper, so I won’t recreate that wheel. Instead I’ll share the incredible find that took place with the wallpaper. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the two wallpapers I found online and wanted to use on the feature wall. Here are the papers:


Right before “the quarantine” started several weeks ago, I found a newly opend 20,000 sq/ft Antique Mall fairly close by. As soon as the social distancing, mask wearing, rules allowed, I returned to that mall in search of vintage lamps for bedside. A booth drew me in to get a closer look at a bedtray. Right below on the floor, were these 4 double rolls of “Schumacher” bamboo trellis wallpaper.

Blue and White Schumacher Wallpaper

Although not the exact print or color that I had been eyeing for purchase, this was so close (and maybe even better for my room). Schumacher is a historied New York Design & Textile company with exquisite high end products. Thus, I knew it would be quality paper. I checked and the rolls were unopened. JACKPOT!!

Blue and White Chinoiserie Wallpaper and Vintage Bonsai Tree

The match is made in heaven, as when I starting reading more about the company, I discovered that one of their designers, Hobe Erwin, designed a line that was used to decorate the set for, wait for it, Gone with the Wind in 1939 (the year of My SWEET Daddy’s birth). It’s all just so perfect!

My Scarlet Barbies, I have 3, Are Always Displayed

By the way, I provide a video journal of the daily escapades on my Instagram. Periodically, I save them in the Story Highlights Section which can be found on my Instagram Profile Page, HERE.

The Paint

Painting the Tray Ceiling

Oh, my aching neck! Have you ever painted a ceiling, with a roller? The professionals bring in a spray gun, and boda bing boda bang–DONE! We DIYers use a paint roller, and a lot of muscle. Dreams of a future massage appointment are keeping me going.

Painting Tray Ceiling - DIY

No less than 3 trips to the paint store, and I have a beautiful accent color for the ceiling. (All that fun was recorded for posterity on My Instagram Stories as well. They too will be found in Story Highlights, HERE.

Master Bedroom Makeover – Truth

However, the same color applied to the small tray wall looks completely different when it’s applied to the ceiling. It is several shades darker.

Paint Color Tests for Ceiling
The Three Ceiling Colors We Tried

You can barely see the third choice. It is top middle. It reads so dark on the ceiling.

That’s when I decided to prime the ceiling with white paint, in hopes that it would help lighten the look. After applying the white primer, Tom the Great commented about how good it looked white and I agree. I’d like to say it was part of my brilliant design plan, but I stumbled into it. TRUTH.

Painting the Tray Ceiling in the Master Bedroom Makeover

So, it will be staying white, with a little surprise detail we will save for the final reveal.

Blue and White Chinoiserie Wallpaper and Ceiling Paint

It is hard to contain my excitment. It’s good to enjoy the rooms where you live!

Sweet Peek at Master Bedroom Accessories

The reveal day for accessories is not on the schedule until June. But, here’s a sweet peek at a couple of fun decor items. The antique ceramic lipstick holder in the form of the cutest white toy poodle has been mine for years. Those are not lipsticks she’s holding. That’s a bit of what’s coming your way in Week Five.

Vintage Poodle Home Decor

Now, the vintage jade cherry blossom bonsai tree was a find at my new favorite antique mall, a great piece of vintage for this Chinoiserie Bedroom.

Asian Bonsai Tree - Perfect Accessory for Chinoiserie Master Makeover

You find these gems one at a time. I’ve sourced a couple of the exact ones I own, along with several similar ones.

Next Weeks Tasks – Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Makeover

The furniture is next on the task list. As I revealed in week one, the headboard, chaise lounge, and possibly the vintage dressing table will be staying in the room. They will, however, get a fresh look. The extremely rough sample paint board below reveals the contenders. You are more than welcome to weigh in with a vote in the comments below.

Chinosierie Master Bedroom Makeover

Finally, the French Provincial furniture of my former master bedroom is still sought after. I was a busy bee this last weekend, selling furniture on FB marketplace.

Bedside tables, dresser, and a fun surprise element are waiting to take their places in the room once I’ve completed all painting.

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

Don’t forget to check out all the inspiration provided at by the One Room Challenge. Next week, I’ll share a few of my favorite participants from this ORC go round.

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You can skip to THE REVEAL post HERE.


Blue Trellis Wallpaper Feature Wall

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