It’s A Colorful Life Spring Home Tour – 2020

This post contains Spring Decor Ideas for the Southern Chinoiserie Home. Today we will review DIY projects and tons of other simple tips that will help bring spring’s cheerful vibe into your home.

Spring Decor and Faux Flowers

[Currently, our world is being held hostage by Covid-19. My hope and prayer is that both during and following this life-taking, life-threatening health crisis, we will move forward with the strengths revealed and heart aches survived to create a thriving more thoughtful, caring future for ourselves and the world around us. For today, may you find here a momentary escape from the enemies efforts to steal your hope, and entangle you with crippling fear.]

Fling open those windows my southern loving friends, we’ve made it Spring. I know this for certain, as my prized Sherbert Peonies are now knee high and laden with blooms waiting to enchant. Meanwhile, we have an amazing line up of colorful bloggers to inspire you with their tips and tricks for decorating your homes for Spring.

Spring Flowers on Chinoiserie Turquoise Desk

These two color loving bloggers, Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles and Jewel of Jeweled Interiors are the hosts for this 2020 Spring Blog Hop. If you are coming over from Peonies on Pleasant welcome. I do love peonies and pleasant people are my very favorite.

Woman with pink scarf

I’m Lori Nell of Southern Nells Gracious Living. You will find a daily dose of inspirational home, fashion and faith on my social media platforms. I welcome you to any or all: My Instagram, My Facebook, My Pinterest . I’m also on the LiketoKNowit free app. You’ll find me there under influencer: Southern Nell

You can read more about me here. But, as far as my decorating style, here’s what you will discover:

Southern Nell’s Gracious Living – My Design Style

  1. I’m a southern girl at heart, born and raised in the great state of Tennessee and it shows in my home and my personal style. However, there is no southern drawl or use of southern slang on the blog, boy howdy.
  2. I adore color…..all the colors.
  3. At my home, if it’s not nailed down, it’s likely to be sucked into the never ending decorating tornado that swirls around on the daily.
  4. I’ve blended Chinoiserie and Southern Charm into a style I cheerfully call “Chinosoutherie”.

You could take a peek here: Chinoiserie Inspired Room Makeover to see the results of a good tornadic swirl.

Spring Decor Ideas for the Southern Chinoiserie Home

  1. Faux Flowers
  2. Add a Light, Airy Focal Point
  3. Change out the Throw Pillows

First: Add Faux Flowers to Chinoiserie Jars

Wow! There has been tremendous strides in the faux flower market. Don’t get me wrong, I will still pick up a bunch of grocery store flowers on ocassion, but you’d spend a fortune getting and maintaining this look with fresh flowers.

Colorful Entry with Turquoise Desk and Faux Flowers

This is my parlor (I may be transplanted to the beautiful state of Kansas, but I can still have a parlor if I want; some folks call it the entryway. The footprint is small, but the ceiilngs soar to two and a half stories.

Blue and White Chinoiserie fishbowl with pink flowers

The Chinoiserie inspired turquoise desk is a favorite spot to add seasonal touches. The desk is a DIY we walked through on My Instagram account several moons ago.

Chinoiserie Chic Spring Decor

[BTW: The front door pictured above is a DIY from a few summer back, a real labor of love (and a few gallons of summer sweat). You can read about it here: Refinish a Vintage Front Door.]

Here’s several of my favorite faux flowers that would create this look for Spring. If I found my exact flowers for you they are labeled.

Vintage Ginger Jars and Tobacco Leaf – Southern Nell Favs

The ginger jars, and tobacco leaf jars made perfect containers for the faux flowers. The blue and white were previously scattered around the house by the decorating tornado, but I love the impact they make when displayed together. (The tornado made a round just after this photo was taken a few weeks ago. The chinoiserie happiness jars have been relocated to the living room, for now, the time being, presently, at this moment.)

Chinoiserie Ginger Jar with Peonies
Spring Home Decor

I’ve had the colorful painting hanging above the desk for a couple of years. It is simple, cheery, and has all the colors.

Spring Decor Ideas for the Southern Chinoiserie Home

Most of my jars have been curated over time and are vintage. Tobacco leaf is extraordinarily hard to find. Here are similar jars, they won’t last. I’ve also sourced some new jars for the look.

Second: Choose a Light and Airy Spring Decor Focal Point

In the open floor plan the living room is to the right as you walk into the “parlor” from the front door. The raspberry pinks, blues, and turquoise live in the room year round.

Vintage Swan Coffee Table and Chinoiserie Accessories

This diafphanous, silk, white-leafed, ficus tree was the main addition to my home for Spring 2020. When I saw it in a HomeGoods back in January , I think I had a case of the vapors. The heart loves what the heart loves, and mine skipped a few beats at the gossamer angel-wing like leaves on this faux tree. I knew, immediately, what I wanted to do with it.

Faux White Tree in Chinosierie Fishbowl with Colorful Throw Pillow

It is centered on the Vintage Swan Cocktail Table, I rescued last year. You can read all about that DIY HERE.

Spring Faux Flowers in Chinoiserie Fishbowl

Artificial plants can be a little tricky. If you don’t choose the right ones, they can look dated and stuffy. I’ve linked similar white trees and ones that I believe would be the show stoppers you would enjoy in your homes.

The tree is “planted” in my vintage oriental blue and white fish bowl, and underplanted with more faux flowers and a large white quartz stone.

Faux Flowers in Chinoiserie Fishbowl

A seperate DIY blog post with a step by step guide on how I put this focal piece together will be up later this Spring. Sign up for my email alerts and you won’t miss out.

Spring Decor Ideas - Peonies in a Chinoiserie Container

My exact fish bowl is vintage, but I sourced similar ones for you. The flowers are sourced above.

FYI: My fish bowl is 12 inches tall and 16 wide. The tree is about 4 ft tall.

Change Out a Few Throw Pillows for Spring

The linen closet in our home is stocked with throw pillow covers. Rotating them during the seasons makes me happy. The white pillows are new this year. They are very inexpensive; I found them at a craft store.

Pink Blue and White Spring Home Tour

The bamboo trellis is perfect for this Chinoiserie, I mean Chinosoutherie, Home. These blog posts: 5 Steps to Customize Drapes and Custom Drapery Hack will guide you through customizing drapes for your home. I have another blog coming soon. Surprise, I did a tornadic swirl with the drapes in the family room and living room just recentlly.

Spring Pink Pillows with Pink Girl Statue

Because they are in the living room, they will only be used by Mr. Bug. He’s the smallest in the Rowe house, and the undisputed boss. I’m sure they will hold up just fine for him. (His Royal Highness, Mr. Bug, is not currently receiving visitors.)

Spring Home Tour with Pink Peonies and Colorful Spring Pillow

Throw Pillows

Here are few pillow I sourced for you, including a variety of price points. I do love supporting small businesses for these items, and sourced some of the ones I’ve worked with in the past. The bamboo trellis pillows were found at Hobby Lobby. I wish I could link those for you, but they don’t allow it.

A Closer Look at the Spring Living Room

Bright color is necessary year round at my home, so there wasn’t a lot of work to getting ready for Spring 2020. Take a look.

Spring Flower and Candle with Woman Statue
Bright blue side table with Chinoiserie Lamp
Spring Home Tour - Fushia Throw
Chinoiserie Home Decor Blue and White
Blue and White asian container with purple flower

I hope you enjoyed the Spring Decor Ideas for the Southern Chinoiserie Home. Be sure to check back later this week, I’ll be posting the rest of my Spring Home Tour. You can sign up below to be added to an e-mail alert that goes out when I post.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the beautiful posts of the all the It’s a Colorful Life – Spring 2020 bloggers. Up next is Carly Bethany, I’m headed that way! Be ready to be dazzled.

It’s A Colorful Life Tour- Spring 2020

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Tuesday:Kate Decorates  ||  Peonies on Pleasant  ||  Southern Nell’s Gracious Living  ||  Carla Bethany  ||  The Heathered Nest

Wednesday:Pender and Peony  ||  Rain on a Tin Roof  ||  Diana Rose Spier  ||  Southern Hospitality

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

You Can Shop My Spring Home Living Room and Entry Here

Elegant and Colorful Southern Chinoiserie Chic Entry Way

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