I’ve sewn several sets of drapery for my home. Just so we’re clear, I’m not a “real” seamstress. I can sew a straight line, and that skill has permitted me to make changes to my window treatments through the years. When you get the itch to switch your décor as often as I do, unless your independently wealthy, you employ tactics that will enable you to make changes on a budget.  When I’m saving a small fortune by  doing the sewing myself, I can splurge on fabulous upholstery grade fabric, of course at an equally fabulous sale price.

After unsuccessfully investing far too much time this spring searching for the perfect creamy white velvet fabric for the living room window, and not really being all that excited about breaking  out the sewing machine, I decided I could gussy-up a pair of ready-made drapes to scratch that itch (so to speak).  I found a great pair in the exact color I wanted in a microfiber fabric at HomeGoods. Thoughts on how I would customize started dancing in my mind right off the bat. Here’s how they turned out.

How to Make Ready Made Drapes Look Custom

Living Room Drapes

To get the full look, I used two panels on each side of the picture window.

How to Customize Ready Made Drapes

Add Trim to Customize Ready Made Drapes

Customize Ready Made Drapery

After searching local fabric stores for the trim I had in mind, only to strike out, I found a company on-line and took the risk that the 5 inch fringe I found would be good quality. It did not disappoint me at all. The search for the ribbon was equally time-consuming, but I did finally find the width and color I was looking for at Hobby Lobby. I love the white thread running along both edges. I think it gives the ribbon a custom look.

 DIY Ideas to customize Ready Made Drapes

Add interesting trim to customize ready made drapes

Still refusing to drag out the sewing machine, I meticulously hot glued both the trim and the ribbon.

Mid-Century Furniture Made New

The colorful button like features at the top, I added as well.

2018 DIY Living Room Drapery Ideas2018 DIY Living Room Drapery

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I searched for large colorful buttons through several stores and for several weeks. Alas! While strolling through Hobby Lobby (I really should work for those folks), I came across the perfectly sized item in an interesting material on an unlikely aisle.

2018 Capiz Shells Customize Living Room Drapery

Yep! That’s a wind chime with the most lovely Capiz shell disks! Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! They’re perfect!

How to Make Custom Look Drapery

I’m enjoying how the light flows through the fabric.

Custom Look Drapes on a Budget2018 Mixing Traditional Styles of Today with Mid-Century Furniture

Of course, now there’s the issue of the adjoining dining room window. Oh, the life and mind of a home decor blogger. But first, I spy my favorite summer spot right outside that window. I think I’ll do a little swingin’ before I start that next project.   You can read about this early summer DIY here. I’ll be back directly!

Boho Swing

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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