This post contains information about a Cheap DIY Gold and Marble Shelf Makeover.

I live for a budget-friendly makeover! Now, I recognize there’s a slew of you who would rather be eaten alive by a flesh-eating parasite than to do anything DIYish! If you want a brass and marble shelf, like I have pictured below, you will gladly go out and purchase it, or buy it online.

But, if you’re like me (still paying for the offspring’s college tuition), and see something like this STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL etagere for $$$, and don’t want to make that kind of investment, you might want to see how I DIY (d) something similar.


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Cheap DIY Gold and Marble Shelf Makeover

Supply List
  • thrifted shelf unit
  • gold spray paint
  • marble or marble look tile

How to Create a Marble and Brass (LOOK) Shelf for $45.

  1. Find the thrifted shelf unit you want to update
  2. Purchase a good spray paint
  3. Cut (or have the store cut) marble or marble look porcelain to fit your shelves
  4. Install the shelves
  5. Add Gold Paint to Edges if they are visible

Thrifted Brass and Glass Shelf Unit

A few years back, when I had a booth at an antique shop, I purchased this brass and glass shelf unit for displaying dishes from a thrift store.

DIY Brass and Glass Shelf Ideas
Shelf Unit Before Photo

The piece had seen better day. The finish on the metal was pitted and scratched, and the glass shelves were dangerously thin.

Shelf Unit Before Photo

Gold Finish Spray Paint

This piece was not solid brass, it was metal with a brass like finish. (If you were to find vintage solid brass piece, and I’m not sure that even exists, but if you found one, I’d try to polish it, not paint it.)

So, I shopped for gold spray paint. The current finish is a shiny brass, and there are spray paints that would give that look. I wanted something closer to brass and decided on Krylon hammered gold spray paint. You will want to follow the directions on the spray can for application and ventilation.

Select and Cut Marble or Porcelain Tiles to Fit

You may be surprised and please to learn that both the big box home improvement stores will make a few cuts for you for free when you purchase tiles from them. That’s a game changer when you don’t own tile cutting machinery. These 4 custom-cut pieces of marble-look porcelain tile gave me the look I was after.

Porcelain Tile Makeover Hack

Install (or place) the Tiles on the Shelf

Too call this an tile installation is laughable. If you’ve measure correctly, yo just place the tile on the supports that are on your thrifted unit. It really is that simple.

Marble Look Porcelain on Bookshelf Makeover

Add Gold Paint to Edges

Due to the design of my thrifted shelf unit, once the porcelain tiles were placed, the edges were exposed (see photo below).This problem was solved with the ever useful Rub n Buff in antique gold.

VIntage Etagere Makeover
The Unfinished Edge of the Porcelain Tile

For about $45 and part of an afternoon, I created a piece for my office that works as a great display piece for my treasured French items and magazines!

Vintage Brass Bookcase Upcyle
Thrifted Shelf Unit – After

UPDATE: The Thrifted Shelf Unit is currently holding meticulously rolled towels in the master bathroom. I LOVE a versatile piece of furniture, don’t you? And, the paint and marble look tile are both performing like true champs!

Vintage Shelf Makeover – Before

Enjoy Today!
Love, yall

Lori Nell

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