I live for a budget-friendly makeover! Now, I recognize there’s a slew of you who would rather be eaten alive by a flesh-eating parasite than to do anything DIYish! You will gladly go to Nell Hill’s and purchase this STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL etagere for $$$, and never blink an eye (I can’t say I blame you).


But, this post is for those of you who are still paying those college educations off, either for yourself or your child(ren). You were likely at the Nell Hill’s annual tent sale with the thousands of others (myself in that number), hoping to snag something you badly need for a bargain! (By the way, I took a selfie with Mary Carol (Miss Nell Hill herself)! I’ve loved her along with most of Kansas and Missouri for a long time. Her beautiful store is matched only by her graciousness!

mary carol selfie

Clearly, I need tremendous work on my selfie taking skills! However, her grace is abundantly clear, even with my short comings!

Back to the DIY! When I saw the gorgeous piece in her shop, I thought instantly of a brass and glass piece I had used in my antique booth. Nothing fancy, just a piece to showcase items for sale.

DIY Brass and Glass Shelf Ideas

The piece had seen her better days, as you can see below! Her coat was pitted and scratched, and the glass shelves were dangerously thin.


I went to work with just a couple of tools, Krylon hammered gold spray paint and 4 custom-cut pieces of marble-look porcelain tiles.



And for $45 and part of an afternoon, I created a piece for my office that works as a great display piece for my treasured French items and magazines! You can see more of the French Office Re-do here.  

Budget-Friendly Shelf Re-Do

Oh yeah! I did have to put some gold paint on the edges of the tile. You can see the edges in the pictures below. It’s a detail some DIYers wouldn’t feel necessary, but I believe it gives a more finished look than the raw-edged tile. I used Rub n Buff in antique gold.

Gold and Marble Shelf Unit

French Decor

And yes, I do let Scarlet take center stage on occasion!

DIY Marble and Gold Shelving Makeover

How to Achieve an Aged French Look on Furniture

After all, tomorrow is another DIY day!

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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