There are two things on my mind today. Maybe there are additional thoughts floating around, possibly, we can only hope. But, these two are entrenched front and center.

First, I’ve succumbed to a complete acceptance that summer travels at warped speed. I get it. I’m powerless to change it. I accept and surrender to your robust show of speed, sweet summer.

Which leads to the second thought: Is there anything to be done to assure summer doesn’t pass us by? Is there anyway to seemingly “slow your roll” and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer? Hopefully, we are all intentional about making memories with our  families. Whether that be at a ball field, park, vacation trips, or late evening drives for ice cream. But, I’m talking the quiet soul-filling moments.

I experienced a lot of those summer moments on a front porch, in a swing! Front porches were so important in the south. Almost everyone had a least one swing on their porch. I have wonderful memories of porch sittin’ (and swingin’) on summer days.  I took this photo last summer when I was in my hometown for a couple of weeks to visit with family. This perfectly captures the feel of Mainstreet, USA.  Actually, it’s on West Main in my small(ish)  hometown in Tennessee.

Front Porch Sittin

Southern Summer Landscaping

Here’s a close up featuring that swing!

Southern Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Such a beautiful southern front porch! And here’s a beautiful southern swing I’ve spent some time in over the years. It can be found patiently biding time for an opportunity to provide peaceful encounters on the front porch of my Mama and Daddy’s home!

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

It’s a lovely place to sit alone with a cup of coffee and a bowl full of gratitude.

Simple and Inexpensive Front Porch Decor

There have also been  life-sharing moments in that swing, for at least three generations of our family. Here are a couple of my favorite moments from a few of those warped speed summer days gone by!

mom and dad's swing

Poppa, Tom the Great, Jr.  and Ma – 1997

Poppa and Annalisa swing

Poppa and Annalisa the Beautiful – 1999

Tom and Annalisa and Grayce swing

Annalisa the Beautiful, Tom the Great, and Cousin Grayce – 2001

Those moments, captured on camera, represent the simple pleasures we deeply desire. Moments that can fly by us if we’re not careful. It seems we managed to “slow the roll” of summer, at least a time or two.

I have long wished for a front porch swing of my own. The problem with front porch swings around these parts is the lack of front porch space! We couldn’t  squeeze a swing on our 10 ft by 5 ft front porch if we tried. I barely have room for my flower pots and a rocker! But, when the desire is great enough, a solution will be found! I present to you, my swing.

Hanging Chair

Though it’s at least 10 yards from the front porch, I’m loving it just the same. Of course I felt the need to christen the maiden voyage with some lemonade, a light snack, and a dash of ambiance (’cause zhooshin’ is what I do).

Outdoor EntertainingRattan Swing Chair

I’m thinking of giving it a fresh coat of paint. But for now, I’m happy enjoying it scratches and all.

Hanging Chair

I’m committed to spending time in this peaceful scene every day! However, what with the promise of triple digit heat index over the next few days, the moments will be quite early in the day.

Hanging Chair

As you can see, there’s really only room for one in my tree swing. But, I’m open to taking turns! Whatever it takes to encourge us all to “slow your roll” and make time for the simple pleasures of summer.

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell

Here are some swing possibilities I found for you via Pinterest. Credit given in caption and Description.

Southern Backporch Swing

CindiMc.Ivoryhome – Instagram

home bunch

via Pinterest – Home Bunch

pixiewinksfairywhispers tumblr

via Pinterest from PixieWinksFairyWhispers tumblr

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  3. Georgina


    The natural edged solid oak tree swing is a lot of fun for the whole family despite being a double adult size. I create lovely swings for the whole family and special events. the identical model that I purchased from 12 months ago

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