I’m not aware of anyone who dreads the arrival of the warmer months (except for maybe those poor allergy sufferers.) Even if you are one of the relatively few who are sad to see  winter end, I’ll bet the first signs of spring like birds chirping, flowers emerging, greening of earth, and warm days put a pep in your step.

After months of being holed-up inside with windows tightly closed, fireplaces roaring, and layers of furry pillows and throws, our homes need room to breath in the warm air headed our way!  The unbridled anticipation I feel toward refreshing my home for  Spring & Summer is only ever so slightly surpassed by the thrill of decorating for the Christmas season.

So, today I’ll share how I make simple changes and a few additions in my home this time of year to punch up the charm factor.

I. Add Fresh Flowers:  Nothing welcomes the warmer months like an inexpensive bunch of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, hydrangea, or (_______)s. 

Decorating for Spring

Decorating for Spring

Spring Flowers

If you’re not gifted with a green thumb, and therefore can’t slip out into the backyard garden for a handful of beauty, most grocery stores have a beautiful selection of cut flowers. Tom the Great brought these home for Mother’s Day!

Easy Grocery Store Flowers for the Home

Grocery Store Flowers for Easy Inexpensive Summer Decorating

This mini bouquet was $5.

Colorful Bookshelves

Even, a single hydrangea can be an attention grabber! These I cut from my mom’s garden last year. She is the hydrangea goddess!

Purple Hydrangea

Purple Hydrangea

Easy Farmhouse Hydrangea Bouquet

FYI: Silk flowers are no longer frowned upon in the home decor community. Unlike the blue plastic  roses of days gone by, the faux flowers that are available in market these days can be beautiful and realistic.  Maybe you’re one of the allergy sufferers mentioned, you need not be left out of this simple summer flower update. Just grab a handful of your favorite stems in the faux flower aisle of your local craft store.

One of the flowers I admire most, peonies, have the most heart breaking, short-lived blooming season known to man. So,  I’m more than happy to have the faux version around to enjoy their unique soft abundance of petals a bit longer.

Faux Flowers

II. Replace your woodsy winter candles with summer evoking aromas. This can be the most inexpensive way to update your home for the warm months.

Simple Decor Ideas for SummerNothing can take me back to those long lazy days of summer that filled my youth like an unexpected whiff of honeysuckle! My friends and I would dump our bikes in the ditch, and grab a branch of white or gold honeysuckle. Then, we’d pull the stems through the flower and experience a minuscule taste of honey! Did any of you do that?

There is likely an aroma that takes you back, and I’m betting there’s a scented candle waiting to help transport you.

Basket of Flowers

Light floral candle scents can be lovely in your home as well. My favorite will have verbena included in the mix.

Traditional Home with Southern Accents

Recently, on a flower run to Trader Joe’s (if you haven’t discovered their cheap flower market you should plan a trip), I discovered they also have reasonably priced and delightfully scented candles. (BTW: If you’re wondering, I do purchase a couple of food items from TJ’s from time to time).

My current favorite scent for the kitchen, Trader Joe’s  Mango Tangerine!

Simple Farmhouse Style

I sure do hope you’re making time for all the things you love this summer. There’s still time to plan, but you need to get crackin’!

Enjoy Today!

Love y’all,

Lori Nell


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  1. Jean White


    So true Lori! I wish I did have that green thumb to be able to harvest my own fresh flowers. I’m able to get them to grow, but the bunnies around here are relentless!! They think I planted those flowers for their early morning brunch😩! I’ve tried everything. Going to Trader Joe’s tomorrow. You’ve inspired me to get some flowers!!! And no bunnies will be partaking!!

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