Updated 2/14/20 – This post is all about French Inspired Office – The Accessories

Not surprising to any of my readers, there has already been several changes in the office. What, has it even been a week yet? I don’t think so, but I’ve never hidden my impulse driven decor brain from anyone.Ā  Still, I share the ever-changing French Inspired Office – The Accessories.

Gray desk with Mom sign and French Blue Screen
Creative Office Supply Containers

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Accessories Used in the French Office

  • Screen
  • French Vase
  • French Lady Statue
  • French China Plates for Wall Decor
  • Office Supplies Containers
  • Office Chair


The major change that has already been made to the space is the removal of the hanging screen. I lived with the screen in the office for a few days, and knew the scale was wrong as it was clostophobia inducing. It is now in the master bedroom.

Vintage French Home Decor

The Western Union telegram I’ve framed is from my Father-in-Law Bob to his bride to be Mary. He was serving in the United States Army at the time. It reads “ROSES ARE RED VIOLETS ARE BLUE I HOPE YOU MISS ME AS I SURE MISS YOU LOVE AND KISSES=. HONEY=. The date is August 19, 1951. We love this beautiful treasure.

Chalk Painting a Screen

Framed Vintage Telegram

Because the screen was hiding the mess created from technology cords, I’m left with a delightful dilemma. I’m now in search of another solution to hide the gazillion digital accessories that are deemed necessary to run a household these days.

Real Life Moment–Why SOO Many Cords

French Vase – Fresh Flowers

Of course, the non-digital office accessories, like this vintage cut-crystal and brass French vase. There are so many details to the brass encasement. Fresh flowers are always a good idea in the workspace.

Fresh cut flowers in Vintage French Crystal Vase

French Lady Statue

The French lady below loves flowers. She is also another favorite French find. I discovered her in a local antique mall in a clearance booth.

French Lady Statue and vintage china lamp

French China Plates

Some of the wall decor for the space includes these decorative plates featuring some of the quintessential work of the famed French artist, Jean Antoine Watteau.Ā (Yes, that is Scarlet. No explanation needed.)

Watteau Art Plates

Office Supplies – Containers

I found some beautiful, non-traditional containers to hold the paper clips, pens, and all the other office supplies. Who says you have to go to a big box office store and buy their stuffy plastic containers?

Gray desk with Mom sign and French Blue Screen
Vintage Home Decor

Office Chair

I thought I would use this spicy cheetah print chair as a desk chair, but it didn’t work in that roll. We’re still working on the perfect chair for the desk. The cheetah chair does, however, make a great seat for any visitors to my office.

Vintage Home Decor and Cheetah Chair

When the screen moved to the master bedroom, the chair was moved to that area of the office.

Cheetah print Vintage Chair

Don’t get whip-lash. We’ve discussed my furniture moving tendencies in several blogs. Tom the Great always looks twice to make sure there is a chair where he plans to sit.

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    Love you Lori. Enjoy all your pictures and posts. You are on my bucket list of somewhere i want to go and visit. You are amazing.

  2. Your first and oldest friend..your sister


    I know, I know!!! You decorated your relocated screen with your wedding portrait. šŸ‘°šŸ»šŸ¤µšŸ»šŸ„‚

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