Not surprising to any of my readers, there has already been several changes in the office. What, has it even been a week yet? I don’t think so, but I’ve never hidden my impulse driven decor brain from anyone. 

The major change has to do with this piece.

Chalk Painting a Screen

I lived with the screen in the office for a few days, and knew it was too large in here and clostophobia inducing. Once I moved it into my master bedroom, it was instantly clear that it belonged in that space. I’ve styled it with a prized possession I’ve had for 25 years this July (hint). Look forward to a blog on that this summer as well, and feel free to leave me a message if you’d like to guess what  item I used.

That does leave me with the delightful dilemma of finding a skinny-profiled cabinet to take the place of the screen, and hide away some of the gazillion digital accessories that are deemed necessary to run a household these days.


Real Life Moment

Oh, the thrill of the hunt! Speaking of hunt, I want to share the accessories that adorn the office. These were all collected over time. I think one of my favorite is this French vase.

Fresh cut flowers

This intricate cut glass vase was the last find for the office. There are so many details to the brass encasement. 

Glass and Brass Antique Vase

Antique French VaseAnd what girl doesn’t love cut flowers on occasion?

Cut Flower Arrangements

I’m fairly sure this girl loves fresh flowers. She’s permanently attached to a flower gathering basket! She is also another favorite French find. I discovered her in a local antique mall in a clearance booth. I couldn’t get her home fast enough. She’s been waiting in a closet for this make over for over two years. Here she is friends.

Bronze French Statue

She’s so ready for her close up.

French Accessories

She’s wearing prayer beads that Tom the Great received from a thoughtful neighbor when his mother Mary the Majestic passed away. My home is brimming with items that remind me of the ones I love the most. She is certainly counted in that number. 

Antique French Decor

Well, butter my biscuits!  I do believe I see Miss Scarlet!

Scarlet O'Hara

I do declare! It’s most definitely Miss Scarlet, the southern icon for sass, grit and determination.

Scarlet O'Hara

She has about as much to do With France as french fries. You can take the girl out of Tennessee, but you can’t take Tennessee out of the girl.

But, seeing as it is the office of Southern Nell,  we will have to give her a pass. At least she is surrounded by decorative plates featuring some of the quintessential work of the famed French artist, Jean Antoine Watteau. 

Watteau Art Plates

I used what I find to be interesting vintage containers to hold all the necessary tidbits an office needs. These were found one at a time as well.

Vintage French Decor

French Office Accessories

Vintage Home Decor

The chair I thought I would use as my desk chair, has been reassigned for guest use. I needed one just a skosh higher. But, boy I love her spicy cheetah print.


And then she was moved to the wall the screen vacated. 


Don’t get whip-lash, now. We’ve covered my furniture moving prowess in several blogs. Tom the Great always looks twice to make sure there is a chair where he plans to sit. It didn’t take too awfully long and wasn’t terribly painful for him to catch on to that strategy. 

And I see I’ve overshot my 500 word goal once again. So, we’ll be wrapping this one up. Please sign up to receive an e-mail notification when there is a new blog post. The algorithms of the different social medias  I use to let you know I’ve posted (Instagram, and Facebook), change so often it is easy to miss those reminders.

Enjoy Today,

Love y’all,

Lori Nell





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  1. Aunt susie


    Love you Lori. Enjoy all your pictures and posts. You are on my bucket list of somewhere i want to go and visit. You are amazing.

  2. Your first and oldest friend..your sister


    I know, I know!!! You decorated your relocated screen with your wedding portrait. 👰🏻🤵🏻🥂

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