This post is a DIY: Adding Trim to Drapes or Curtains.

Two Tools Three Trims -- DIY Custom Drapes

This is a popular subject for DIY enthusiasts. Because let’s face it, custom drapery, althought beautiful and elegant, can also be a budget buster for home decorating. There are ways to customize a quality store bought curtain or drape and achieve the elgant window treatment you desire and still have money left in the budget.

DIY: Adding Trim to White Curtains

You’ll find more posts on customizing window treatments here: Custom Drapery Hack-Get the Look for Less and 5 Steps to Customize Drapes.

DIY: Adding Trim to Drapes and Curtains ~ A quick review:

Here is the 5 Steps to Custom Drapery that I follow:

  1. Purchasing Two Panels per side for a Fuller Look
  2. Add fringe – either touch the floor or just above
  3. Consider Lively Details Pom Poms, Buttons, Tassels – sew or hot glue in place
  4. Attach Decorative Trim – sew or hot glue in place
  5. Use Drapery Clips for Hanging

Living Room and Family Room Drapes

Todays window treatment DIYs are in the Living Room and Family Room. As a matter of fact this is the third time I’ve featured the pair in the Living Room, re-imagining them with new trims at every move. If you have that same itch to switch that I have, you will definitely want to use the hot glue gun instead of a sewing machine to add your trims.

DIY: Adding Trim to Curtains and Drapes

You can undo some of your glue gun handy work without harming the drapes. However, if you invest in the luxurious version of drapes, I wouldn’t suggest ever going near them with a glue gun!

Turquoise Drapes beside a white bookcase

Here’s a great tip for those who live to keep things fresh. If you use a color scheme throughtout your main floors, it is easy to get a fresh look by moving around decor, pillows, small furniture, and on the odd chance that your windows are the same height, even drapery. It’s an inexpensive way to get a whole new look. Below you can see the white drapes in this same space.

Chinosierie Chic Family Room

Family Room Drapes

When I started this project, I had no intentions flip flopping the drapes in each of the rooms. But, as I was working with them in the family room, I loved how the deep, rich peacock color brought peep and life into the room.

DIY: Adding Trim to Curtains and Drapes

Because at my direction 20 years ago, Tom the Great hung my drapery rods as high as possible, and we (he) has no plans to move them, the drapes were just an inch or two shorter than I wanted. I knew this when I was ordering them, and could have ordered a custom length had I been willing to give up grocery shopping for a couple of months. There is always that option. However, I knew I would eventually want to zhoosh them up a bit with trim, anyway. It’s what I do, and it solves the length issue perfectly.

DIY: Adding Trim to Drapes and Curtains

The trim for the hem of these drapes was acheived with three seperate pieces. The 6 inch gold bullion, the fuschia pink cording, and the cobalt blue pom pom trim. The three created the look that I wanted.

DIY: Adding Trim to Curtains and Drapes

The Living Room Drapes

The only addition I made to these drapes (other than what I wrote about in the past posts), was to add one more piece of trim. I centered the pink greek key trim over the black trim, allowing both edges of the black greek key to peek through.

DIY: Adding trim to drapes and curtains

I’m a fan of how the pink works to tie the pillows and rug of the room together. (Remember the rule of threes also applies to spreading a color around the room.)

Colorful Living Room with Greek Key Curtains and Pillows
Colorful Living Room with Greek Key Curtain Trim

Chinoiserie Master Bedroom Drapes

Beautiful silk taffeta drapery were customized with trims for the master bedroom one room challenge. You can read all about the window treatment update HERE.

High Gloss Master Bedroom Vintage Furniture

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

DIY: Adding Trim to Drapes and Curtains

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Add Trim to Drapery for Custom Look

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      Thank you, Sherry. Glad you like the idea! Appreciate your stopping by!!

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    I love all the trims we can add to pillows and curtains but, you know, I’ve never actually added any to mine! We need some warmer curtains for our bedroom for winter (it was COLD in there this past one!), so I think I will do that. I like the idea of sprucing-up store bought curtains a lot! Oh, and if you don’t want to use hot glue, just pin them then hand sew them on. Takes a while but they are permanent and easier to wash then. <3

    Thanks for the good ideas, Lori!
    Hugs and happy spring,
    Barb šŸ™‚

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    I appreciate your comments and encouragement, Barb! Iā€™m sure you will find a great pair of drapes to make your own.

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