This post is 6 Simple Vintage Jewelry Craft Ideas.

Don’t we all love a gorgeous piece of meaningful jewelry?

Afterall, our marriage ceremonies include a ring exchange. You remember, “With this Ring, I Thee wed”.

That is a definitely an “outdated” way with words, which makes the declaration go perfectly with this blog post about what many might consider “outdated” jewelry.

To be more specific were talking sometimes gawdy, often times discarded, and almost always large and in charge–vintage jewelry.

It could be a piece you’ve had from your grandmother’s costume jewelry. Maybe it’s your first pair of earrings, or the baby ring of your firstborn.

But, it might also be the most obnoxious piece of glorious colorful faux gems that caught your eye at an estate sale clearance. If you;ve always been attracted to those honkers, but never knew what to do with them we’re answering the following question in this post.

What can I do with my old costume jewelry?

6 Simple Vintage Jewelry Craft Ideas

A quick Pinterest search will give endless ideas to answer this question. Here are some of the top ideas:

  1. Create New Jewelry
  2. Make Book Markers
  3. Make and Frame a Jeweled Christmas Tree
  4. Create Refridgerator Magnets
  5. Spice Up a Lampshade
  6. Add to Napkin Ring

Truly, the list is exhaustive. But, I’m adding a new idea to the board today!

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What can I make out of my old jewelry?

My friend Lance of the renown design team in Atlanta, Parker Kennedy Living creates and sells the most exquisite Christmas wreaths you will ever find. He uses a mix of vintage ornaments and vintage jewelry. You have to check them out. Several famous entertainers have posted their wreaths on social media. The wreaths are named according to the inspiration he took from different sources. This wreath, he calls “The Lily”, may be my favorite.

I got permission to post this photo from the colleciton. (Be sure to follow them on Instagram.)

The dilemma for me was that I didn’t wanted to use the vintage jewelry in a way that didn’t have to be stored away for 10 months of the year.

You see I had thought about adding some of these vintage jewelry pieces to the vintage Christmas ornament wreath I made this past year. Here’s my simplier version of a vintage Christmas ornament wreath. I used about one half dozen vintage ornaments with simple glass ornaments as the bulk of the wreath.

So, I made the Christmas wreath, stored it away after Christmas season.

What Can I Do with My Mom or Grandmom’s Costume Jewelry?

January clean up began and once again I stared at my tubs of vintage jewelry, wondering where to store it, yet again.

Until inspiration struck, that is. It all started when this sparkly wreath caught my eye at the local craft store.

My heart knew exactly how I would be using that pink tinsel heart wreath. Finally, the gawdy beauties, and a handful of really meaningful pieces of jewelry would come out of the tubs and jewelry boxes so I could enjoy looking at them year round!

Steps to Making a Vintage Jewelry Heart Wreath

  1. Purchase a Heart Shape Wreath.
  2. Wrap the Wreath with Ribbon or Lace
  3. Add a Hanging Mechanism
  4. Arrange the Large Focal Pieces
  5. Decide Where to Put the Dangling Items
  6. Fill in with Smaller Pieces
  7. Hang it

FYI: I used my HOT GLUE GUN to attach both the ribbon and the jewelry. Be warned, if you have tweezers for handling the jewelry they could save you from a couple blisters!

You can shop below, if you’re glue gun has seen it’s better days!

Steps 1, 2 and 3 For Making a Vintage Jewelry Craft

These first three steps are simple for the DIYer. I suggest finding your wreath now, while your craft store aisles are filled with Valentine’s Day themed decor.

My wreath came wrapped in pink tinsel and had a ribbon attached for hanging. If you’re a fan of the tinsel, you can skip step two. I wrapped my wreath in a beautiful ribbon in one of my favorite colors. Using a 2 1/2 inch ribbon the 11 inch heart was easily wrapped with one roll, approximately 4 yds. I’ve sourced several colors that I think would look beautiful with any vintage jewelry pieces.

Step 4 – Arrange the Large Vintage Jewelry Pieces on the Heart Wreath

Before I attach any of the vintage jewelry, I create the look I want and photograph it. You’ll find that placing the larger pieces first helps insure your focal pieces fit nicely.

You will also need to remove some of the clip earrings and larger broochs to get them to work well with others.

Step 5 – Decide where to hang the Vintage Jewelry that Dangles

Although it’s not necessary to have dangling pieces, they will bring life and catch the light. My jewelry included a necklace with a long fringe, and several dangling earrings. I placed them where they would be allowed to “do their dangling thing”.

Step 6 – Fill in with Smaller Vintage Jewelry Pieces

Whether it be stud earrings or small brooches, add the smaller pieces last. You can also over lap the jewelry in places.

Step 7 – Hang It

Allow at least 24 hours for the hot glue to set, and find a favorite place to hang your wreath. Except for a kitchen, you can place this heirloom in any room that brings you joy. As with most of my home decor items, mine will be on a steady rotation.

Of course the best vintage jewelry is the hand-me-downs, but if you got left out of that will, here are some sources for Vintage Costume Jewelry. (I also suggest thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales.

Enjoy Today!

Love ya’ll,

Lori Nell

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  1. Pamela


    I love ❤️ this. Wish I hadn’t donated all my mother and mother in law’s fashion jewelry.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      OH no! OH, well, there’s plenty out there if you decide to make one!! Thank you for your kind comments!

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