This post contains fun Kitchen Decor Ideas – Colorful Accessories add the pow and zip to your space.

Nobody loves a beautiful , pristine, elegant, white kitchen as much as I. In January I revealed our updated kitchen in this post: Elegant White Kitchen with a Splash of Chinoiserie.

However, when spring and summer role around I love to reflect nature’s abundant colors inside all the spaces in my home. Today, I’m sharing how some of my favorite Kitchen Decor Ideas – Colorful Accessories can help bring cheer to the space.

Kitchen Decor Ideas – Colorful Accessories

  • Rug
  • Plants – live or faux
  • Towels
  • Hand Soaps and Lotion Caddies
  • Candles – Scented or Taper

With little money, you can create a fun kitchen environment for spring and summer.

Kitchen Rugs or Runners Are Colorful Accessories

As a color crazy homeowner, even I hesitated on the vibrant colors of this runner. I came back to my exact runner on several occasions before pulling the trigger, concerned that it may be too vibrant (yes, even for my home). But, boy howdy, I’m thrilled with it.

I’ve sourced several runners for your kitchen that will add some fun.

Accessorize the Kitchen with Live or Faux Plants

Fiddle leaf figs have been the “darling” of social media home decor accounts for a couple of years now. I yet to get one, but this dracaena has been such an easy upkeep plant for me. I’ve had the vintage bamboo planter for a while,but found a few similar ones.

Kitchen Towels Make Great Colorful Accessories

You name the design, you can find it in kitchen towels. Are you one that has that special set of kitchen towels that hangs from the oven handles with directions to the family not to use them? I admit that I will do just that with a set of seasonal towels. They inevitably get a stain from my cooking, and eventually get thrown into the “useable” stack.

The Kate Spade pink flamingo set is no longer available, but I did find some that are equally as cute for you, along with others that would work in either stack!

Kitchen Soaps and Lotion Caddies

My sweet little Mama loves a great kitchen soap caddy! She’s long been a fan of the William Sonoma Meyer Lemon. There is most certainly a quality differential in what’s available. I’m guilty of grabbing a less expensive set only to be so disappointed in the aroma and the suds. I’ve sourced some high and low cost versions that I’ve used and think do a great job. It’s an inexpensive way to treat yourself!

Scented Kitchen Candles and Elegant Tapers

Cooking odors are inevitable. Not all the aromas are as pleasant as sugar cookies in the oven, in which case a great scented kitchen candle is in order.

Who doesn’t love a good candelabra? Yes, they are gorgeous on the dining table, but don’t hesitate to find a place on your kitchen countertop if you’d like. Bring out the vintage silver goblets and cordials, and fill them with colorful match sticks, or fresh flowers, or beautifully wrapped candies.

I wish I could find these specific tapers, but I’ve had them a few years. I did find a couple of great sources for colorful tapers. They are such an easy way to add color.

Add the Personal Touches to Your Kitchen

Injecting meaningful family treasures in every space possible, is a Southern Nell must. They are the items that infuse life into a home. Antique or vintage dishes, gifts from a friend, even a family photo that brings a smile would work.

Polish up your family silver and enjoy it for a while. If you don’t have family silver, and you love the look, head to the closest thrift store, antique mall, or estate sale. (Don’t concern yourself trying to keep up with what I have displayed. You know I’ve always switched things up. It’s out of control during these “stay-at-home” orders. I need to switch things up more than ever to keep my hands and mind busy.)

Thank you for checking out the cheerful spring and summer kitchen. Hope you found some ideas that can help you add a touch of cheer to your home.

Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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  1. acraftymix


    You have more design talent in your little finger than I have in my whole body 😀 Beautiful

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      I don’t know about that, Michelle! Love your DIYs—you’re an artist

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    Wow such a amazing and informative post. I really want to thank you for delivering such a great post for kitchen decor with amazing pictures. Thanks again and keep sharing.

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    Thanks for these amazing decor ideas! I like the idea of putting these colorful decorations on the countertops! These are really enhancing the beauty of your kitchen!

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