This post contains a Budget-Friendly Office Refresh with Spray Paint and Vintage Furniture Finds.

You’ve had it, right?

That itch to just throw it all out and start over!

How Can I Freshen Up My Office without spending an arm and a leg?

I’m not sure what brings those feelings forward.

Maybe, it’s a leg on a much too large for the space desk that breaks.

That was it for me.

BUT….. most of us can’t just head to Ethan Allen and get a new suite of furniture, everytime the mood strikes. So, we go with the all or nothing, and end up doing nothing.

Southern Nell is not one to shy away from a budgetary challenge. SO, doing nothing wasn’t for me.

Here’s how I refreshed my office on a thin budget, can of spray paint, and some switch-a-roo around the house.

Oh. And, what a better time to reveal than when the office is ready for the Christmas Holiday!

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Elements of the Budget-Friendly Office Refresh

  1. Furniture Purchases for the Makeover
  2. Shopping My Home
  3. The Focal Point – Beaded Crystal Chandelier
  4. Chinoiserie Decor Items
  5. Decorating for Christmas

Here are a couple of my favorite past makeovers on King Lane. Guest Bathroom Refresh Elegant White Kitchen Makeover

1. Furniture Purchases for The Budget-Friendly Office Makeover

  • Burl Wood Desk
  • Burl Wood Cabinet

Office Desk for Cheap – The Vintage Burl Wood Desk

The first thing I needed to make this space work for me was a right sized desk. My refinished a former kitchen table for the space a few years back, and it was too big from the get go. You can read all about that here: My French Inspired Office. I sold most of the pieces I used to create that space. That’s part of the fun of thrifting and estate sale shopping.

So, I started scrolling the marketplace, and scouring the local thirft stores. I found this right sized desk with drawers for storage and an absolute steal of a price. Okay, I’ll share! $50.

The Perfect Antique Burl Wood Cabinet

The storage cabinet, I found at a local thrift store. It is an amazing solid piece, and getting it into place was the hardest part of all. This is obvious, but knowing what you need of a cabinet in your office, and the dimensions that the space will comfortably allow is important when you head out to the thirft stores. This hutch met all my criteria. Yes, it’s got a couple of bruises, but I can barely notice them over it’s beautiful wood finish. ONCE again, I spent $80 on this beauty. You can find similar items, likely without the bruises and without the low price tag.

2. Shopping My Home for the Office Refresh

  • Console Table and Mirror
  • Drop Leaf Side Table
  • Drapery
  • Pink Rug

Vintage Bombay Faux Bamboo Console Table (and Mirror)

The first piece I wanted to relocate from the family room, was the vintage bombay faux bamboo console table. It was orginally a dark stain, and because I had the two large wood furniture pieces in this space, this table got spray painted in the beautiful white. The mirror belongs with a faux bamboo vintage Thomasville chest of drawers that I will be using in the guest room. The mirror was already painted in the white when I purchased it.

Similar ITEMS Still Available

Vintage Burl Wood Drop Leaf Side Table

Here’s possibly the smartest piece in the space, a drop leaf side table!!

Why am I so excited about this piece?

I’m so glad you asked!

As a chronic DIY er, I always have a project or two or three underway. I can put the two sides of the table up and keep the space orderly. Or, at least, that is the plan.

Shop Similar Lamps

Similar Tables

Customized Drapery from a Former DIY

These drapery were from a former DIY you can read all about HERE: Add Trims to Create Custom Drapes and Curtains . I saved them, knowing that they would be used in a future space, and they are great a these windows.

Perfect Size Pink Area Rug

You may have noticed the popular pink rug. This is the rug’s third and final location. When you use similar colors in your home, you can do a rug switch-a-roo, whenever the space allows.

3. Focal Point for the Budget-Friendly Office Refresh – Marketplace Crystal Beaded Chandelier

So tell me, do you ever take a while to develop a plan?

I mean, like purchasing a chandelier that your planning for one space, and hanging it in another space four years later?

Well, thank goodness I’m not the only one.

That’s exactly what happened with this chandelier. I saw it and thought it would be perfect for a space that I’ve yet to refresh, and who knows if or when the master bath will get a little refreshing! That job seems to grow out of control every time Tom the Great and I discuss it, which leads us putting it off.

Well, you snooze you loose, master bath! This beauty is a perfect focal point in my office.

Tap To Shop Similar Chandelier

4. Chinoiserie Style Decor Items

Second only to adequate storage, the reason I picked this vintage hutch was the opportunity to display some of the Chinoiserie home decor items I’ve collected. Blue and White Jars, Familia Rose Pattern Decor, Design Books and Magazines are the stuff of my office. This large piece provides easy access to the design magazines or books that offer non stop inspiration. I’ve sources some of my favorite pieces for you. They come to the marketplace one at at time, and go quickly.

Some of My Favorite Designer Books

The Beautiful Familie Rose

Blue and White Forever

5. Decorating the Office for Christmas

How Can I Make My Office Cozy on a Budget? Christmas!!

A flocked Christmas tree, ornaments, garland, cone trees and a fun atmosphere for working during the Christmas Holiday!

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      Thank you, Sara! It’s a much more work appropriate space for me!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Maria. Isn’t it great to have so many choices for Christmas decor! Of course, the traditional reds and greens will always be in style!

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