I’ve recently completed another Drapery DIY. As I’ve written before, if you can sew straight lines, you can make beautiful, simple drapes. But, if you don’t own a sewing machine, this post will show you How to Make Ready Made Drapes Look Custom.

If I’m giving you deja vu with this post, you’re correct I did a very similar post here: Custom Drapery Hack – How to get an Expensive Custom Drapery Look using Ready Made Drapes.

There are lots of retail sources for ready made drapes. These I found at HomeGoods. You could shop Bed Bath and Beyond, JCPenny, Macy’s, and a number of other retailers who carry the standard 84, 96, and 104 inch drapery. (If you’d like a future post on determining the proper length of drapery, leave me a comment below.)

Easy DIY to make curtains look expensive

Customize Ready Made Drapes by adding Trim

The Steps to Achieving Custom Drapery looks with Ready Made Drapery:

  1. Consider purchasing two panels per side
  2. Add fringe – either touch the floor or just above
  3. Purchase fun accessories: Pom Poms, Buttons, Tassels – sew or hot glue in place
  4. Attach decorative trim – sew or hot glue in place
  5. Clip in place on Drapery Rods – I used my existing hardware
Simple DIY to Make Curtains Look Expensive

Ready Made Drapes are Customized with Trim

Here are the supplies I used in this DIY on How to Make Ready Made Drapes Look Custom:

  • drapes
  • fringe
  • glue gun  – sewing machine – or needle and thread – your choice
  • pom poms (optional)
  • trim
  • straight pins
How to Make Cheap Curtains Look Expensive

Simple Supplies for Curtain DIY

One key to getting the custom look is to create the fullness of custom drapes. I achieve that in this DIY by using two panels on each side of the window.  I used my existing curtain rod and drapery clips. There are numerous sources for these on-line and at retail brick and mortar. Prices will range from $25 – $125 depending on what you like.  When hanging the drapes, carefully combine the two on one clip, and the look will be seamless.

Easy DIY Custom Drapery Look

Combine Two Ready Made Drapery Panels to Create Fullness and Custom Drapery Look

The fringe adds such a fun touch to the drapes, and that was a bonus. To get the length I wanted here, almost touching the floor, I needed to add fringe. The next standard length, would have required sewing a hem to get the desired look. Again, you could hand sew, machine stitch or hot glue the fringe to the ready made drapes. I suggest pinning the fringe in place before you move forward with your sewing/gluing. My preferred method is hot-glue gun.

DIY Customize Store bought Curtains

Customize Ready Made Drapes with Trim

The drapery I chose came with covered buttons and inverted pleats. You could easily leave that detail as found and have a more formal look. Things were getting a little serious in the room, so I added the fluffy pom poms over the buttons. Again, the ever-ready hot glue gun made the addition quick and easy. The pom poms are the color of the drapes which keeps them from stealing the show. It’s just a fun accent.

How to Get a Custom Drapery Look by adding trims to ready made drapes ad curtains

Add Greek Key Trim to Ready Made Drapes for a Custom Look

The final and  step to achieve the custom drapery look is to add trim:

The types of trim are endless, from pom pom to exquisite embroidery to (my choice), Greek key.  I pinned the trim along the vertical hem, one inch from the edge. Once again, hot glue gun did a marvelous job for me. I did run the hot glue, 6 to 8 inches at a time, down both sides of the Greek key trim.

Easy DIY to make curtains look expensive

Make Ready Made Drapes look Custom with beautiful trims

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Enjoy Today!
Love y’all,

Lori Nell

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  1. Janet Coon


    Such an easy yet effective way to customize a room. Love the elegant Greek Key design!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Janet. I”m a Greek key fan as well!

  2. Reply

    Thank you for the lovely and informative post! It’s just what I need after moving into my new apartment. Pinned for reference.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you, Meegan! I’m so glad you found the post informative!!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Hurray, Maureen!! That’s is just what I was hoping to do! Would love to hear what you do with your Ikea curtains!

  3. Reply

    Great tips! Reminded me of the days long ago when I worked in JP Penney’s drape department. Biggest mistakes…not full enough and wrong measurements especially in the length.

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      I really appreciate the supportive comments! Thank you!!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Glad you found some ideas! Thank you for the kind feedback!!

    • Southern Nell Gracious Living


      Thank you so much! Glad you could use the ideas on the post!

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